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  1. J

    Hope you guys can help, how hot will it get behind my under bench top oven with a hob above on the bench top ? The cable touches the back of it

    Hope you guys can help, how hot will it get behind my under bench top oven with a hob above on the bench top ? The cable touches the back of the oven from the oven itself and I am sure the hob cable, I believe there is also a plastic junction box back there, could that melt or is the heat less...
  2. B

    Neff hob Error code 5 13

    I'm after some advice. We've just had a new Neff induction hob fitted. Only one side is working. 3 areas have an error code 5 13 on it. I've spoken to Neff and they say the error codes relate to an installation error and won't help but the electrician is adamant it's a faulty hob. They've used...
  3. J

    Why 2 hob ratings per ring

    Hi all. Could someone clarify why there is two hob power ratings on AEG IKB64301FB Electric Induction Hob - Black - https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/household-appliances/cooking/hobs/aeg-ikb64301fb-electric-induction-hob-black-10186499-pdt.html Also what would be the total wattage. Hoping this...
  4. R

    Hob Wiring

    I am changing my hob and the old hob has three wires connecting to a terminal block Red (Live) Black (Neutral) and Earth (Green). The new hob has four wires in the cable. Earth (Green) Neutral (Blue) and 2 Live (Black and Pink) which are tagged together. Do I connect the 2 Live wires to the...
  5. M

    I have a lamona hja2450 this morning the lights on the hob fan blew, I have changed the bulbs and no look, the extractor fan is still working fine

    Does anybody no what else I can do to help rectify the lighting issues. I have tried moving the contacts for the bulbs but no joy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. N

    Same Circuit for Hob and Double Oven

    Hi, We’re having a new kitchen fitted, with a separate hob and double oven. The Hob is 6.4kW and the oven is 4.2kW totalling 10.6kW. Would the below set up be ok for this? Consumer Unit with 50A MCB, 10mm T+E to 45A Cooker Switch (approx 13 metres), 10mm T+E to Dual Appliance Outlet (Scolmore...
  7. Bogart

    UK Induction hob

    Have still not installed my Neff induction hob but is near. Was originally going to use 3phase but got battered on here so no. I have a 3 phase supply at home with 3 seperate Hager CUs. Red phase does the kitchen area, ring, lighting and a circuit marked cooker which fed a dual oven in 10mm2 via...
  8. A

    Code er31 with new indicator board on induction hob

    Falcon (Rangemaster) continental induction range 10 yrs old. Tried swapping out control indicator unit pcb (shows the knob settings) with identical pcb to try to correct a control fault. Get er31 code which I think is a configuration issue. Only got knobs, no buttons. How to configure? No jumper...
  9. C

    Separate feed for Cooker and Induction hob

    Evening gents After a quick question about a kitchen rewire (Im an industrial electrical engineer, not been a house basher for a good 15 years) Im moving the cooker from one side of the kitchen to the other and running a brand new supply from the consumer unit. Im also moving from Gas hob to a...
  10. D

    Domestic Induction hob and oven fitting

    HI I want to fit an induction hob and separate oven. The supplier says the hob (7.35kw) needs a 30A supply and the oven (3kw) needs a SEPARATE 13A supply However a stand alone cooker with induction hob is specified as 11.3kw (which is approx 45A) and it states that it needs a 30A fuse. My...
  11. H

    Domestic Induction Hob - Safe to use existing cooker circuit

    Hello Forum, I need to replace the hob in the kitchen as it is faulty. I would like to be able to use an induction hob, so I need to make sure that the wiring and mcb on the cooker circuit is the right specification. The combination Oven (1 small / 1 Large ) has a Max load of 4.1Kw. The...
  12. D

    Using an Induction Hob and Fan over at Same Time

    Hi, I have a 1800 watt induction hob and 2300 watt fan oven. Both use 13 amp plugs. Are they using too much power to use at same time? Thanks for reading
  13. D

    Wiring For An Electric Hob

    Hi all, I've just purchased a 2nd hand hob. I thought it would be a case of simply plugging it in, but unfortunately it has no plug and needs to be wired up to some wall unit. What's the reason for electric hobs not having plugs?
  14. D

    Drilled through 30am cable powering oven and hob

    So... a bit of a faux pas happened the weekend... i managed to drill through the 30amp mains cable that goes down to the oven and hob. flashsgl - https://ibb.co/Q8Bf6jX Anyone know the best course of action short of channelling the wall out and rewiring the whole thing? Kind regards Dan
  15. Cupa

    Domestic Potential Overloaded? (Kitchen Oven & Hob)

    Popped round my old dear's yesterday. She quite fancies replacing her ceramic hob with an induction one, so I thought I'd take the oven and existing hob out to see what state the wiring is in (property built 1930s although I expect probably had a refurb at some point in the 70s or 80s, but...
  16. J

    Strange design of Induction Hob power input, advice please

    Hi, hope everyone is enjoying Easter! I have boon looking for an induction hob recently and found one on ebay for £25 and close by so I bought it, yay!. It was purchased as defective, its a 5 sone hob and the two left zones did not power up. A bit of research before purchase shows there were...
  17. S

    Hob cable outside then in

    Evening All another odd question (I love my customers) There’s no 10mm or 6mm cable in their kitchen, apparently when it was wired there were all 13amp eco appliances. Anyway a new couple have bought it and want a 5 ring hob installed but the kitchen is done to a high standard so they don’t...
  18. S

    Install new oven & induction hob to existing circuit

    Hi All. Just a little help I need connecting a electric oven and induction hob. The existing is a 32 amp MCB in the consumer unit. A 4m run of 6mm sq t&e cable from mcb going to a 45A cooker control switch. From here a 6mm sq t&e going into cooker connection unit. I have removed the old electric...
  19. Cupa

    Domestic Wiring up an induction hob - wanted to sense check if what I'm doing is correct

    Hi guys, I have a new induction hob which I'd like to wire in. I have already wired in the oven and grill into the kitchen using a length of 4mm 3 core heat resistant flex and that is working fine. Back of the hob shows the following diagram: Based on the above schematic, I plan to wire in...
  20. D

    Gaggenau induction hob fault - code Ci9 ADB R

    Gaggenau induction hob fault - code Ci9 ADB R Today, 08:29 PM Dear All, Does anyone have any experience of the induction hob range made by the company Gaggenau? I have a customer who has the above fault being displayed and now the hob after struggling on and off for a few months has finally...
  21. M

    Electric Hob installation

    I'm looking to install a new electric hob in replacement of my gas hob (I would have the gas hob professionally removed). I have an extractor hood and fan that I currently do not use this is hardwired into a socket on the wall, would it be possible to use this to wire up my new electric hob.
  22. C

    Cable for cooker andseparate hob?

    Hi all, When wiring a kitchen and the customer is buying a separate cooker and hob, which combined has too high a load for a single 6mm, Do you wire two separate circuits with a 6mm for each or one larger cable and have both on same circuit?
  23. A

    11.1kw induction hob

    Need a second opinion. Wiring 11.1kw hob with a cable run of 50m usually I'd say 10mm t&e but something in my head tells me I should be upping the cable size
  24. HJC

    Electric job question

    Hi all, Somebody wants a new electric hob installed to replace a gas hob Kitchen sockets are on the downstairs ring (small apartment) and a cooker isolator is on said ring feeding a single socket behind a single oven(13a plug). It is not possible to run a new circuit to the kitchen to feed the...
  25. R

    Double oven and induction hob

    Hi all hope to get some advice I have a 40amp fuse in fuse box that runs the double oven 5.1 kw max can I run the induction hob off same fuse the hob is 6.6kw and is 6mm cable ok to use as last person left about 4 meters here from last electrician
  26. J

    Oven and hob cable size and isolating switches

    Thanks for adding me to the forum. I have done quite a bit of electrical work around the house adding sockets, and at our current house I put in some new ring mains and lighting circuits, all subject to third party certification and with the new consumer unit installed by a qualified...
  27. A

    Domestic Induction hob butyl cable size

    I am installing an induction hob to a dedicated 32a supply. The hob is rated at 20a. From the hob I am going to use a heat resistant butyl 3 core cable. The 2.5mm cable is rated at 24a, this seems a bit light to me, do you think I should use 4mm which is rated at 35a or will the 2.5mm be ok...
  28. S

    Neff hob with a plug - can it be hard wired?

    Hello, I had a rewire in my kitchen extension weeks ago and the electrician left a spurred hard wire for the hob in the right place before my kitchen was fitted. The kitchen is now fitted, apart from a some appliances, and it seems my Neff induction hob has a plug socket... I just assumed it...
  29. nyb

    Induction hob wiring

    Hi all I just had an electrician around to install a 6400W induction hob. Honestly I'm a little worried as to the job done. Also I noticed some weird wiring done (for the previous owners of the house I guess) that looked very suspect to me. Basically this is the issue. The kitchen has one ring...
  30. D

    Domestic Replacement Oven & Hob on same 32 amp connection

    Hoping to get some advice as i like to understand what work will be carried out and what actually needs doing etc. Looking at replacing the hob & oven as they are on their way out and in my research I've found out the following. Oven & hob are both connected to an isolating switch just above...
  31. R

    Domestic Neff induction hob repair to glass

    Hi all, I recently cracked the glass on my Neff induction hob, whilst replacing the glass is quite straight forward, i have noticed a there is a white paste in the centre of each ring, for sure i know it needs replacing but can someone tell me what it is, I'm assuming a thermal compound...
  32. D

    Ikea Cooker and Hob Explain please.

    Hi, So i have turned up to a job and this information is all i have on how to fit a cooker and a hob. Am i right in saying these to can be connected to a 6mm wire with a 45a switch for the hob and a 16a switch for the cooker? Thanks
  33. A

    Neff Induction Hob Installation Advice

    Hi New to the forum and wondered if anyone would be able to help re installing a Neff induction hob to replace an old Electrolux ceramic hob. The existing hob is wired in through an isolator socket behind the worktops and is on its own ring with a 32A ECB in the fuse board. The current cable...
  34. J

    Wiring for New Electric Hob - 4 wires

    Brought a new hob Russell Hobbs (RH60EH402B) because the old one was cracked. New one seems to have four wires, but the old one only had 3. I think I need to pull out the oven to get access to the box that the wires feed into. Do you think I will I be able to connect the new hobs wires easily...
  35. M

    Double oven and hob problem

    My mum is wanting to have 2 ovens (2.9kw) and an induction hob (2.8kw) total 8.6kw I believe all 3 are coming with 13a plugs fitted. What would the best way to connect these up? Existing wiring which is 6mm t+e approx 6m under floorboards. I was thinking like the dual outlet for cookers do they...
  36. J

    wiring in electric oven hob and hood

    hello after some advice please, i have re wired my kitchen, i have run a 6mm cable from the cu on a 40 breaker,which is where i intended to isolate it. but on purchasing the hob oven and hood, i now know these are all separate feeds, hob 6kw and oven 2.1kw to solve all my issues i now intend...
  37. A

    Hob and cooker diversity

    hi guys I’m a qualified industrial maintenance elec although not been on the tools for a couple of years. I’m looking on rewiring my home I’ve just moved into. I have been reading up a lot on the regs etc as domestic isn’t my field. Ideally I want to keep the kitchen as it is as it the Only...
  38. littlespark

    Replacement electric hob.

    I've been asked to replace a hob for an elderly customer of mine. The current hob is a museum piece, straight out of 1986. One ring doesn't work at all, and another doesn't turn off... at all. I've looked on AO, and Curry's websites, but I need something pretty specific. Does anyone have an...
  39. B

    Replacing a 6kw solid hob with a 7.2kw induction hob

    Hi, I am a keen DIYer and eager to learn. I have just moved into a house that has a solid ring 6 kw electric hob and built in single oven. I want to replace both and I have bought a Beko Single Oven and a Induction hob. Currently the old hob is connected to a 13A plug plugged into a socket...
  40. R

    Domestic Cooker / Hob Power Requirements

    Hi I just have a Question you may be able to advise me with I have 2 32A cooker Mains cables running back to the Consumer unit on 2 32A Barkers My question is ( To conform ) Can i use 1 (32A) for the ceramic hob and the other (32A ) to run 2 independent Single Ovens Or do i need to...
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