1. UKMeterman

    Chance to see some working Mercury Arc Recifiers in London

    I know modern art is not every one's cup of tea, but the Takis exhbition at the Tate Modern features two small working mercury arc reciferes and a lot of big magnets. Takis – Exhibition at Tate Modern | Tate - Closes 27th October
  2. HarryJ

    Electrician Hello. I've been working as a maintenance engineer for 5 years now. At college I've completed all my level 2 and 3, my portfolio. I need a job fully

    Hello. I've been working as a maintenance engineer for 5 years now. At college I've completed all my level 2 and 3, my portfolio. I need a job fully focused on installation and thr rgd to get mr through my am2. I simply haven't done enough installation over tye years because I haven't had to
  3. P

    Lights in led bathroom cabinet not working. Any idea what to do

    Led Lights in bathroom cabinet not working, any idea what to do
  4. hayley3

    Garage door stops working but

    If I unplug it, turn circuit breaker off and then on again and THEN plug the garage door back into the outlet, it works fine for a while. How can I troubleshoot that to figure out the problem? Thanks!
  5. Dan

    FIXRADIO Forum Player - Now working a different way! :D

    Okay, so I tested a way to play FIXRADIO when you wanted to play it, but it took over the world and started to breed and everything! - So I've reconfigured it and it's just a link in the menu now on the Forums tab. So here it is on Desktop/Laptop It's in the grey sub-menu. You'll find it in...
  6. O

    LED lights have stopped working in filament fitting but have not blown

    Hi there, I've had LED bulbs in a filament fitting for the last year where they've worked fine. Suddenly they've stopped working but the bulbs themselves have not blown and filament light bulbs work in the filament fitting. I would rather use LEDs so can anyone suggest what the issue might be...
  7. Jordansenior

    UK One light working in the whole house

    Hi, I tried to put a dimmer switch in. There was a little crackling and the light was flickering. I put the old light fighting back on and now the light I was working on is the only one that works in the whole house. I have checked the fuse box and all the other electric things are working...
  8. S

    Previously working PV/Battery system starting popping RCBO when SMETS2 meter fitted

    We had a PV/battery system was fitted in late May, and measurements showed it was working very well, but then a few weeks ago the old meter (electronic box about the size of a large cigarette packet) was replaced with a SMET2 meter and everything went down hill! When the PV system was working...
  9. C

    Megger not working

    Hello Hoping somebody can help. I have a Megger MFT1552, whenever I turn it on it beeps and flashes 138v (detecting voltage) Even with no leads attached. Has anybody came across this before?
  10. A

    Ring Main with sockets not working

    Hi, I recently went to look at a house with about 10 sockets not working. Checked the continuity on the ring main ends - all good. I turned off all other socket circuits in the board just to make sure no crossed circuits - still the same, about 5 sockets working and the rest (about 10) not...
  11. B

    LED Gu10s to replace Halogen lamps not working

    Hi, In the past I've replaced MR16 halogen spots with LEDs and had issues getting them to work. I understand this is driver related. This time, I'm having problems switching GU10s halogen with LED. I can't understand this as my understanding is there will not be a driver involved and this...
  12. E

    Working as an electrician apprentice in other countries

    Hi I'm new to this forum.I am currently an electrician apprentice in Hong Kong. I yearn to work overseas. However, licenses may be required in certain countries. As far as I know, Australia trade assistant has to be granted provisional license in advance. If I want to start electrician...
  13. Spoon

    Emojies not working

    I can't put an emoji in the post. I click on them and nothing happens. Anyone else having problems with them?
  14. T

    GFI in boat dock not working

    Had an electrician install electrical in our boat dock, but none of the three square d gfi breakers are now working. I unplugged the overhead door motors. Still the breakers will not reset. Tested hot at all three breakers, and everything in the box looks clean and new, so I doubt lightning...
  15. C

    Looking for some info on working abroad.

    Hi guys, Starting to get some itchy feet here in the UK and thinking that maybe it's time to move abroad with the family. Not entirely set on a place. I like the look of Australia, Canada, Cyprus or maybe one of the canary islands. Question is.. Can any of you point me in the right...
  16. A

    Double plug socket not working...

    Hi all, I woke up this morning to find a double plug socket in the kitchen is not working at all however every other plug in the house is fine, and nothing has tripped etc... I have turned of the mains to the whole house and check behind the plug for anything obvious and all seems fine, no...
  17. Y

    Roller door not working

    Hi guys, I have a 3 phase roller door not working. These are my readings? L1-L2 418v L2-L3 419v L1-L3 415v L1-N 134v L2-N 255v L3-N 247v After checking L1 and Neutral I thought it was a neutral problem but why is it ok for L2 and L3?!?! Thanks
  18. aw1993

    Domestic Random Socket Stopped Working

    Hello, I hope this is allowed here! Please let me know if it isn't. Keep in mind I have 0 electrical knowledge. A couple of weeks ago just 1 socket in my bedroom failed. Everything just turned off and wouldn't come back on (seemingly 0 power at all from that socket). But the other socket in...
  19. R

    Socket not working anymore.

    So last night I noticed that the Socket behind the TV was not working. Plugged in my Kewtech plug tester and nothing. So turned off the MCB for the downstairs sockets. Undone the Socket and its been spurred using new colours from the 13A FCU. Changed the 13A fuse in the FCU, checked the cables...
  20. T

    Transitioning to working for yourself

    I’m 23 and for the past year or so I’ve had a steady flow of my own work come in, 2/3 days a week (some stuff I’ve had to get someone else to do as I don’t have time) I want to solely do my own stuff but the transition seems awkward. I sub full time to other companies at whatever long term...
  21. kenny maccuish

    working away from home

    Hi guys my company is planning on sending me to work away at one of our branches which would involve overnight stays in a hotel or b&b. As i have never done this before i was wondering what are the pay rates or expenses i should be expecting to ask for/get. thanks
  22. G

    Extractor Fan not working

    Hi all, Very new to electrics so please bare with me... Just moved into a new property. Extractor fan (manrose x100h) in bathroom not working. Took of face plate to find circuit was not connected. Connected wires to correct connections (see picture). Now the fan is running but independent of...
  23. D

    Altered ring main, now a DIFFERENT circuit is not working?

    I’ve just altered a ring main by taking 1 leg out of the board and taking it to a spur (then taking a leg back), to add a socket in. After doing so I’ve turned the board back on and everything is working as it should, other than cooker circuit (A radial feeding the cooker/hob, extractor fan and...
  24. happyhippydad

    Working on electrics with 2 supplies.

    I have little knowledge of PV. When working on circuits supplied by a domestic CU, is it fine to just have the main switch off in the CU or should you be isolating the PV as well? The stickers all over the CU's in this example all say to disconnect both supplies.
  25. Gavin John Hyde

    Working at height..........

    Got a customer who wants a ev charger fitted. Only issue he is on 3rd floor, fuse box at front of house.Wants cable taken out then along under window ledges before going down to his parking space below at the rear. Planning have approved it so long as cable painted to match stone afterwards as...
  26. T

    Working in (north) London

    We are waiting for a big job to start for us local in Northampton. So for a few weeks, we have been asked to help out at a school extension in Highbury told that we could park on site got there can not park on site only 2 hours max on local roads nearest car park 3 hours max and too far to walk...
  27. A

    Working as an electrician in Spain

    Hi guys, Just wondering if I could pick some brains of the guys that are over in Spain. I am in the UK at the moment and thinking about looking at moving over to Spain and work as an electrician, I am UK qualified, have my own place and speak Spanish. Looking to work for a company and just...
  28. S

    Trainee Getting Qualified but not working in the industry

    Strange question but I am 25 and working in a completely unrelated industry and I was wondering how I could become qualified as a domestic installation electrician not to work as an electrician but rather to be able to do my own domestic work on my own property safely and to comply with...
  29. mhar

    overheard conversation re 3phase working

    3 people were discussing scheme membership and insurance and it sounded like eiher 'domestic installers,' or their insurance, does not cover work on 3 phase installations. Some 6 months ago I was informed that all WPD supplies to new properties are to be 3 phase and this is now what is being...
  30. Pete999

    Stupid things you have done whilst away working

    Got sent to the Seychelles for a job once, yes more like a holiday, heard it all before, anyway where are the Seychelles? smack dab in the middle of the most Shark infested Ocean in the World, used to go for a dip in the mornings, got odd looks from the locals, wasn't until the barman warned me...
  31. Pete999

    Stories of working in rough dwellings, both Private and Social housing.

    I worked in some real dung holes whilst rewiring a local Council estate in South Twerton in Bath, you could work in one on a pair of Semis real nice people, move next door to a stinking hovel, got taken to the Council de lousing depot more than once, makes you wonder how some people could live...
  32. D

    condition report socket not working

    Help having another blonde moment where abouts on a condition report do I record that there is no power to a socket outlet
  33. J

    UK electrician working in Sweden?

    I'm newly qualified and looking at a job doing industrial work in Sweden, however I'm a bit sceptical as I'm not sure how much different it is to UK electrics? I know sockets etc are different, but is there much difference as a whole in terms of how difficult it would be to change to swedish...
  34. M

    Domestic Installing LED strips but not working possible short circuit

    Hi all. Seems like a simple fix just need some advice. I was fixing LED strips in the kitchen today. The switch in the kitchen is a 2-gang which powers the LED strips and the ceiling lights. There are 3 seperate LED strips to go around the kitchen, each connected to an LED driver and power...
  35. Sym

    Commercial Anyone here have experience of working in a Hospital environment?

    Hello, as a few of you might know I have got an interview for a job in a hospital tomorrow. I have already received some great advice from some members here, that advice has been truly appreciated. The hospital is now moving premises and the job entails PPM work and reactive maintenance. If I...
  36. S

    E14 lamps, some working, some not.

    This one's mostly just a matter of curiosity as the light in question is probably going to be replaced, but I attended an old-fassioned E14 3-spot fitting with one lamp broken off inside. Successfully extracted that with some long-nose pliers, but the new lamps the occupant had bought did not...
  37. R

    Advice on working on site - ltd/umbrella and Insurance

    So I have seen a few jobs, that say you must be either Ltd or Umbrella and also have insurance. If anyone could give me advice on the best way to go about setting up that would be great.
  38. Matthewd29

    My lights aren't working.. any chance you could have a look at them?

    A fine example of DIY
  39. S

    Sma sunny boy 2000hf stopped working

    Hi there, I have noticed that my solar system has not shown any reading since December 18th. I have tried turning the system off and on but still not working. The system is a sma sunny boy 2000hf with 8 x hyundai 250w panels. The sunny boy is about 6 years old and has never given me a problem...
  40. D

    Cooker switch not working

    Hi, my electric cooker switch isn't coming on. I've disconnected the cooker and it still doesn't light up when I switch it to on. Nothing's tripped at the supply end. This proves the cooker's not the issue doesn't it?
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