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  1. PJH2903

    Downlights lath and plaster ceiling advice please

    Been asked to put a load of downlights into a lath and plaster ceiling. Done plasterboard but not lath and plaster. Is it easy enough to do or will it be a right pain?
  2. J

    Back Boxes for 57.5mm Dab n Dot Insulated Plaster Board

    Hi all, About to begin my first fix rewire. Due to regs, and the house being a 1908 solid wall construction, I need to include 57.5mm Kingspan to all external walls. To try and save some room, I will be Dab and Dotting the plaster board to the exposed brick. I will be installing the...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Different types of plaster in ceilings

    Been installing downlights today in a kitchen and dining room. nothing fancy electrically speaking but a pain in backside as one part is new the other old. The new is bog standard plaster board. the old is lath and plaster. Using charcoal in the plaster so its like concrete. makes repairing the...
  4. P

    I hate lath and plaster ceilings!

    I balls up this week because amongst other jobs I quoted to move a ceiling light for a customer, and having done lots of work in houses nearby with standard platerboard ceilings I assumed this was the same (big mistake). What a nightmare it was filling in the holes as there was no access from...
  5. S

    Solid plaster partition walls with straw inside:fixing boxes?

    Came across these yesterday and wondered if anyone on here has seen them.Solid plaster with horizontal strands of straw inside.I finished up cutting the holes with a multisaw then driving 75mm screws thro the sides of the twin metal boxes,since plastic plugs were useless.Never seen these walls...
  6. J

    Wires buried in plaster vs oval conduit

    We have recently had some electrical work done in our house and the electrician simply clipped the cables to the wall which was later plastered. When I have done similar wiring myself (before the current regulations - I do have a degree in Electrical Engineering) I have always used oval PVC...
  7. S

    Astro plaster in down lights..

    Hay guys new here... I'm going to been given some plaster in down lights to fit by my client. They are made by Astro. Has any body any experience with these fittings. I've fitted the Collingwood version many times. They are a 2 part fitting Bezal and an led unit with built in driver connecting...
  8. T

    1st fix protection from plaster

    Good afternoon ladies and gents... I was talking to my plasterer and he mentioned a plastic cover for back boxes to pop on after the first fix.i will be working with this plasterer regularly so i want to make both our lives easier. Do you kind people have any ideas as to what they are called as...
  9. FatAlan

    Fill me in please!

    What fillers do folks find easiest to use for filling in around minor works like chiselling into walls for back boxes etc?
  10. G

    Safe Zones, 230yr Old Cottage

    Hi New here and hoping someone may be able to provide some advice. I'm not a novice from a wiring perspective but from a regs perspective I haven't got a clue. I will also be engaging an electrician for a load of works but need to do some prep work as part of renovation and route planning. I...
  11. R

    Just had full rewire done, cables very close to surface or coming through skim

    we just had a full rewire done on a 1920's property. Electrics been completed and signed off with certificate. Making good on wall chase areas done by plasterer hired by electrician. We have just come to decorating and found that in a few areas the cables haven't been chased deep enough and are...
  12. J

    Cutting 300mm hole in lath and plaster ceiling?

    I have to fit a condensation control fan (PIV) into the hall ceiling. The hole needs to be about 300mm and the ceiling is lath and plaster! Any tips for cutting the ceiling without damaging the surrounding lath and plaster? Cheers
  13. P

    Stud Detector recommendation

    Hi Guys My colleague and I are currently looking to purchase a new stud detector but at the moment are struggling to find one that will detect stud, and cables through plaster skim and concrete. Could anyone help with recommending a detector they use that will pick up stud, conduit and cables...
  14. R

    Type of 3 Phase supply cable?

    Hi, Iv found a 3 phase supply cable in the basement of a restaurant. It had been plastered over and I'm curious if this type of cable is legal. It had been installed a long time ago but is Red, Yellow and blue phase colours, it obviously has pvc covering over the copper, then half of the...
  15. J

    box installation

    Hi I'm wiring a new house and am at the stage of sealing the boxes for behind the sockets and switches. The holes have been tracked out to fit 25mm deep boxes and screwed in. I had been planning to finish the installation ready for the plasterer by cementing in the gap around the box but am...
  16. J


    Hi All, just wondered if someone could help i am installing a switch on outside of an internal wall upstairs so no more than 1.5m in length only putting it vertical so putting it in trunking but this is where im a lil confused. do i cut hole in plaster board ceiling for wires only or do...
  17. D

    pre victorian wooden building

    Hey guys, im starting a project where the building structures are as described above but at some point (possibly original) rendered on both sides. This is new to me and I would be really grateful of any info you may have for me. It is a high street and the owners would like brackets fixedto the...
  18. I

    Job to small to get a plaster out, what to use!

    Hi, Am moving a few sockets/switches on a job. Much smaller than normal works I do so seems a waste to get a plaster out for a few mins work. So what do you use to tidy up the plaster around sockets/switches. I was thinking this, anyone used? No Nonsense All Purpose Ready Mixed Filler 1kg |...
  19. darkwood

    Zoning and other trades ......!!!!!

    :sad3::sad3::sad3::sad3:..... crap morning but saved by been prepared, was pad-sawing out a socket box in dot and dab about 1m from a window with a radiator under it, then psssssssssssssss water squirting out, was hot so isolated boiler to drop pressure and bashed out a large section of wall...
  20. H

    Customer, plasterer!!!

    I've had a bad evening. Completed a job a week or so ago. Customer gave me nothing but problems from the beginning but managed to get paid and out the door. Call this evening "I need you to speak to my plasterer" plasterer comes on." Hi just finished plastering and everything is tripping...
  21. R

    Surround for double socket-outlet?

    Can you get anything that fits between a double-socket outlet and the pattress that covers up any do dgy plaster / wallpaper around the socket? Something like those panels that fit around a lightswitch to stop you gettin fingerprints on the walls.
  22. brucelee

    help and advice for IR on a Ring circuit

    HI all I need some advice and guidance on a lower then expected IR on a New ring final circuit when carrying out testing continuity was correct and so to the IR testing I tested L-N >299 perfect L-Cpc >299 N-Cpc > anywhere from 40M/ohms to 299 so as its new rewire I...
  23. R

    Domestic Installing boxes (and cabling) in Bellrock Plaster walls

    Anyone had any experience with Bellrock Plaster Partitions ? Seemed to be popular with John Lawrence (Glasgow) builders in the mid-late 1950s but I can't find may other examples of them. The entire wall is constructed from a sort of plaster honeycomb (approx 6" wide hexagons made of solid...
  24. banny07

    wiring in conduit

    hi, I always use conduits when running cables for sockets and switches but some of my mates say you dont need it and cables can be burried straight under the plaster without conduit. Are they wrong or right?
  25. G

    Running cable in plasterboard

    Hi All, Question for you all. Installing a heated bathroom mirror in a bathroom in a mid terraced house, I've drilled into the plasterboard (1/2" thick) to find it lays directly on the breeze blocks and there is no void. What would be the best way to run the cable up to the loft above the...
  26. H

    cable embedded in plaster board

    strange one this guys.just installed some downlights but when i drilled through the plasterboard i noticed half way through i was hitting a cable of some sort and very fine wire mesh the cable core was silver like aluminium it was a single core with black sheath and was 4.0mm solid strand tested...
  27. M

    Under tile heating

    Hey chaps, I have just been asked by a regular client to look at fitting them some dimplex mat type under tile heating, thing is they have as far as i can see been intended to be powered via an rcd fused spur, taken off of an existing ring main socket spur cable. Anybody know if this is the kind...
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