1. S

    Electric range and hob SWA, T&E x 2, or Q&E?

    Electric hob/oven range was installed years ago, runs on 2 x B32 MCBs to 'House' (sub)consumer panel, runs to oven on 2 x T&E. Kitchen is being remodelled. Would like to run cable direct from range to 'Plant Room' (main)consumer panel. Need advice on cable purchase please. 1 x SWA with 4...
  2. firestick

    Looking for advice for working with LSZH T&E cable

    Hi, I'm looking for advice for working with LSZH T&E cable. Is it common practice to warm the cable with a heat gun to make it easier to work with before running/dressing the cable?. Any tips for working with this cable?. Thanks!
  3. I

    New T&E cable...

    Seen a couple of videos with Doncaster cables now producuing a T&E with the CPC already sleeved so no need to fit our own. I also read somewhere that this will soon become the norm and will have to be installed to comply with the regs instead of the regular cable. Any truth in that?
  4. 2

    16mm T&E cable on distrubution circuits - The 6mm CPCs are a limiting factor no?

    Hello all, I wonder if I can get some opinion on my deliberations on an old TPN installation with numerous 1P sub-boards wired up with 16mm T&E cables from a TPN distribution board. It's getting well beyond it's time for the wiring but the client (commercial) needs to eek things out for...
  5. N

    T&E cables and expanding foams.

    Hi all, Have a relatively simple question. Doing a rewire to make a circuit in a single room. My father is a retired spark, so no worries about a DIYer doing electrics or anything, he just isn't sure about this particular question. I'm aware modern PU foams like Soudal have no adverse affects...
  6. happysteve

    CCC 1.5mm T&E ref method B?

    Morning! Would someone please mind checking the big brown book for 1.5mm flat sheathed cable, ref method B, CCC? Page 456 from memory. Only have the blue book in the van, which lists refs A and C but not B. Voltage drop is ok, as is Zs. Thanks! :)
  7. T

    Question about T&E and spotlights in my new build house.

    Hi, So I've just started to install some spotlights in a room in my house, and I always thought to use 1.5mm T&E so I've wired them all up and I've come to connect the main line in and noticed that it is 1.0 T&E. Am I okay to link the main line to my daisy chained spots on 1.5. Some more...
  8. M

    Three 2.5 t&e feeding a socket and a fused spur

    I'm revamping the kitchen electrics, 1980's property. Majority of the sockets have a couple of cables going in/out of them, with the only exceptions being a couple of sockets tee'd off fused spurs and fed by single cables. However, I'm perplexed by one area. By the side of the gas hob there was...
  9. J

    0.5mm T&E cable now available.

    New 0.5mm T&E cable and 2A mcb's avialble, as lighting loads are now so low because of LEDs
  10. P

    Stranded 2.5mm T&E cable

    Recently a couple of threads have discussed T&E cable and it became apparent to me that the 2.5mm, which I have only ever seen as solid core, is available with the live cores in 7-strand (rather like the old 7/.029" imperial size, though with solid CPC and not the 3-strand seen before). In fact...
  11. D

    Safe approach to burying an unused T&E?

    As title suggests, I've removed what a T&E has been used for, so it's now just a live cable. I've terminated it and boxed it (for now), but this needs burying and skimming over. I think the right way according to regs is to trace it back, make sure it's dead then pull the cable out of the wall...
  12. S

    Reference method 100/102 or A

    Hi everyone. What's the correct reference method for cables (2.5mm t&e 32A? ring main) clipped to wooden joists between the ground floor and first floor. Standard build plasterboard ceiling, chipboard first floor. The joists are to be filled with loft type glass mineral wool insulation. Joists...
  13. L

    Can I use a 4mm T&E for a 7.5Kw shower?

    The cable is installed in 3 metres of trunking, 3 metres clipped direct, and 5metres in the joist space with no insulation,
  14. AlmondSauce

    4mm/2.5mm T&E

    Hi all, looking to potentially wire some new sockets in a 4mm radial rather than 2.5mm RFC. Been my preference for ages, find it less hassle to install, and 25A is plenty. That being said, something I've always been a bit tetchy over is the potential worst case touch voltage given the "normal"...
  15. R

    Extend T&E Ring in Back Box

    I’ve bought some new sockets but due to the terminals being the other way round when compared to the original socket. I’m looking for a way to extend the line as it’s just too short. Absolutely no slack on the cables. I’m quite amazed really as I’ve 10 to swap, some were okay, and the last one...
  16. SteWal

    Connecting T&E to SWA

    Hi all, Would appreciate your thoughts on the following. Customer has a garage CU fed by a 6mm cable from the main CU in the house. The cable exits the house and then is stretched overhead between the house and the garage. The cable is starting to sag and the customer wants it replacing. My...
  17. F

    10mm T&E to 6mm T&E

    Hi I have recently had a bathroom replaced which had an electric shower, this was changed out for a mixer shower off the combi boiler. The shower cable is a 10mm twin and earth which was pulled back to loft space and JB'd. A 40amp cb fed the shower. I am wondering if it is ok run a 6mm supply...
  18. D

    Is pvc pvc T&E soon to be written off ?

    I made a very rare trip to my local wholesalers today (I usually buy stuff online now and have it delivered) and was speaking to the manager who I have known since college. He reckons in the coming amendment to the regs , grey pvc pvc twin and earth cable will be written off and we will be...
  19. mattg4321

    Linian T&E clips

    Anyone used them? Wondering how good they are. Got a job to clip some 10mm2 t&e surface and thinking of using them. Do they hold the cable securely and stop it ‘slipping through’ and sagging? Never used any of the linian clips to be honest.
  20. S

    T&E between light switches, what are my options?

    Hey, my downstairs hallway light switch is a 2 gang but doesn't control my upstairs hallway light (and just a 1 way for the upstairs light). After inspecting, there is unconnected T&E thats runs to the upstairs light from the downstairs 2 gang switch. Now I know that can't be used as a 3 core...


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