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To find the electrician had spurred off the ring main in 2 x 2.5mm cables to 2 new sockets in bedroom above.

This was done a year ago by an electrician from Mybuilder.com

I doubt if it was tested but if it had of been would this of shown up in a test?

Secondly is this a way of spurring off from the ring for 2 sockets?
It doesn't seem right to me but maybe I'm missing something?


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You can have many spurs off a ring so long as there is a maximum of one double socket on each spur.

So if he has made two spurs with one socket on each = OK.

If one spur has the two sockets = not OK

If the spurs were not maintenance free there is an issue.

Pictures would assist in forming a more reliable opinion.


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Can you explain how you mean?

as above, has he created a spur with 2 points in line, or 2 spurs from the one JB? (Ie, 4 cables at one point, can cause a hotspot)

if he has created a spur, T joint on one leg of the ring to one socket, then another T joint on another leg, then that is acceptable.
JB wouldn’t be maintenance free, as accessible from lifting floor above.

Lathe and plaster ceiling? Messy job
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Sorry, I will try to explain a little clearer and get a picture when I am back over there on Saturday.

Upstairs ring supplying 1 bedroom and landing.
From the 1st bedroom double socket he has installed 2 x 2.5mm cables (which means 4 x 2.5mm cables are now in the terminals in socket)
These come to 2 double sockets in second bedroom.

I've attached a picture I drew, till I get photo


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It looks like the new wires are arranged to form a section of a RFC. If they go into the existing socket, there's no reason why this new section of ring can't be inserted in series with the existing ring to form a bigger ring, which will be acceptable, as long as the total ring length isn't now too great.
One of the existing cables should be disconnected from the existing socket and joined to one of the new cables. The other new cable should be connected to the existing socket in place of the cable that was just removed.

P.S. In the last year, I've removed over 150m2 of lathe and plaster ceilings, plus about 50m2 of lathe and plaster walls. Have enough fire lightings (kindling) for the next ten years.
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They certainly go up to the socket as I can see them going up the wall from below, but I will double check.

I guess it got me questioning whether he was trying to create a 5mm supply to get over the one spur from a ring scenario. The house was originally lead cable and there is iron conduit going off to sockets/lighting.

It just has me scratching my head and I try to understand the logics behind it all!

Thanks for the responses!


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It looks like he's just extended the ring! It's fine.

Your drawn diagram makes it look like all 4 cables are connected together in the socket in bed 1, whereas the picture shows only 2 cables are in the socket and the other 2 are connected together to extend the ring.

I feel I may be missing something as it looks like he has simple extended the ring?

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