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  1. P

    Domestic 3p breaker feeding 3 x 1p circuits

    Hi everyone. I may be blind but I can't find a definitive answer. Can I use a 3 pole breaker (originally feeding a massive 3 phase heater) to feed 3 single phase circuits? I've run seperate neutrals for the 3 new circuits and the breaker is rated for the load required - 30a per phase (I'd...
  2. B

    Smaller MCCB feeding larger MCCB-RCCB

    Anything wrong with this? 125Amp 4 pole MCCB from panel fed to new panel with 150mm 4 core ALI then in that new panel 250Amp MCCB/RCCB then all sub circuits?
  3. B

    Swa armour feeding TT system

    I have installed a TT system at my garage, and it is fed via 10mm 2 core armoured cable, does the armour of the cable have to be earthed via the supply tncs side or can it be glanded and earthed the garage side (TT). Anyone know the regs ? Thanks
  4. M

    32A MCB feeding 1.5mm & 2.5mm T&E cables via 30A terminal block

    Quickie - Would you say this is ok? 32A MCB feeding 6mm T&E which is then connected to a 2.5mm T&E & 1.5mm T&E cable via a 30A terminal block in plastic terminal block housing buried in stud wall. The 2.5mm feeds a 3kW immersion heater with 13A SFU at the heater end. The 1.5mm feeds gas boiler...
  5. W

    Power factor unit

    hi Looking for abit of advice? We are quoting to replace some SWA cabling feeding various sub boards. I have an ABB power factor correction module in place, this is feeding a control panel in the plant room, feeding motors and ventilation equipment We need to replace the 2 x 150mm 4 core...
  6. M

    Domestic PME to remote domestic dwelling

    Hi guys, thoughts on this would be appreciated. I have a 3 phase 100 amp PME supply, feeding 3 domestic dwelling about 80 mts away. Done cable calc and have chosen 50mm 4 core swa using armour to protect cable. In the 1st dwelling I have 3 phase metal DB feeding 3 sub mains, 1 to 1st & 2nd...
  7. M

    Rcd query.........??

    Hi Guys, does anybody know what the fundemental difference is between a type 1 rcd in relation to a normal domestic type to bs 61008. These have been mentioned for supplies to electric vehicle chargers....? Many thanks in advance ))
  8. L

    Domestic 3 core feeding 2 lighting circuits sharing a neutral

    Hi can any one help please doin some work on a house and one of the problems on the test report is there's a 3 core feeding 2 breakers ( red feeding downstairs lights and yellow feeding upstairs lights) and only the one nuetral. Now if I could rewire it I would cables concreted into the floor...
  9. M

    Mid position valve and underfloor heating

    Hi all, just installed a polypipe under floor heating system to an existing Y plan, the valve is a V4073A,with this system the UFH stat should independently operate the UFHeating from the existing central heating, the snag is with the time clock off and the UFHeating stat on both the UFH & the...
  10. G

    Eicr remedials

    Main switch 160a bs88fuses, 35mm tails feeding busbar chamber with switch fuses ontop feeding distribution boards. A c2 has been given to undersized main tails. I thought that because the tails are only about 400mm long from switch into busbar that it was ok? Thoughts?
  11. D

    Economy 7 Board

    My Son has just moved into a flat with 2 storage heaters on economy 7. The CU is an older MK sentry one with 2 incomers fed from separate feeds from the meter, 1 permanent, 1 for economy 7. There are no RCDs which is not ideal. Options for rectifying that as I see it are: Replace current setup...
  12. F

    dasy chaining boards ?

    a big hotel group has asked us that they want 2 way dbs in each bedroom feeding one socket and 5 lights all led fittings, but they want the supplies to boards daisy chained from 10mm t&e or swa feeding 4 rooms per circuit. the only way ive ever done this is sub per board, but cant find anything...
  13. F

    testing multiple DBs with Easycert

    Subject testing multiple DBs with Easycert For new 3 ph. installation Set up DNO – Fuses Client HRC fused Main Switch isolator feeding MCCB panel having 1 X MCCB main switch feeding Integral bus bar to 27 3ph MCCBs these feed remote DBs Using Easycert Page 2 SUPPLY CHARACTERISTICS = DNO...
  14. C

    Fusebox being fed by a ring main

    Hi guys turned up to a residential property today to add a few double socket outlets only to find the fuse box in the area was being fed by a ring main on the main switch. Is this allowed ?
  15. P

    Main Switch/isolator

    Hi Guys, Right, 3 phase supply into main distributors fuses, then through the meter then feeding a busbar section. The from the busbar section is feeding 3 main isolators feeding dis boards. Does there need to be a main switch or isolator between the meter and busbar section? Or is the...
  16. gazzamikes

    RCBO's or two split loads?

    Evening everyone, In process for tendering for a job, 3 floors and cellar, presently 14 rooms, going to be extended to have another annex, conservatory and another extension for kitchen. Im thinking the way to go on this one is RCBO's, splitting it so each floor has a socket circuit and a...
  17. S

    2 supplies from same dis board to secound dis board???

    Hi all been a while since i been on here but been asked to connect up a couple of big ups's for a server room. Easy enough but problem is they want them to be powered by 2 x 3 phase circuits from another dis board ie 2 mcb's and 2 x swa feeds, I have asked them to use seperate boards in the...
  18. K

    Domestic No CPC in submains cable

    Hi all just done pre site survey on a job found the following (never come across this before) 2 ccu's in the property 1 located next to the incoming head (A) and the other (B) is located approx 15 meters away Both CCu's are feed via henley block. (A) tails are 25mm however the cable feeding...
  19. K

    3 63 amp RCDs on same circiut

    2 are in the board and the other is feeding that which is also being fed from a 100 amp rcd. cant seem to find any problems with cables and does just nuisance trip. help plz
  20. E

    Making off in main switch

    Hi guys, Have to make off some 95mm lugs onto an old Bill main switch, which has 160A fuses. There are 4 terminals with an M10 dome head bolt with a square shank for the 3 phases and neutral, and there are currently 2 lugs on each bolt, 1 feeding a main dis board and 1 feeding a new switch fuse...
  21. M

    socket in 1.5

    can u use 1.5mm cable feeding a single socket from the DB on a 16a breaker?
  22. L

    Industrial how to calculate and avoid the Voltage drop at starting of gas compressor

    In a gas power plant There are 2 main transformers ( st1 , st2 ) taking from the grid 380 kv and step down to 13.8 kv ,and then feeding the main bus which it is divided into 2 buses ( A Feed by st1 , B Feed by st2 ) between them bus tie st1 = 380 kv/13.8 kv st2= st1 Bus A feeding gas...
  23. E

    Whats the best cowboy job you've seen?

    at a job today and saw a plug pluged into a socket followed the flex and it went into the wall and was chased up the wall feeding 4 wall lights lol... Good Stuff! :p
  24. E

    More than one ciruit in a breaker?

    Hi Guys, I went to see a job the other day and even though its a new splitload C/U, it had about 3 breakers with more than one circuit wired in. ie .... 6A Breaker feeding a1.5mm radial for the main lights and a 1.5mm radial for the house alarm 20A Breaker with 2.5mm radial feeding one...
  25. S

    rcd test?n new wiring to lighting?

    Hi all, i have 2 questions, 1. my house has an extention to the side 2 storey with an integral garage converted into a room. the room has a garage cu with 1 40A 30mA rcd and mcb`s 16 and 6 running light and a few sockets no load only table lamps and tv. The main cu is a split load with (from...
  26. U

    4 Core SWA - 2 Cores RCD protected, the other 2 not ...

    Hi guys SWA feeding outside lighting and socket outlets etc. Set up like this: Single phase. L & N T&E out of MCB in main board to feed sperate enclosure with only an RCD module in. So L&N feeding an RCD. Then, 4 core SWA is glanded to this board. 2 of the cores (L/N) connect...
  27. P

    Pir sensor 2 way

    Good Evening all I have been asked to replace 1 pir sensor but am confused 1 sensor is on the gate and the other is on the house about 15 meters apart, the sensor has 1 blue going to net 1 brown to live and 1 red goes to L' is this switch live The earth cable from the switch has been used for a...
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