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ring main

  1. T

    Ring main in 4Core SWA

    Evening all Has anyone ever wired a ring main in 4Core SWA and used the sheath as an earth? Just looking at wiring some sockets in an industrial unit and wondering whether to do it that way or do a 4mm radial
  2. A

    Ring Main with sockets not working

    Hi, I recently went to look at a house with about 10 sockets not working. Checked the continuity on the ring main ends - all good. I turned off all other socket circuits in the board just to make sure no crossed circuits - still the same, about 5 sockets working and the rest (about 10) not...
  3. M

    Nuisance tripping after splitting a ring main

    Evening everyone Had to re post as I started a post within a post:grimacing: here's hoping I'm posting in the right part or I have started off on the wrong foot. Long story Asked by a friend to look at his friends electrics as the kitchen ring was tripping the RCD. New colours cable on 32amp...
  4. MrTapster

    Domestic Socket ring main causing flickering lamps

    Hi all To start off, there’s been no work on the ring main for 8 years or so. (Other than having a smart metre fitted about 12 months ago) Yesterday afternoon I noticed a buzzing from a plug socket. I unplugged what was plugged in thinking it was the appliance and didn’t think anything more of...
  5. J

    Ring off a ring ! Help please

    Hi, I know you can’t put a ring off a ring, you should join a cable in the back box of a socket, take it to your new socket, then continue the ring until you get back to your original socket But I don’t know the reasoning why you can’t make a figure of 8 ring main if you like, Could someone...
  6. D

    Altered ring main, now a DIFFERENT circuit is not working?

    I’ve just altered a ring main by taking 1 leg out of the board and taking it to a spur (then taking a leg back), to add a socket in. After doing so I’ve turned the board back on and everything is working as it should, other than cooker circuit (A radial feeding the cooker/hob, extractor fan and...
  7. Z

    Steel conduit used as CPC in flat, can’t find bonding, can’t find ring main CPC at C.U

    I’ve been asked to add a couple of extra points to the single ring main in a flat. Building fabric is concrete, all of the electrical installation is steel conduit buried in the concrete. I opened the consumer unit and could only see one CPC for a radial socket, as well as the main Earth. No...
  8. D

    New circuit to detached shed/garage in garden.

    Hello I am new to this forum and need a little help from an experienced spark to help me design a circuit to wire a detached garage (two sockets and ceiling lights) from a house ring main to 18th edition standards. This will be notifiable so everything has to be pukka. Cable can be in steel...
  9. M

    Domestic LED striplights wired to ring main

    Hello all, I'm new here, first post and no elec qualifications, so a few condescending replies I'm sure are more than deserved. I'm currently looking to add some strip lighting to the back of some shelves in the bathroom (wife thinks it looks fancy). What I really want to do is avoid a second...
  10. R

    Requirements for new ring main in garage

    I need to fit a number of new 13A sockets in my garage to power some new equipment. I am planning to put in a new ring main and a new consumer unit to connect these sockets. The garage is a few metres from my house where the main CU is. Do I have to carry the ring main all the way back to the...
  11. D

    rcd tripping on a ring main

    Ok help before a pull out the rest of my hair got an rcd that trips when ring main breaker turned on got continuity but still trips when only live connected ant ideas
  12. V

    ring circuit for a submain?

    trying to find answers in the reg book, but is there anything to say you can't install say a larger ring circuit for a sub main? to reduce volt drop / cable size etc. Normally you would obviously install a large enough cable, but would this be acceptable , whats our thoughts?
  13. K

    OK to spur lights from ring main?

    Hi, I want to add wall lights to a room, but don't have access to the floor above, so can't easily access the lighting circuit. There is a power socket on the wall where I want the wall lights. Is it permissible to take a fused spur from the ring main for the wall lights? Regards, Glenn
  14. D

    Trainee Single Pole Fused Spur From Ring Main

    I have two cables for wall lamps (1mm T+E) going to one of the socket in the back of the TV. These lamps will be controlled with smart bulbs with a little remote control or/and an app on the phone, no need of wall switch. I'm considering to use the 47mm double metal box to host a modular single...
  15. D

    Domestic Mapping existing ring main

    Hi, I am a first time DIY poster - hoping to navigate the tricky line between getting a bit of a steer in the right direction and not requesting step by step instruction. I am hoping to DIY the electrics on my extension, and in advance of the project I am trying to map the order of outlets on...
  16. D

    2 questions - Existing ring main mapping, and rules on spurs

    Hi Just getting started with a view to DIY electrics on my house extension in a few months time, and ideally would like to map out the current circuits so I can plan the best way to join up, or where new circuits may be required etc. 2 Questions I reckon I can do some DIY non-live testing of...
  17. B

    4mm spurred from ring main

    32A ring main, adding 2 more sockets off this, spark I’m working with says add radial 4mm to 2 new sockets from ring I’m saying extend ring? I know 4mm can take 32A but I wouldn’t do it his way
  18. M

    Domestic No L-L end to end on ring main

    Hi everyone hopefully someone can shed some light. I'm doing an inspection and test and upon testing my end to end for the live on a ring main I've found there is no end to end on the live. I've tested at sample socket and at the board. I got an r1 + r2 when interconnecting my lives and cpcs...
  19. E

    Splicing ring main to add some stuff

    Hi, planning to add some extra things for a new bathroom to a ring main which covers top floor of my house, does below look sensible (hopefully self explanatory)... Note all sockets/FCU's are outside the bathroom. Ring main to CU is on RCD 30amp. Any problems having a fused spur at 6m long...
  20. N

    Ring main become 2 radials

    Electrical ring circuit The electricalian came and did the second fix. But we werent sure if all the wires had been bought through the plaster board. All the sockets work, but we wanted to make sure there are no wires hiding in the walls.. we tested by disconnecting one of the 2 lives going...
  21. A

    Ring main consisting of only spurs

    Hi, this is my first time on this forum so I hope I'm in the correct section. I've come across a strange socket wiring set up in my own home. I was baffled at first as to how at the consumer unit I had a ring main set up (2x 2.5 T&E fused at 32A) but radial setup at each socket (1 cable). What...
  22. H

    Help with ring main please

    I have rewired a room with a ring main, all the plugs have been put on, there are 7 plugs in the room, I have put my tester plug in all the sockets and the 2 green lights come on saying everything is ok, but when I plug an appliance in and switch it on, it trips. Anyone any idea why?
  23. J

    Ring main MCB tripping, nothing plugged in.

    Hello everyone, Bit of a confusing one. I have a ring main on a 32A mcb. The MCB keeps tripping, sometimes the circuit will stay on for around half an hour then suddenly trip. This is still tripping with nothing plugged in. I have checked all sockets and made sure all connections are tight...
  24. A

    Electrician Job in Tameside, Manchester / Cheshire: New ring main & CU

    Hi, having got some useful advice and assistance from people on this forum I thought I'd put up the job here too. I'm looking to get a new Consumer Unit installed to replace my ancient one (pictured). I also want to increase the electrical capacity of my 1930's house by adding a new 32A ring...
  25. A

    Is EIC required for this job (New CU & ring main) Electrician says no?

    Hi, I've contacted an electrician to install a new consumer unit, as well as a new ring main into the loft. I asked if his quote included the appropriate certification, I assume an EIC, he said "as far as certification is concerned you don't need any as it's straight replacements", I checked my...
  26. J

    Domestic How can I tell if my garage is on the same ring main as my house?

    Hi, I'm Colin, a non-electrician here hoping for some knowledgeable advice. I've just moved into a house with a lovely double garage at the bottom of the garden. I'm trying to get wifi down there and the most suitable technology appears to be homeplugs piggybacking the signal over the...
  27. W

    Fused spur off ring main regulations

    hello I've seen the page at the back of the regs book but nothing explains can you - Have a spured socket off the ring using one cable and then put a fused spur after the spur and then feed additional sockets after the spir
  28. Electron

    Tripping RCD on new Ring Main

    I have installed a new ring main in a kitchen extension and tested for continuity and insulation resistance before connecting to Consumer Unit. As soon as main switch turned on, even with all the MCB's switched off, the RCD tripped. I removed all the connections to the consumer unit from the new...
  29. diyterry

    Lighting circuit from ring main

    I expect it's a big no no but is it permissable to create a new lighting circuit ( just for one light ) from a spur off a ring main?
  30. D

    Domestic Identifying ring main cables without a socket

    Hi, to give you a quick break down of my situation. I have a converted bungalow that has several generations of wiring and I'm currently trying to add an additional socket (via a junction box) to be located in a loft onto a ring main. Thankfully in my loft I have plenty of 2.5mm twin and earth...
  31. P

    Strange earth reading on ring main

    Hi guys. I have just tested a ring main. The readings end yo end on the 3 conductors were all fine. When I cross connected the live to neutral and tested around the sockets all of the readings were correct ie R1 + rn÷4. But when I tested with live earth cross conceded the readings got higher...
  32. Buners

    1 ring main for whole house

    Upstairs & downstairs on the same breaker, RCD protected board. Views on this?
  33. Norfolk Enchance

    Adding more sockets to ring main

    Hi Everyone, I'm thinking of adding 4 double sockets to a ring question is can i use a 30mA RCD of one of the existing sockets then add my other 4 from the RCD ?
  34. R

    2.5mm ring main and Celotex Insulation

    I am building a garden office and currently have 25mm Celotex in the walls. I am running the ring main around and then want to add some more Celotex. My question is how much of an air gap do I need to leave for the ring main?
  35. D

    ring main mcb & main rcd tripping

    Problem as above - is a disconnected earth wire in a socket sufficient to cause this? If so, I would like a brief explanation of the safety mechanism involved.
  36. B

    no supply on part of ring main

    I have suddenly lost supply in all of the sockets in one of my bedrooms yet all of the other rooms on that ring main are OK. I've no idea what happened because it was only discovered when I tried to switch on a bedside lamp. Ceiling lights work OK. No main fuses were tripped and I've tried...
  37. A

    Diversity Calculation In Offices And Workshop

    Hi i'm currently doing some course work and have no access to the On site guide. Does anyone happen to know the diversity for, lighting, ring mains, Welding equipment, TP-N equipment and a car ramps. The building is an Office building and a workshop, Thanks.
  38. A

    Diversity in Offices and workshop

    Hi i'm currently doing some course work and have no access to the On site guide. Does anyone happen to know the diversity for, lighting, ring mains, Welding equipment, TP-N equipment and a car ramps. The building is an Office building and a workshop, Thanks.
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