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  1. happyhippydad

    Which cable stripping tool for scrap?

    @gaz101 's thread got me thinking about stripping all my scrap cables rather than taking them in for weighing with all the insulation on. The cable I have is nearly all 1mm-6mm. I realise many of you feel it is not worth the time stripping the smaller cables but I would be quite happy spending...
  2. littlespark

    Don’t let your kid help stripping scrap cables

    She wasn’t. She was at school cleaning utensils after home economics class. Dried a knife the wrong way.... luckily still has all movement in her thumb.
  3. T

    Scrap prices

    Does any know the value of scrap copper at the moment? Want to know roughly how much a black bag full of twin and earth would be?
  4. Baddegg

    Scrap cable stripper......

    anyone recommend a scrap cable stripper?
  5. Cadgey123

    Scrap the Ring final circuit

    After coming across countless faults in domestic premises regarding ring final circuits, I reckon they should scrap em... Gets frustrating when you go to check continuity and there is nothing between each leg. Or you get a call to check a burning smell from the C.U and once again a broken ring...
  6. David Prosser

    Hydraulic Crimp tool sticking.

    Any one know a company (West Midlands area) that services hydraulics crimping tools. Mines starting sticking and not releasing enough to get the cable back out. I have taken it apart and cleaned it and it all looks super smooth but still sticks intermittently even with the dies empty. Would...
  7. P

    Lead sheathed cable

    after finding various lead sheathed cable in properties left by previous installers after rewires, the subject always comes up at coffee breaks ...... what size drums was lead sheathed cable supplied on ? due to the weight, we think maybe 30 yards.
  8. N6rul


    Hello guys, I have a question regarding fitting RCBO'S. WHEN fitting these to a non RCD board, would I need to upgrade the tails and earthing arrangement to current BS7671 standards?? I. E upgrade tails to 25mm², Earth 16mm², main bonding 10mm². I'm not installing one yet but may need to...
  9. S

    3 Phase map - any bright sparks?

    I am undertaking some research on the optimal potential of wind turbines in the UK. I am trying to find out where there is 3 Phase power. I am a wildlife scientist based in South Africa and have dangerously little knowledge of electricity so I would appreciate ANY guidance. Thanks Shan
  10. B

    Lockable/Vandal proof fused spurs

    Hi I need some unstitched fused spurs that are to be insalled in a challenging location that has a history of misuse and vandalism. Has anyone come across any spurs that the fuse cannot be easily removed or a lockable enclosure to fit a sput into. many thanks,
  11. R

    Scrap 3 Phase Motors

    I have a few knackered 3 phase motors in my garage, anyone know what the going rate per kilo is for them at the scrappers?
  12. M

    Wanted: Scrap cable wiring will collect for free

    Do you have any scrap cable wiring or unwanted scrap metal from a job that you need to dispose of? Please contact me and i will pick up for free. Thank you :)
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