1. impish15

    Running lights across scaffolding

    Hi, I have run some outside lighting for a customer in Hi-tuff cable. He now wants 2 additional lights run across scaffolding which has been put up. Slightly hesitant running the cable across the scaffolding using the Hi-tuff as I feel it can easily get damaged with the other trades using the...
  2. S

    Running electric to island.

    Hi all. I'm currently building an island in my kitchen which will contain a gas hob. I've cut a trench about 60mm wide from the edge wall to where I want everything popping up. Plumber will be fitting a 22mm gas pipe wrapped in Denso tape before it is filled in with screed and then tiled...
  3. Rockingit

    Boiler running for DHW when not called

    I generally consider myself pretty up on heating systems but this has me slightly stumped… An otherwise very simple system boiler on what I assume is an bog standard S plan. What could make it call for DHW (tank stat registering cold after a full draw) OUTSIDE of the programmed hours and...
  4. C

    Running a 16 amp socket

    Good morning, Ive a dry covered area by the side of the house where I’m wanting to some welding art, I bought a 200 amp tig welder , that says it should be run off a 16 amp supply, my Main fuse box inside the house is about 6 feet from where I’m wanting to set up the welder , could l run a...
  5. B

    Electricity running through water pipe?

    Hey all :-) Hope its chill that I'm here asking questions, I just inherited this old decrepit place in NSW (Australia) and went to wash my hands in the up stairs bathroom sink n got an electric shock. I went and flicked off all the switches, I checked with a voltage tester (the kind that glows...
  6. D

    Running Aluminum URD Cable

    Hi, I am burying wire from the outside meter panel to the new 100amp sub panel inside a garage. The run is 20' long. Is 2-2-2 Aluminum URD Cable good enough or do I need the 4/0-4/0-2/0 Black Stranded Aluminum Triplex URD Cable? Anyone that can answer I would greatly appreciate it.
  7. ReevesMA

    Does 48v DC running Into my residence have to be in metal conduit?

    I have a nickel iron battery I have chosen to put into a shed with Ventilation added for the hydrogen off gassing. I am planning to run the dc from this battery over to the soffit then across an attic space and down into a hybrid inverter that will be in my garage. I am planning to run 4/0...
  8. C

    New upright freezer running frequently?

    Just purchased a new Beko FFP3579W Upright Freezer. It's been running for three days now and I believe the freezer maybe faulty. The freezer seems to be running too frequently. It runs for 22 minutes and then turns off for 24 minutes and then it's back on again doing this on/off cycle. This is...
  9. L

    GU10 downlights running dim

    Hi All, I have just installed 8x GU10 downlights in our kitchen with a 2 way setup using the 2 cable method, when I turned the light on they are running dim. I also found that if I turn another light on in the house they then go to full brightness and remain that way even if the other light is...
  10. P

    Running wire around ductwork

    Hello all, I'm renovating my kitchen and had a question about running wire around ductwork. In attached pictures - I need to have a receptacle and a dedicated dishwasher line to the right of the ductwork. However, there is no good way to avoid the ductwork without running about 40 feet of...
  11. L

    Could a failed HW valve cause boiler to keep running?

    (Or that might be should a failed HW valve keep boiler running) Woke up this morning to find the boiler still running even though all timers off (HW and CH). We have a simple S-plan CH/HW system with oil-fired boiler and a 2-port zone valve for CH and a 2-port zone valve for HW. Various...
  12. E

    Continously running pump

    Friend asked me to wire in a hive on a conventional 1 zone heating system. So I fitted it tested the HIVE and all was working. I then said to him after about 20 minutes your pump is still running even though water and heat were turned off. Response it's always been like it. So me been fussy...
  13. B

    DIY - Trailer AC Continuously Running

    First time DIY post here…. My wife and I bought an old, run down 70’s lake trailer and ran into an AC wiring issue. Our thermostat is wired with white wire to W2, Red to RC, and jumper from RC to RH. There are two wires hanging by the furnace (old gas furnace that is out of commission due to...
  14. S

    Running 2 phase in swa

    Due to an increase in load for a subman, I now need 2 phases for an outbuilding. Original design was 63a supply, but now an electric shower and another ac unit has been added due to a design error. Questions are, can you get a 2phase mcb to fit a schnider PoN board? Are you allowed to supply 2...
  15. I

    Running Cables in Purlins

    Hello Couldn’t find anything in the forums on this and thought I would have… Large warehouse, minimal power circuits, two or three lighting circuits, max of 5 three phase circuits. Would it be acceptable to run these within the metal purlins at roof level and tied in place or would tray hung...
  16. tetoncraftworks

    running LED christmas lights with a power supply instead of batteries

    i have an old motorola ac power supply and i want to convert my battery powered led christmas lights to an outlet. The power supply says Input 120v Output 4.0 vdc 350mA Will this work? The batteries box uses three 1.5 double AA's. Thanks
  17. Scott smit

    UK Running a couple new sockets from mains

    Hi everyone Just looking for a little advise on if my plan to run this spur is okay I’ve drawn a diagram in hopes to make my expiation simpler The MS square is the main socket which has not been tampered with The F is a 13 amp fuse spur And the S are the additional sockets which I plan to...
  18. djkprojects

    Running Wires in a stud wall with insulation

    Hello guys, I‘ll be building an insulated stud wall in front of a single skin brick wall (garage on the other side). There will be 2 couple mains ring sockets and media services, LAN cable etc. as I want to hang a TV on this wall, all running from the ceiling. Will it be ok to clip the 2.5mm...
  19. djkprojects

    Running kitchen island cooker wire

    Hello guys, It’s my first post here so please be gentle :) I’m having a kitchen extension done and will have the hob and few powerpoints installed on the kitchen island meaning the wires will need to run under the floor. The floor is concrete subfloor and will have 80mm PIR insulation...
  20. P

    voltage drop running 50 amps 350 feet from service pole.

    hello. i need to run power to a cabin that is 350 feet from the service pole in our driveway. the problem is voltage drop. the service pole is 150 feet from the transformer so total run is 500 feet. is it possible for a diy'er to purchase a small transformer that would bring the voltage up? (i...


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