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  1. U

    Canada Plug Microwave Into Electrical Outlet On Kelvinator Range?

    Hello, I have an old Kelvinator range with a regular outlet built into the dial face. I'm unsure of the model or how old it is, but I do see a date written on it from 1996. I am wondering if I can safely plug a Sanyo EM-806TW 1300w microwave into it? A diagram of the Kelvinator's circuitry was...
  2. D

    MK essential range , anyone tried it ?

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osbADF3sOHU JW gives it the low down , anyone fitted any ? Looks a bit naff imo
  3. V

    3 wire (2 hots/1 ground...no neutral) Range wiring ok?

    New range on the way and took our the old range (about 2010 install) that was hard wired in with 2 hot wires (black and red) and a green ground wire that was attached to the neutral wire post on the old range. diagram for new range says that 3 wires should be red & black hots along with a...
  4. Lister1987

    Megger 1730 won't complete IR dead test at any range

    As title, playing with test rig and running through dead tests; conductor continuity passes fine but if I try and do any range IR test it just won't have it. I've tested the dead short to verify leads are ok and they are, I can't figure out why it's not running the test, it's a dead rig so no...
  5. LewisM

    Newlec NLMB Range Equivalent

    Hello, I know it's not ideal but does anyone know of any suitable equivalents for Newlec NLMB circuit breakers? Thanks Lewis
  6. J

    208v across 2 pole range plug

    Hello guys. Im a plumbing and heating guy. I work with low voltage all the time and get calls from property managers everyday. I looked at a range tonight. They've blown two boards and were told by the appliance sales company that they had an issue at the plug so I went and had a look...
  7. E

    Roblin Lotus M900ee Range Hood-fuse?

    I replaced one of the halogen lights in the hood and after replacing the globe the hood ceased working totally. I assume there is a fuse that controls all power to the hood as the house circuit to the kitchen was not tripped. I have searched everywhere for the fuse but have not managed to find...
  8. B

    Where can I buy a bolometer camera module 3-14um?

    Bolometers usually work from 8-14um wavelength. I am looking for an infrared camera from 3-14um wavelength.
  9. HandySparks

    Crabtree Instinct Range

    Has anybody installed the new Instinct accessories from Crabtree? I like the look of them and they have some nice features for ease of installation. Proper cage clamp terminals (does any other manufacturer offer this?) and lined-up terminals. How do you find them to install and where are you...
  10. D

    Just designed and launched a range of Switches & Sockets

    Thanks to forum in the early days, and speaking to loads of local tradesmen I've launched 3 ranges of switches & sockets. Development cost was fairly significant in the tens of thousands £. All of you guys have very strong opinions on product after using it (why the hell's it like that?!), but...
  11. polo1

    RCBO for Wylex NSB range

    Hi peeps, anyone know if the current Wylex standard size rcbo will fit a board populated with the NSB range of mcbs? If not, anything that does? TIA
  12. Bobby34

    Good mid range earth leakage clamp meter

    Could anybody reccommend a good earth leakage clamp meter, specifically one that measures low mA's to find any small earth leakage current that may cause nuisance tripping? Megger is my usual go to but don't want to fork out more than around the £100 mark if I'm able to get something pretty...
  13. M

    Scantronic tags restricted number range

    Hi Folks, After some experimenting I have concluded that the Scantronic control panel has a limited range of tag numbers that it will accept. I have dozens of tags, all of which respond normally to an RFID reader, and some of which were specified as compatible with Scantronic panels. But only...
  14. J

    Domestic Range Cooker Help please!

    Hi All, My mum has just moved house and is looking at replacing the range cooker in the new property, but has been told that she can’t have the Rangemaster installed today without having an electricity powerline that supports 32 amp connection with 240 volts via a 6 mil power line installed...
  15. M

    Relocating a remote wireless thermostat to somewhere out of range of boiler?

    Hi All, hope you can help. I've inherited a fairly stupid CH setup from the people who "renovated" my house before I bought it, and need to do something about the CH. Its 3 floors - "basement" with bedroom, shower room & access to garden. 1st floor - main living area, kitchen, sitting room...
  16. bigspark17

    Range cooker isolator.

    hi. I have a range electric oven rated at 11.1kw so am running 16mm t&e due to distance & would like opinions on what isolators i could fit. The flex on the range is 10mm 3c so need a large enough isolator to take these comductors. Also positioning of the isolator?
  17. wsoppitt

    Lewden range of rcbo

    Went to change consumer unit mains incomer after seized. All good , all tested trip tested the 3 rcbo's covering the installation, passed within time, then function test button pressed and pop. Retest and nothing, clearly up the swanny. My question is relating to my moral dilemma. Dont want to...
  18. C

    Can anyone recommend a mid range multimeter

    Hi Guys, I'm currently looking at purchasing a multimeter but browsing online the price varies from under £10 to hundreds. Can anyone recommend a decent multimeter around £50 - £60 or would I need to fork out £100 plus? Your experienced advise will be much appreciated.
  19. E

    tempted to buy a range rover sport 06 onwards

    anyone got some real world service costs on these things? not bothered about mpg
  20. WillWX

    Help with Range cooker..

    I'm in the process of re wiring a kitchen, the customer has gone with a Smeg Range cooker with a nominal rating of 19.5kw, the circuit is all in, that doesn't worry me. However the DNO has been out to renew the service head as it was in a poor state, in doing this they have downgraded the cut...
  21. A

    electric range cooker installation

    Hi there i have a qestion about an electric range cooker installation and requirements. It looks like there are numerous possibilities??? which doesn't sound right, i have my family leaving with me and i cannot afford to take my chances. Ok, So I have a flavel from currys (mln10crs) , electric...
  22. stephen atherton

    Range Oven Tripping Circuit Breakers

    We just had a range oven fitted (gas on hob with two electric ovens - total power rated at 5.3Kw) so a 32Amp mcb is in the board on the dedicated cooker circuit which was there from previous cooker. When one oven is on everything works fine, but when both ovens are switched on together they trip...
  23. Leesparkykent

    BG Nexus Pearl Nickel

    Does anyone know if they make a 4gang switch in this range? Just had a quick google and cant find one cheers.
  24. bigspark17

    Home automation additional cost ballpark.

    To the home automation install guys, how much additional cost would this be on a new house.? New build 3 bed for example if normal rewire would cost say 5K how much would full home automation system cost.? Cheers
  25. A

    Question about US > UK Voltage

    Hi all. I want to buy something from the States. It comes with a plug which says 110v - 220v. Will this work safely in the UK with just an adaptor for the 3 pins? I'm used to getting gear that has a switch to switch voltage but this doesn't. Many thanks
  26. mhar

    Powerline adaptors or range extenders?

    Working on a very long property with thick stone walls so when away from the router and phone base station, both phone and wi-fi is poor to non-existent, it is even problematic on rooms adjoining where the router is I have a tplink powerline adaptor which I happily use at home. I have also...
  27. P

    MFT-721 any good ?

    Morning, anyone tried the Megga mft1721 ? After dropping my old 1553 from a step ladder I decided the accessor would be unimpressed with a tester that had gone mute and suffered with a gaping side wound. I hope I made the right decision ?
  28. R

    Slim fit work trousers?

    Evening all, Does anyone know of any slim fit work trousers or brands that tend to fit more snug? I'm having trouble locating trousers for the tall slim build. Thanks
  29. Dan

    UK Electrical Supplies

    UK Electrical Supplies - Electrical Wholesalers for Trade and Private Customers UK Electrical Supplies, the UK's number one electrical wholesalers online. We pride ourselves in being the best discount electrical wholesalers online offering a wide range of electrical products and accessories. We...
  30. Dan

    TLC Direct

    History TLC was founded in 1991. The first branch was a small warehouse in Crawley, with 3 employees and a range of 2,500 products. Three months later a second branch was opened in London and since then the company has grown steadily, opening new branches and extending the product range. The...
  31. Leesparkykent

    Go to choice of white plastic accessories.

    My 1st choice is Click mode...What I like about the switches is you can change the modules so for example you can have an intermediate and 2 way switch on the same 2gang plate.
  32. toplightco

    Toplightco Ltd

    Deltalight, Eutrac, LEDS-C4, PSM, SLV and WOFI as well lamps and lightbulbs from Osram, Syvania, Megaman and FN. Lighting Design Toplightco is a London, UK based lighting company that brings quality, value and experience to your project. We design lighting for retail shops and stores...
  33. David M

    Freaky golf accident

    So after a hard day at work today I decided to go to the local golf practice range, to whack a few balls and work on my golf swing. After purchasing a hundred balls and filling the hopper ( yes it's a posh range with automatic tee's ). I sat down on the bench behind the bay I'd chosen to swap...
  34. Leesparkykent

    Favourite split metered 3 phase DB?

    As the tittle suggests really. Starting the Strip out on a 4 story office block tomorrow and starting to design/price the new install. To comply with part L2 I want to sub meter the lighting and small power separately at each DB so was wondering what are others preferred choices. I usually use...
  35. C

    Locks On Residential Distribution Boards Or Isolator Enclosures

    Hi Guys, just a quick question to see if anyone can point me in the right direction. Does anyone know if there is a Reg stating that you cannot put a lock on a dis board or isolator enclosure in a residential environment. Something along the lines of it needing to be accessible without the use...
  36. L

    Lighting PIR's

    Can anyone recommend any decent quality, external stand alone lighting PIR's to Switch LED floods, ive used a Hispec one and it's pretty awful, about a 2 metre range at best. Cheers
  37. L

    Cooker Circuit

    Hi all, Had a call from a fellow sparky on the way home tonight. He has wired in a new cooker circuit to power a new range master cooker. 10mm radial circuit back to board via an isolator. Board is a BG split load board with 2 x RCDs for each side. Cooker circuit on a 32amp MCB. When the...
  38. L

    White switch plates

    Hi, I a looking for good quality white plastic 3 to 4 gang switch plates that can be a mixture of dimmers and rockers. I have been to a couple of Electrical stores and they only display the Hamilton range. Are there any other brands worth considering aside from Hamilton? Also, I am looking for...
  39. A

    Long range PIR - recommendations

    Hello im after a long range PIR detector for a customer, the gate is approx 14/15m from the corner of the house so needs to pick up that far. Any recommendations? All the ones I've seen so far are either very expensive or only have a 12m max range cheers
  40. a1guvner

    Industrial Radio Link Switching (200mtrs)

    Hi all, I have a need to transmit a switched signal over about 200mtrs, I was looking at Easy switch that TLC do and have been successful with them in the past for garden lighting projects. Has anyone used something a bit more powerful as it is going to be used to send a fault signal to a plant...
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