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  1. Spoon

    Extend RFC to a detached building/garage/shed?

    You brainy guys may be able to help with this thought I was having. There has been a thread recently about 4mm radial from ring main. This got me thinking..... (No funny comments) So my question is: If you had a building/garage/shed, say about 5 meters away from a house, is it acceptable to...
  2. W

    7 core NYYJ cable to extend ring final circuit?

    Hi, Extending a ring final circuit off a socket in the kitchen through the wall into the shed on the other side. I already have 7 core NYYJ 2.5mm cable and I was wondering if I could use that to go through the wall to a J/B then connect to singles in conduit which would add about 4 meters in...
  3. T

    Need to extend a RFC - Zs not good enough

    Just after some thoughts on this. I need to extend a RFC, but the Zs isn't good enough to comply (it doesn't comply currently, but it becomes my problem when I touch it). It's currently about 0.70 ohms - what I need to extend it by will be minimal, maybe taking it up to 0.75 ohms. It's protected...
  4. W

    Would you extend this RFC?

    This is my first post so please be gentle! I've been asked to extend an RFC into an extension at the back of an 8 year old property. It is a TN-C-S supply with 2 RFC's, one for the Kitchen and one for the rest of the house. I've done some testing on the main house RFC as follows: r1=0.84 rn=0.84...
  5. H

    Should garage have secondary consumer unit? + Best way to extend power from garage to shed?

    A dedicated 20A type C MCB located in the consumer unit in my house feeds power to my detached brick-built double garage via an underground armoured cable. This MCB is one of a group that is controlled by an 80A RCD. There is no additional MCB protection within the garage. The incoming...
  6. S

    Extend lighting circuit from fan isolator?

    Installing emergency stairwell lighting in an HMO. Is there any reason why I shouldn't start off from the fan isolator (live side obviously).?
  7. A

    3 Phase Armoured Cable - need to extend cables in the middle

    Hi, we are installing a roller shutter door, and need to move 6 armoured cables up about 3 ft, so they will need chopping, a junction installing each side and some fresh cable in the middle. Two questions. 1. Is there any kind of junction box that can cope with this or will I need 6...
  8. H

    Can you extend ring cabling with terminal strip inside socket back box?

    My boiler is currently plugged into a double 13A socket in my utility room. I want to move this connection to an FCU and add an extra double socket. As a general rule, I try to incorporate additional sockets and FCUs into the ring rather than via spurs, but the cabling that feeds the existing...
  9. Andy C

    Crimping to extend cable length.

    Hi all and thanks for the help so far. Re crimping, I have read posts regarding this before. I have just seen those heat shrink solder connections. I was going to use normal red and blue crimps then heat shrink each individual core then heat shrink over the whole T&E. What are peoples...
  10. N

    Extending C/U circuits

    I appreciate this is a common situation when replacing a C/U and providng the C/U is not on display as such I have usually just added a junction box in the past to extend the circuit. Where there is sufficent space to extend a circuit inside a C/U I can't see any problem with using a wago...
  11. Pat H

    Solutions for Surface mount to conduit.

    Anyone got any other solutions for getting from a surface mount socket to surface mount conduit (plastic) I often have to add a radial spur from a ring main socket. Assuming I need to retain the double gang 13A outlet I either: Add a single gang back box next to the double socket. Stick a Fuse...
  12. B

    Domestic Extending light switch wiring

    I'm about to rebuild a stud wall at the back of my kitchen prior to ripping the existing kitchen out and installing a new one. the light switch for the room at the back of the kitchen is in a really inconvenient place, and I'd like to move it and put it in the new stud wall. What I want to know...
  13. R

    Domestic Distribution board height when replacing original ?

    Replacing a dis board at a house its 6ft up inside a cupboard . What height does this have to be for the new board ? Do i have to lower it for part M ? I`m using this for one of my assessment jobs so i want it to be right All answers appreciated ( even the smug ones )
  14. P

    is it okay to extend shower cable or should i do new run.

    Hi guys, im installing a electric shower and at same time removing an immersion heater. I was going to use the cable for the immersion heater as its big enough and on its on circuit. Only thing is its about 2 meters short of were the shower is to be located. It would save an arful lot of...
  15. S

    Domestic Ancient Fusebox, old CU & Cable Problem

    Hello AllI am looking for some advice, my girlfriends CU needs to be replaced and removed.She had two extra rooms fitted to the apartment (which converted an old hallway into part bathroom), and her electrics have been left in a sorry state. Currently choc-blocked to death, even on the CU.Its...
  16. S

    light switch

    looking for a bit of advice, want to move a light switch from kitchen to other side of wall in sitting room ( solid wall ). whats the best + safest way to extend cable, not wanting to run new cable unless neccesary. I am not qualified ( studying 2330 2nd year at college at the moment ) so...
  17. B

    Extending Bluetooth over Mains Power

    I have installed a SB 4000TL (with its built-in Bluetooth) in a workshop about 100 yards from the main farmhouse. The Bluetooth works fine with my laptop, but won't extend to the house ... which also has walls 2-3 feet thick. The domestic incoming supply and isolator is in the workshop. Is it...
  18. S

    Extending cables for assessment.

    Hi all. got my first elecsa assessment in a few weeks. doing a cu change for it, but was wondering what the best way to extend some of the cable going into the board would be, I was going to thru crimp inside the cu, would that be ok for the assessment. thanks
  19. D

    CU Change and extending circuit wiring

    I am changing my home CU for my NIC inspection. At the moment i have a rewirable fuse CU in a 1960's house so thought its about time its changed. On initial inspection everything seems in order, ok it all need to be brought up to 17th standards and none of the lighting circuits have an earth but...
  20. J

    RCD Protection

    If you go to extend a ring main and the board is all covered by a single RCD do you need to update to minimize danger in a event of a fault, e.g move circuit to seperate board (well quoted to move light circuit to seperate board) because i lost out due to cost of doing this and the other company...
  21. L

    Extending alarm cable

    Hi im half way through wiring an extension and just been asked to extend the door sensor but ive never touched alarms before. Can i cut the cable and extend it before the sensor so i dont have to rewire it then just put the code in when im done to stop the alarm sounding? Cheers
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