1. W

    joining wire for induction hob

    hi looking to install a new induction hob to current wiring . the wiring i have is thick white probably about 15mm wide and is hard wired into current hob and isolation switch . now i don't really want to rip all the tiles off to get at the cable .and the new hob seems to have thinner wires...
  2. flabbagasted

    Single oven and ceramic hob install

    Hello hope you can help I have a single oven 2.4kw max and a ceramic hob 6kw max I would like to put then both on the same circuit so i was thinking 10mm cable from consumer unit to a junction box then 6mm from jb to hob via isolation switch then another 6mm from jb to 13amp fused isolation...
  3. D

    Induction/gas hob install

    We have an install where the client has supplied an induction/gas hob combination unit. We have a 6mm cable supplying the hob, the induction part is 7kw max draw which is hard wired. The gas side comes with a 3 pin plug hard wired so it will need a socket. We wouldn't be able to have these on...
  4. R

    UK Induction Hob swap/install

    Hi all I'm in the process of swapping out my 4 zone CDA induction hob for a 5 zone Bosch. Currently the existing wire starts as a 5 core cable that is crimped at the induction hob end into 3 core cable. The Bosch comes with a shorter cable which has 5 core on both ends. I'd like to try and...
  5. joshimoto

    UK Wiring new Hob / Cooker into circuit

    Hi folks, DIYer here, hoping for some advice before most likely calling in a spark. I'm looking to wire in new cooker and hob (separate units). Max draw 3.5kW and 7kW respectively. I believe the circuit is radial from consumer unit (32A RCD) to 45A DP switch plus socket. Have done diversity...
  6. Q

    Switching and isolation for cooker and hob on same circuit

    Evening all, I'm upgrading my kitchen electrics replacing the current gas hob for an induction hob. The oven was previously plugged into the kitchen ring. My thoughts are that with diversity and the fact both the oven and hob are on 13amp plugs or rated at less than that, then they could go on...
  7. spark22

    40 amp breaker for 32amp hob?

    Installing an electric hob that needs a 32 amp supply. Would it possible to use a 40amp breaker with a 32amp fuse switch?
  8. S

    Advice on 3Phase Hob

    Hi there I have not done a huge amount of work on 3phase. I am installing a Induction Hob as part of a new Kitchen refurb- to be specific the hob is NEFF T59FSRX2. It is a 11,100W with the ability to power limit and support single or three phase connection. NEFF have not provided great...
  9. A

    Hob/Oven Circuit issue

    Hi all Some advice on this would be great. Due to wire a kitchen from scratch and in a pickle over the designing of the oven and hob circuits due to having to carry out first fix before appliances are agreed on due to time restraints. My original thought was to run a 6mm cable on a 32amp...
  10. G

    Neff hob supplied cable

    Hi, I have purchased a new Neff hob. In the box there is a length of 5 core cable. The instructions show 3 wiring methods one of which shows the black and brown joined acting as the live and blue and grey joined as neutral. The hob uses 7.7kw. In my opinion the cable looks a bit thin to be for a...
  11. Jon Dance

    Gas hob spur from oven radial

    Hi guys Is it within regs to spur a gas hob electrical feed from an oven radial? The electrical feed to the worktop hob is via a fused spur from the oven connector that can currently only be accessed by removing the oven. Thanks
  12. J

    Pricing for a job need help

    Been asked to price for a job, customer is having attic done out so needs a few new circuits up there. Some more context I'm based in South Wales and house is 1950s awkward little.run from the board to up but the new socket's will all be on studs so minimal chasing. I'm so bad at pricing work it...
  13. S

    Don't like how kitchen fitters have connected oven and hob

    Hi all, Recently a mate had a new kitchen fitted, he's gone for an induction hob and pyrolytic oven, no gas at the property. At 1st fix a single 32A 6mm supply was installed to run both the oven and hob, the electrician already knew the exact specs of the appliances to be installed, and no...
  14. S

    UK Oven, Hob & Hood connection

    Hi All, An easy one for you guys I expect... I have 6mm² to kitchen, RCD protected, B32. I need to provide supply to an oven, hob (ignition only) and hood. Oven and hob have plugs attached, hood doesn't, but I've seen elsewhere on this forum that one could be fitted (with a 3 amp fuse). Is...
  15. Pinkpams

    Hot hob issue after new oven

    This is a strange one and before I contact the company who installed my new oven I wanted to ask for some advice. Ever since I had a new oven installed my electric hob has been considerably hotter than it was before, even on the lowest setting food burns very quickly whereas it never did before...
  16. W

    Replacement hob wires too large

    Hello, we have just had a replacement hob through warranty, the electrician who came to fit it said it needs ho5rrf cable when we have 6mm. He wants to replace the entire cables. My house was only rewired 3 years ago. Does this sound ok, or would it be cheaper to buy adifferent hob that...
  17. C

    Fit plug to hardwired gas hob

    We currently have a dual cooker and are switching to gas hob and single electric oven. Electrical cable connects to the back of the unit and isolator switch on wall The gas hob (neff T26CS49S0) is hardwired. Can we switch this to plug safely or what is the best approach for this Thank you
  18. H

    13A hob and 32A oven on same circuit

    I intend to install a 32A 4.8kW oven and a 13A 3.7kW induction hob on an existing 40A breaker with 6mm cable. Will this be OK?
  19. O

    New inbuilt oven circuit (25A), can I do double isolators for the hob?

    Howdy experts, I normally run 6mm T+E for cooker circuits, housing authority spec. I'm changing my gas inbuilt double oven and hob for electric/induction to pre-prep for the upcoming winter gas shortage. Has anyone done 2x45A cooker isolators on the same circuit, I ran 10mm and a 40A MCB...
  20. mrmitch85

    Connecting induction hob

    Hi, Just looking for a bit of advice here. I am considering swapping my existing 4 burner gas hob for a Bosch induction one. I am not proposing to carry out any electrical connections myself, but simply finding out what my options are at this stage. The setup I currently have: a dedicated...
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