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  1. H

    Insulation resistance with vulnerable equipment unable to be removed

    Good evening Was wondering when testing for.insulation resistance and there is vulnerable equipment in circuit but unable to disconnect, I understand that you combine the line and neutral conductors and test to earth. I am just wondering if it's ok and safe to do this at 500v as there is no...
  2. H

    Boiler comes on after time clock has been removed from wall

    Hi just looking peoples thoughts on this one. I went to check out a 3 channel hortsmann time clock. I found it to be faulty as the display came and went. It’s about 12 years old and apparently when the internal battery fails it time to change the clock as you can’t access the battery. Anyway, I...
  3. C

    EDF meter change fault

    Hello guys EDF came out to a flat and attempted to replace the meter. I have been called out to investigate there comments which are “unsafe to remove meter, possible borrowed neutral, voltage at meter even with fuse removed (dropped neutral test)” First off i am currently on site, I removed...
  4. C

    Removed alarm, confused by wires!!

    Hi all, I’ve removed the antiquated burglar alarm from the wall in my understates toilet. It’s on the circuit marked as ‘downstairs lights’. I had expected to be able to simply joint the corresponding wires that went in and out, but they’re not the same colours! Any advice on how I should...
  5. jonoaskew

    Domestic Air Vent Removal (Electrical wires removed or capped?)

    Hi folks, First post here and needing some help if that's ok? I'm looking to remove an electric air vent from our downstairs toilet. The previous owners stated they used to have a shower in there, but this was removed by them and we have no need for one. We are looking to renovate it though...
  6. R

    Any quick calcs to get a rough min Zs allowable

    Any quick calcs to get a rough estimate min Zs allowable for protective devices MCB, BS-88 etc, Im thinking in an exam saves time even looking at the tables if there's a fast ball park check rule of thumb.
  7. kkkkk

    Solar pv removed and reinstalled - now running at less power

    Hi all - an outbuilding with solar panels - they have been removed to replace the roof, and replaced 4 months later with the system isolated and now reactivated. Previously the system was running at about 1.8kw but now it is running at round about 2A 500w - with occasional leaps to 1.6kw and...
  8. M

    Do these wire caps need to be removed prior to installation?

    I am installing a new electric hob, the wiring came with these cable caps at each end. Its a single phase installation so I'll be combining L1 & L2 at the junction box. Do these cable caps (silver colour) need to be removed? See picture. I assume so, but if you could confirm it would be...
  9. DavidSpark

    Cable that can't be removed

    Okay, so bare with me here. Domestic is not my bag at all, and I'm not quite sure what the best course of action would be for this. So my father has asked me to take a look at the outside light for the back garden, he would like it changed to a new one as the old one is tired and worn and is...
  10. G

    Which certificate for domestic fire alarm

    Hi all, I have been asked to issue a certificate for 2 smoke alarms and a heat alarm that are connected via wireless bases (brk 700 series) which have already been installed by the client. I have never done this before but need to do so for building control as doors have been removed, hence...
  11. G

    Domestic Light hanging from electrical terminal

    I have just had a professional firm redo my ceiling under an insurance claim and this is how they refitted the light (I removed the covers to reveal the terminal) I don't know much about building regs and electrical compliance. Can someone tell me if this is OK? My instinct says no F*ing way can...
  12. L

    Domestic HELP!! Downstairs ring circuit MCB stays tripped

    Completely electrically illiterate :gorgeous:: all power was switched off apart from the fridge/freezer and wine cooler when we went on holiday for a week came back Saturday turned on the power all went on except the 1 x MCB for the downstairs ring, which runs the front room and dining room...
  13. N

    Idiotic instructions did make me laugh

    5ft light fitting opened the box , removed end caps ,removed diffuser , removed center contol gear tray found instructions and it read !! Firstly unpack your light fitting ....... Mmmm instructions are in the fitting how can i do that second remove end caps ...........Mmmmm instructions are in...
  14. A

    Builder has removed wiring on ring main

    Hello all, Wired up an extension for a friend of mine who lives some way away, so to help them along completed 1st & 2nd fix in one go, tested - all fine - and then left them to work room by room, boarding out and all, reconnecting sockets/switches as they went. No problems and I have been...
  15. W

    Domestic Karcher power washer question

    HI.I hope i can get an answer hear to my question. I own an old karcher power washer model k720m.The on/off switch has broken,i have removed the switch to see if i can purchase a new one.I have found a switch which is going to cost over £40,crazy.When i removed the old switch i did not note...
  16. D

    Coursework-HELP PLEASE!!! SHEET 2

    Hi everyone I will be posting a lot of questions here in the next few hours I would really appreciate it if you can tell me most of the answers as I am not getting far searching on the internet. 1. Give an exa mple of a reasonably modern develo pment in plumbing systems that has...
  17. D

    day to day work

    Well seen as i dont upload much i thought i would enlighten you on my day to day full time job as a Building Engineer on a Data Centre!! How to rope off and work safe
  18. D

    Phone installers

    HI chaps anyone with experience of BT Versatilty PABX units i have installed one which was removed from old office by the owner (not brilliantly) and while i have it working have some questions if anyone has a PDF wiring and installation manual that would be great
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