1. T

    Cannot get this fan with speed control working at all.

    Hey everyone. Got a head scratcher for wiring a fan with a speed control with a run on timer on site today. I, and two spark could not get it working at all. We wired it according to how we think it must be done according to the wiring diagram supplied. We can get the fan to turn on. But no...
  2. C

    purpose of an EICR is not to say if a fan is working

    We carried out an EICR in a large 5 bedroom house for a house purchaser The EICR found various issues with the house from a safety standpoint however now they have moved into the property the owner has said some rooms dont have enough light fittings and sockets, an extractor fan is not working...
  3. M

    Two meters. One working

    Since I moved in to my house just over a year ago I have had 2 electricity meters. One changes as I use electricity, the other just stays at the same reading. The meter that moves has DOM written above for domestic probably. The other one has O/P written above it. What does O/P mean? I have...
  4. L

    Socket has stopped working

    A single switched 13 amp socket that my extractor fan is plugged into has stopped working after 10 years. The fan itself works when plugged into another socket. Today I replaced the switched socket like-for-like, but the outlet still does not provide power to anything plugged into it. As far...
  5. V

    Working during a Thunderstorm

    He's a question for you. What (if any) are the dangers of working INDOORS on an electrical circuit during a Thunderstorm ? Heck you would have to be stupid to work outside in one, but I was considering what would happen if there was a nearby strike and I was working on an open consumer unit...
  6. C

    Setting up whilst working full time

    Good afternoon everyone. So im currently working as a multi skilled engineer in the food production industry. Im a qualified electrician with most of my qualifications apart from 2391. Im looking to set up and go self employed offering domestic,industrial and agricultural services but want to...
  7. N

    Some sockets not working but no fuse blown

    2 sockets in bedroom and 2 in utility room have stopped working. No fuses have blown
  8. captaincaveman

    How to get a 41A oven working on a 13A plug...?

    I Knew it was going to be one of those days when my first customer couldn't understand why his 9.5kw standalone oven/hob kept cutting out because it was on the old gas ignition 1mm flex & plug. I showed him the how the cable was red hot and the plug half melted but, as usual in these cases...
  9. L

    "Can you stop working for a few hours " request !

    Just had one this morning..... Very nice part of North London. I'm outside stripping out / re installing terrible installed security lights etc .Job is priced .Next door pops around and asks if its possible to not make any noise between 12-2 as he needs to be online making a "presentation " To...
  10. Jim Dunham

    Patio outlet quit working.

    Back patio outlet and switch just quit working. Outlet has 36V and switch has 0V. All other outlets on circuit work and measure 120V. Circuit breakers not tripping and measure 120V. Rat maybe ate through in attic? All connections are tight. Bought me outlet and switch. Any thoughts appreciated. Jim
  11. A

    Halogen potlights no longer working

    Hi everyone, I have 4 x MR16 (halogen) potlights running off of a switch. Model: IT2000M from Contract Lighting Contraste - IT2000M - Remodel - The other day, there was a humming which I believe was coming from the electrical panel and...
  12. G

    Magnetic lock timer not working.

    Tried fitting a magnetic lock on a job for a bathroom. Client has had problems with people doing drugs in his bathroom so wanted to control entry from his shop tills so the lock is fitted and works but I need it to be sorta timed as when releasing, the button locks the door( staff can't use the...
  13. D

    Why Is Light Not Working?

    I have two matching front room lights that are operated by a 2 gang dimmer switch. The right light operated by the right button has stopped working. The left one is fine. I can't figure out the problem. Help would be appreciated. I've swapped the two lights (the entire fixtures and bulbs) and...
  14. littlespark

    Working in your own gaff when things don’t go to plan

    Spent yesterday morning running a spur in my kitchen from one double socket on the rfc to a new one along the same wall. Original socket is just beside the multi gang grid switch for appliances. More on that later. Wife came home from shopping with the birthday girl, ranted at me for not doing...
  15. D

    Outdoor lights not working

    I have 2 double outdoor led lights on a dimmer. Over xmas the lights flickered then went out. I thought one of the wires came loose, i checked all connections, all ok. Will a faulty dimmer cause this? or is the power board likely to be the problem? A bit hard to get a sparky at this time of...
  16. G

    Light switch not working when fitted to the wall

    Hi all Can anyone please advise, i have fitted a new fused light switch cover in the kitchen as the press switch part broke on the old one, however I wired the new one up and all worked well, but when I screwed it back onto the wall it would not work, took it off the wall and it worked again. 🤯
  17. U

    Quantum heater top vent not working

    I've got a QM150RF in the living room. The bottom vent is outputting hear fine. But the top vent seems to not be working over the last day or so. Is this a fault or part of it's heat adaptation?
  18. C

    MR11 -12V spot lite not working with 12V wall adapter

    Hi all, Im back here again. i have a couple of R11 12Volt 20Watt G4 Bi-Pin Base bulbs tha i salvaged from a backup lighting unit. I have tested them on my car battery and the are working. I would like to use one in my house as a spot in my stairwell area. So i have tested it eith a 12V 2A wall...
  19. T

    Going it alone after a lifetime of working for the man!

    Hi Team! I am a 46 year old electrician and have always been a subbie. The day my apprenticeship ended, I became self employed and have worked on industrial or commercial sites all over England, largely through agencies on a monkey see, monkey do basis. Kind of "There's the cable, there's the...
  20. G

    Xmas lights not working - replacement adaptor needed?

    Hi there, Wondered if someone could advise as not good with electrics! I have an expensive Xmas tree which is pre lit. It decided not to light up a few days ago and not really sure what the problem is. I thought it may be the power/ transformer plug but can't seem to find a replacement...
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