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  1. A

    2.5mm SPUR ON 6MM Socket Circuit

    Hello I hope you are well, I have a 6mm socket radial with two sockets on the circuit, the circuit Protected by a 32A MCB is it okay to spur clipped direct to one double socket, thanks Andi
  2. P

    Can I join 6mm and 2.5mm cable in radial circuit

    Hi all, I’m new to this forum so please bear with me. I live in a bungalow and would like to repurpose an unused shower cable to supply one new double socket. The radial shower circuit cable is 6mm and protected by a 40A mcb. My plan is to connect the 6mm cable to a length of 2.5mm cable which...
  3. J

    4mm radial from 2.5mm ring on 32A?

    Go easy I’m new to this but.. I’ve just come across a 4mm radial (garage) being fed from downstairs 32A MCB ring. Trying to locate the connection but question is does this comply with BS7671? I can’t tell if it’s on a 13A FS or not at the moment.
  4. OnlQQker

    4 x 2.5mm = 10mm (Just Thinking Out Loud)

    So there I am trying to get to sleep at 2am this morning when a thought popped into my head. (I'm one exciting person to be with :tearsofjoy:) Not that I am thinking of doing it, ever done it or seen it done, I will still ask the question as otherwise I will be up again all night trying to work...
  5. GBDamo

    2.5mm or 4mm SWA armour bonding

    Armour not CPC. By the letter of the regs 2.5mm is acceptable as the DB offers both mehanical and corrosion protection. Just seems a bit puny on a 10mm SWA, what about a much larger cable? Can some of the boffins explain why 2.5mm is deemed acceptable. Cheers
  6. B

    2.5mm doubled up on 4 core

    2.5mm 4 core swa clipped direct but 2 core used as line and 2 Neutral swa as earth acceptable?
  7. A

    Commercial Radial circuit help

    Hi, I went to look at job; it is a 2.5mm2 radial coming from the CU (from a 32A MCB) to two sockets and the sockets are using two appliances which are a 3.6 kW combi oven and a 2.5 kW 2 plate electric hob, what i've been told that it trips at the CU and sometimes it doesn't trip and the...
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