1. ReevesMA

    Does 48v DC running Into my residence have to be in metal conduit?

    I have a nickel iron battery I have chosen to put into a shed with Ventilation added for the hydrogen off gassing. I am planning to run the dc from this battery over to the soffit then across an attic space and down into a hybrid inverter that will be in my garage. I am planning to run 4/0...
  2. K

    Green goo in pvc cable

    Afternoon all. I’m doing a dorma / loft extension all circuits for that extension are new . I’m going to upgrade the consumer unit also to rcbo/spd. Now I took a switch off yesterday on the existing lighting circuit and noticed the twin and earth cable had a green goo inside the insulation when...
  3. J

    PVC conduit and glue

    Is it a must to glue PVC joins that are above ground?
  4. SJD

    Crumbly PVC cable (red only)

    Today on an EICR I came across some old (1960's, I think) PVC lighting cable - twin red/black, no earth - where the red was crumbly. It behaved like old perishing rubber, any bending and it cracks - but it is defintely plastic of some sort. The black was perfectly OK, as was the sheath. Curious...
  5. M

    Am2s pvc and metal conduit

    Hi, can anyone who as taken the am2s give me some advice on what the pvc conduit specification is?
  6. R

    Tool for 45 and 90 Degree Cuts on PVC Trunking

    I have bought a Mini Mitre Block for some Trunking as the cutters I have are better for Mini Trunking. I’m just looking for something that will allow me to mark the angle before cutting it. I was thinking either a Tri-Square or Trend ANGLEFIX. I then also need some advice on a file to smooth the...
  7. J

    Hdpe to pvc?

    Hello! I’m running 3 inch HDPE underground conduit for the primary line from the transformer, and I need to be able to connect it to 3” schedule 40 PVC, and I’m curious what kind of glue or solvent or method to use? In some preliminary research, it looks like HDPE is commonly heated to create a...
  8. A

    No LB when transitioning pvc up from trench into subpanel through wall

    I have an electrician installing new circuit from my existing panel to a new subpanel in my detached garage. The subpanel is in the inside wall of the garage. The installation is underground with 1.5" conduit. Instead of using an LB on the outside wall of the garage, the electrician heated a...
  9. M

    XLPE vs PVC

    Long story short I ordered the "wrong" cable.... wanted H6241Y but mistakenly bought H6241B Now, rather than faff with sending it back, I believe I can still use it but want to check with the pros. Its for a domestic lighting circuit that is currently run with live/earth loop to the switches...
  10. LewisM

    PVC Back Box w/ Multiple Knockouts

    Hi does anybody know of single / double PVC back boxes that have multiple 20mm knockouts like metal clad? Or are plain with no knockouts ? The ones with one 20mm and trunking knockouts don't really work as when cutting the 20mm hole the trunking entry normally splits even when bracing it.
  11. G

    PVC surface boxes

    Hi, I am wondering if any sparks out there know of a brand of 32mm deep PVC surface boxes with multiple knockouts for MT2 & MT3 ( 25mm x 16mm & 38mm x 16mm) mini trunking. Marshall Tufflex MSSB35 & 36 WH were perfect but are now discontinued, and their replacements MSSB91 & 92WH only have a...
  12. R

    Angles on PVC Trunking

    I’m doing a large install with PVC Trunking I had a Magnusson Mitre block but it’s not that great with a large hacksaw. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to use and a decent saw?
  13. W

    Difference in scrap price between pvc insulated twin & stripped cable.

    I’ve got a hell of a lot of scrap cable in my garage. I know it would take a long time but is it financially beneficial to strip the cable or does it not make much difference?
  14. S

    PVC vs Galvanised Conduit: Current Capacity Enclosed In a Thermally Insulating Wall?

    Is there any advantage from the perspective of current ratings/de-ratings of using galvanised round conduit over same size PVC conduit? With both to be chased/buried in brick wall and plastered over? If so, where is this specified? Cheers
  15. R

    Wife Code for black pvc with separate earth run to socket?

    Morning all, I have been to look at a job this morning to rewire a radial feed supplying two socket outlets off a 20 mcb. The cable from the board is a black pvc 2 core cable(does not look like copper) and has a separate earth run back to the met. I am currently doing my 2392 and hope to start...
  16. D

    Is pvc pvc T&E soon to be written off ?

    I made a very rare trip to my local wholesalers today (I usually buy stuff online now and have it delivered) and was speaking to the manager who I have known since college. He reckons in the coming amendment to the regs , grey pvc pvc twin and earth cable will be written off and we will be...
  17. R

    Hi. New to DIY Forum. Home built '83. Main bath has a 1-gang receptacle in a gray pvc box secured to a stud. I want to make this a 2-gang.

    Do I secure an additional 1-gang pvc box to this original 1-gang box or do I have to somehow remove the 1-gang box from the stud and install a new 2-gang box. I'm trying not to destroy the drywall and if I can secure a new 1-gang to the old 1-gang, will the 2-gang wall plate fit ok or will there...
  18. ElectronicsNut

    GRAY Electrical PVC for Service Panel feed into the attic

    I have an old 30 breaker electrical service panel (from the early 1980's) that the main breakers are twisting to the side more and more and the cover panel no longer fits properly over them. I have decided that it is time to replace the service panel with a new one, as I feel this is turning...
  19. F

    Pvc mini trunking

    Hi, just a quick question does anyone know the quick term for mini trunking smaller than YT1. It came up in conversation today I'm sure we used to call the small stuff something other than mini or micro lol minds drawn a blank. Its the small flat stuff 12 x 8mm. Thanks in advance
  20. V

    PVC conduit at ground level external

    Quick one. Is there anything in the regs that state safe zones for external placement of pvc conduit ? I've looked and can't see anything specific. Reason I ask is the installation I'm doing is needing me to run conduit at one brick above damp course.
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