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  1. T

    Running a heavy duty food mixer with adapter

    I need to buy a larger mixer for my small bakery, but I only have standard wall outlets and an oven outlet (pictured); the mixer has a NEMA 6-20 plug. Can I safely run a mixer with the ratings indicated in the attached spec sheet using an adapter to either the normal wall outlet or the oven...
  2. M

    Running permanent extension lead from FCU socket?

    I have installed a new dishwasher, unfortunately the new cable will not reach the socket. The socket comes from an FCU, but is impossible to get at to add an additional socket. Can I run a permanent extension lead (appropriately 50cm) to plug in the dishwasher? thanks people:)
  3. Dilwyn

    Can. I run 3 phase motor off single phase 4 wiresABC

    Can I run a 3 phase motor. Off single. Phase 3 Black wires ABC 1 earth wire. Any info. Would be great thank you.
  4. A

    Domestic Dno supply running through house

    Hi all, have been to a bungalow (well half bungalow half building site at the moment) and the main supply is in the middle of the basement. The dno supply is coming from above so is hidden in a wall and then I can see it going through the loft to outside. It's a good 8 meter run. Has anyone come...
  5. I

    Running cables in insulated floor void

    I am planning a rewire of our 1960s bungalow, for power sockets running cables under the floor. There is a 200mm floor void over a concrete oversite. I plan to insulate under the floor, 100mm under joist and 100mm between joists. I know cable is best not run within the insulation. If I...
  6. M

    Running in a new CPC

    Hi guys I was putting in a spur socket at a friend's house. when i noticed that the CPC is the metal cable trunking. I understand this is within regulations. However upon testing it had a high earth loop impedance and likewise r2. My question is, is it acceptable to run in a new CPC from...
  7. S

    Volts running through water pipes

    I am currently doing a love job and found that the water pipes have 93.4v running through them? the problem i have is that this is intermittent, for about 5 mins at a time? so live for 5 mins then dead then live again? i wondered if anyone had advice before i take up floor and things. i thought...
  8. G

    3 phase sub meter running backwards

    Hi Have a client who has a 3 phase sub meter running backwards, Has anybody got any ideas how to resolve this please?
  9. B

    UK Running conduit in walls to knockout boxes for low voltage cables?

    Background I'm running some low voltage cable (e.g. CAT6A data cable; coax cable; HDMI cable and speaker cable) to a number of rooms of the house and would like advice on the best way to do this to avoid plastering the cables into the walls - to give me flexibility to remove / pull new cables...
  10. S

    UK Data Cables Running in ACO Drain

    Hi, I am a surveyor and we are currently managing some refurb works on a property. This property has an old Clipsal lighting system and a wired network installed in the past. This isn’t specifically electrical, so I don’t know if I am allowed data questions in here. I am sure there is plenty of...
  11. S

    Salus, running boiler most of the time.

    I have a salus RT501RF (TX) and the thermostat is Salus RXBC605. The boiler is a baxi duo tec 24 combi erp ( what the label says). I have reset the boiler, thermo and wireless unit, synced them back up due to the same issue but it did not fix it. The problem is the boiler is running all the...
  12. D

    Citroen c4 Grand Picasso Drl’s

    Have a 2012 c4 Grand Picasso and noticed recently that the bright drl’s aren’t working but they work as dimmed side lights, checked configuration menu to make sure they are on which they are selected. Wondered what the problem is, could it be a faulty relay? Or is it something else? thanks in...
  13. edwardcasbon

    Running 2 radials off a spur. Is this possible?

    Hi all, I've a double socket in the loft running off a spur from a bedroom socket. I'd love to add lighting into the loft, and wondering if I can run a socket radial and lights off the spur using a junction box and 2 fused connection units? Please see the attached diagram for a description of...
  14. G

    running CAT 6 , splitting or multiple cables

    HI all, in my house i want to run as much CAT6 everywhere as i can, i have a old cabinet with 24 way strip in so im putting that in the garage, i wanted 6 upstairs for each bedroom and ubiquity on the landing. trouble is i can only get two up the cavity and its a nightmare to get any others up...
  15. J

    Running Coffee Machine off Generator

    Hi I run a mobile coffee hut and have just bought a new coffee machine and new 7.5 KW Generator. The coffee machine is on 13 amp plug but requires 32 amp feed. I used it on weekend on 16 amp feed off Genny. My question is can I connect machine direct to Genny (ie not through hits fuse box) and...
  16. tinkering

    Running Cable to Garage

    We are going to run Teck90 or ACWU cable underground from house to garage. There will be just a 60A breaker in the house and garage for now but want to lay a large enough cable to carry 100A in the future. We have approximately 60 ft of ACWU #3/0 aluminum to make the run. It is about 2" in...
  17. I

    TIPS? Running Neutral Wire in Old Conduit NYC Building approx 1950

    Hello! I am setting up a smart home system and will need a neutral wire for the application. Some of the existing switches to be replaced only have 2 wires. I believe I will need to run my own neutral line through the existing conduit. I have done so before and just used a stiff wire with...
  18. N

    Running cables horizontally along the 150mm top of wall

    Top of the wall – where the wall meets the ceiling there is a 150mm zone where cables should be run. It is at the top of the wall and runs horizontally around the whole wall House is made of concrete floors. So I'm planning on using the top 150mm of wall (safe zone) by ceiling, to run cables...
  19. Barnaby Stedman

    Running cable in void???????

    Yesterday was working below a mansard roof and to avoid drilling through steels I ran some 1mm cable along the top of the joists in the ceiling void created by the mansard. however, i was running the cable perpendicular to the joists which were 400mm apart. Is this mechanical support or not...
  20. Barnaby Stedman

    Running under block & beam

    Has anyone had any experience with running rfc's under a block and beam floor on a hardcore base?
  21. S

    Running outside lighting cables in render

    Hello, I'm looking to extend my lighting circuit outside of my house before I have the house re-rendered. some of the wiring routes will need to go up and over windows etc so some of the cable routes will be outside the permitted cable zones. I was planning to chase t/e into the wall and to...
  22. N

    pump running continuously

    anyone any dealings with British Gas wireless receiver WR1 ? pump on heating system seems to be running constantly ,boiler seems to switch off but come back on very quickly two zone valves seem to be operating as normal. pump is running even with programmer switched to off position,I'm just...
  23. alban moffitt

    Running cable beneath sub floor?

    A customer has asked for a complete rewire for their house that they are doing work on. he has had to put in a new floor everywhere downstairs as it was wooden joists and he wants it solid. He is building it up with hardcore then a concrete subfloor on top of that (about 4 inches). on top of...
  24. John Matrix

    Running Submains with general lighting and power???

    Hi everyone I have an issue that I need some advice with. I have been asked to fit a panel board in a basement to some offices. From this I need to feed another distribution board. This board is feeding some general lighting and power. My plan was to link everything with a 100x100mm metal...
  25. Skippi

    Vehicle trailer running light one one side only.

    Hello Here's a conundrum. .. I have a trailer with working lights and two vehicles (one british one french) The lights work with both vehicles, EXCEPT FOR ONE RIGHT HAND RUNNING LIGHT - off the FRENCH vehicle(citroen dispatch 2001). The lights on the french vehicle are not connected through...
  26. D

    Daytime Running Lights wiring questions

    Hello Wishing to retro fit some DRL into a vehicle. Instructions, among other wires, state to: White wire to headlight Blue wire to ACC [accessories] [+ve wire is fused just in case any readers ask] Had a chat to auto electrician and he said best and easiest way is: White wire to park light...
  27. T

    Commercial Running cables to an island

    Could use a few ideas, have this room and I need to get some more PCs in there. Best way I'm thinking is island bench to replace the white freestanding desks. That will be least desk installation work, but I need ideas for getting the cables to that island. Some facts: 1st floor, concrete, no...
  28. alban moffitt

    Running Cable under floor with UFH?

    hello all, seeking some advice on how to run cables underfloor with ufh as well. i am quoting for a complete house rewire as they are doing some substantial works and the electrics are in poor condition the floors consist of hardcore then sand then dpm sheeting, celotex on top of that with wet...
  29. Z

    Advice needed on running a 2.5mm cable in kitchen.

    Hi guys, I just needed some advice on running a 2.5mm cable. As I'm still a trainee doing my college course, I thought I'd ask the experienced guys on how I can do this. I have made the video on youtube to explain exactly where the cable needs running. Here is the link. Any advice is...
  30. Barnaby Stedman

    Running cable in cavity

    A quick question - would 25mm oval conduit be sufficient mechanical protection to run cable in an internal cavity wall?
  31. D

    Domestic Pump running indicator

    Hello I have a submersible pump in a small well under my floorboards. Access to the pump area is very difficult but after making many improvements to drainage etc. I now need to know if it ever switches on. I have access to the electrical feed for the pump is there any simple device i can fit to...
  32. John Matrix

    Only classed as a good spark if I can run jobs???

    Im looking for some general opinions on this. Im very good as an Electrician on the tools and have Lots if experience. I’m very conscientious and like to do thing properly. I have Ran some decent sized jobs in the past and got them over the line successfully. But as I have recently said to a...
  33. B

    Domestic Running 10mm T&E externally?

    I’ve done some labouring support work for sparks in the past (joiner by trade) and have a qualified spark installing an electric shower for me. To save him time I’m going to run the cable. Using 10mm. Walls and floors not easily accessible and shower is about 25m of wire from consumer unit...
  34. D

    Running 10mm T+E under celler joists.

    Hello, Whilst doing some building works I have access to the inside of the stud wall to which the consumer unit is fitted, so full and easy access to all the cabling there. This wall is soon to be tiled. In the future I will want to put power into a garage at the end of the garden. I happen...
  35. Gavin John Hyde

    The joys of running a van

    Last week or so found shifting gear really hard in the little bipper van. Took it in the nearest garage as could barely get it out of 2nd. Turns out after 92k the clutch packed up. Wasnt disengaging correctly. Was expecting a massive bill. Needn't have worried as it only cost 387.00 including...
  36. L

    Running a 240v fridge in a vehicle, unusual situation

    Hello Folks, I have a query regarding running a 240v fridge in vehicle. Any advice would be welcome. I have a catering business and I'm fitting out my vehicle. It is a single cab chassis with a large square steel canopy. I want to be able to carry hot and cold food, so getting a standard...
  37. R

    Inverters running freezer

    I have a large 240v freezer running off a 12 v solar battery bank via an inverter, I would like to have a small backup inverter for the freezer that will cut in if the main one fails, and save all my food. Any one tell me how to do this please ?
  38. R

    Regulations on running electrical cable to power garden

    Hi all, I'm looking at electrifying my garden buildings: a garage a couple of metres from the house with concrete ground inbetween, then a workshop/office 20m away at the bottom of the garden, plus a couple of sockets/lights on the way. I will absolutely have a registered electrician in to do...
  39. Daniel Wilson

    Powering a Brushless DC Blower

    Hi All, I have a DC brushless motor that is attached to a blower. The motor has 4 wires, I have tried various configurations but havn't been able to get it to spin! I want the motor to spin at full speed for an outside project. Here are the labels on the motor DR-8538-805 DTJ 11893G DC43v...
  40. D

    Running cable over steel beams below chipboard floor

    My builders have left a 20mm gap above the steel beams supporting the new first floor by setting the timber joists 20mm above them. Is it acceptable to run cables through the gap and over the beams? Cheers Dave
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