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  1. S

    Help Required please

    Hi Guys I recently came across two single phase supplies down the same four core cable, supplied by two separate breakers is there a reg to back this up?
  2. MarkRibbands

    3Ph sub-mains supplied via 5-core NYY, not SWA. OK or not?

    Good morning I need to fit a new 3 phase dis board in an annexe I'm building at my own house. Usually I'd use SWA, or singles in conduit/trunking, but as the run is all in loft space and not liable to physical damage (no rodents), I'm thinking of using surface-clipped 5-core 16mm NYY instead...
  3. P

    Calculating current supplied to led drivers

    Hi folks. On the site I'm working, another company is fitting out a little gym with ---- loads of led's in the ceiling. The strips are 100 mm apart and cover the area of roughly 8 metres by 8 metres. They are divided into 3 rectangular grid like formation. So here is where the numbers come...
  4. Dan

    Free Festool Battery!

    Festool 574759 T18+3 Li 5,2 Set Gb 18v Drill Driver 2 X 5.2ah Airstream Li-ion Batteries Supplied In T-loc Case - But then...
  5. H

    Faulty light, do I charge customer to replace

    Hi, I installed a security light 8mths ago, customer has informed me the light is only partially working. Customer wants a replacement or upgrade and he will pay cost of upgraded fitting. Where do I stand with this regards it being a manufactures Defect and not a fault of my installation...
  6. S

    Help needed re cable

    Hi, I am new here and am not an electrician, just looking for some advise. This arrived to day- Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 | Next Level Racing - The power cable supplied is a kettle lead to 2 pin, it...
  7. B

    Electrician Commercial Electrician Required to install Christmas lights in shopping centre

    I am looking for an electrician to cover the following work: Installation/Dismantle of Christmas displays in shopping centres throughout the UK. Details: Work: Night work with team of 10 plus men. Dates: Installation (every night) - 30th October to 21st November 2016 - Dismantle (every...
  8. M

    B type breakers with in line UPS

    Hi I'm hoping that someone can help. I am adapting some circuits which are supplied via an in line ups. At present, the ups supplies a 72 way db and the final circuits are supplied from the DB. This is a laboratory research environment and it is expensive (about £20k a time) when they...
  9. A

    4 submains with one common CPC

    I have a query. 4 distribution boards, each fed by 25mm2 double insulated tails (approx 30m away) in a roof void. Only 1 16mm2 earthing conductor for all 4 submains. The earthing conductor is then connected at the first board and looped to the other three boards. Is this acceptable? I thought BS...
  10. B

    EICR code

    Hi Guys had to do an EICR today for a job on which the installer hadn't certified. Everything was okay but I didn't know what code to give for the following; the immersion was supplied via off peak supply on its own circuit but the top element was supplied via the ring main? I remember...
  11. T

    Bosch l box

    Hi Where's the best supplier for a bosch l box for my 14.4v li ion that firm just supplied but no case... Or you guys might know of a better solution? First time ever I have had a drill that didn't come with a case
  12. W

    Megger 1720 or 1730

    Hi all, well after passing my 2391 I'm looking at buying a Megger MFT 1720 or 1730. I can't decided which one to get. I like the idea of downloading results with the 1730 but is it really worth the extra money or should I just go for the 1720. What's people thoughts or experience with either...
  13. S

    Cooker and Hob Coming off same 40a circuit

    Hi guys, Went to fit a new oven for a friend of mine where the old one was connected to a cooker connection unit which also supplied to induction electric hob. This is fed by a cooker switch in 6mm on a 40a mcb. Now the oven is supplied with a kettle lead and says its 1.5mm on the cable, i...
  14. B

    Radio teleswitch info?

    hello just wondered how radio teleswitches worked? is the signal supposed to come out at exactly the same time every night? the reason i ask is because last night i never heard the usual clunk, so i tested the storage heaters and there was nothing and the night meter wasn't on but the daytime...
  15. B

    trailer wiring from portable generator

    hi everyone i am a time served electrician and i have been asked to fit a consumer unit with 2 double sockets/ 1 internal light and 2 external lights in a 12x6 box trailer it will be supplied from a portable generator and supplied into the trailer via an apliance inlet i have an issue that it...
  16. RogertheBodger

    Who's Fault?

    Re-called to a job today. (Hate it when that happens) Motor overloads tripping on a 3ph. water pressure boost pump, but intermittently, not every day. First visit, tested everything - current draw, voltage, winding resistances, IR etc - nothing, no trips, everything working fine, like your car...
  17. M

    Mft wanted!!!!!!

    Hi guys just starting up looking to get a mft not too picky about the manufacture as long as it does all the checks required. Looking to spend about £200 to £300?
  18. M

    Volt Drop

    Would I be correct in assuming that the supply cable which enters your house has been (in theory) calculated in such away as that there will be no volt drop across it as to ensure that 230v (or thereabouts) is at your DB and available for all your circuits, providing they have ample size...
  19. I

    triton as200x power shower like for like

    hi there fitted a triton as200x power shower (gravity fed) today to replace exactly same model that was not working at all. Carried out initial testing on electrical circuit for minor works cert all well, isolated cold/hot water feeds from cold and hot water tanks, removed verey badly fitted...
  20. D

    Where to wire in 3 phase gen meter?

    Hi all i just want to check if everything is ok with my 1st 50kw solar install. I have run a submains from an existing main consumer unit which is supplied with a 300mm swa cable so no problems there with volt drop. The sub board i put in is supplied with 16mm swa on a 50a mcb 10 meters away...
  21. T

    Earth fault loop impedance readings through a UPS supply

    Does anyone have any experience in recording values of EFLI on circuits fed through a DB supplied via a UPS please? The meter shows the above scale arrow. I understand that there will be no reference to the external earth due to the inverter inside the UPS but what will happen to the UPS...
  22. C

    Fuse as main isolator ?

    Sent to a job today to carry out a pir on the stair lighting & mains supply for the door entry system the problem I have is that both are supplied from an unmetered supply via a gec safelip bs88 fuse rated at 15 amps. Does a main isolator need to be fitted or does this fuse count as one.
  23. sythai

    PIR on pub....

    Hello chaps... Got a PIR on a pub coming up, in a right state !! Just want to make sure I've got this correct. It's recommended every 5 years for a commercial premises ? And part p will only apply to any domestic living quarters ? Anything else I should be aware of...? Many thanks, Sy
  24. J

    adding a RCD

    went out to a music studio 2day, theyve got an old 30a 400v MEM 3phase distribution board with hbc fuses protecting all the circuits, just wondering what you rekon about putting RCD on to sockets, ent done much on400v so jus ent 2 sure if it needs it n how 2 go about it
  25. T

    megger 1552 / gs38 ?

    Hiya just wondering if gs 38 applies to MFtesters I assume it would yet the megger I have is supplied with test leads that dont conform to gs38.. is this a problem for NICEIC inspection, do i need to buy test leads with 2mm/retractable plastic screens? thanks tom
  26. U


    hi can some one give me a average price for a y plan been a while since i have done one, plumber suppling controls only.:)
  27. P

    Pros and cons of screwfix

    Recently,I had a customer that said to me" if you can get the materials cheaper than I can get myself at screw fix,go ahead!" for 6 bathroom spots and a shower install I said they would have to incur my premium charge of £17 PH if they supplied their own materials. After agreeing,but then after...
  28. kevyn

    Job price opinions please..............

    I have just priced up a job and wolud like some opinions on the price please Spec: Non lived-in rewire 3 level house solid walls (all sockets and switches to be chased into wall in oval pipe and patched in) new kitchen new bathroom 28 2G sockets Points wired for Fridge, Washing Machine etc...
  29. M

    Just a little job price

    Hi just wondered what price u would charge to gland one end of a piece of armoured 4 core gland already supplied and connect to a battery charging unit for a staker truck took me 45 mins in total i was thinkin £45 or is that too much or too little
  30. C

    smoke alarms

    what are the regulations on bungalows with smoke alarms?? do you have to put them in?
  31. T

    Two meters one building!

    Can anyone think of any practical/regulation issues with having two separate supplies in one industrial building? The client wants to use some machines on one supply and some on another. Apparrently they have different tarriffs and the equipment would be split up to take advantage of the hours...
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