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  1. A

    Looking for Electrical Improver Job

    Hello I have recently obtained my C&G Level 3 and ECS card and i’m currently looking to find some work. Called a few agencies but nothing as of yet, also applied on totaljobs etc but nothing. I’ve worked in domestics and a little in commercial but want to step foot in the field properly so I...
  2. P

    Electrician Hi, i am an electrical improver with 8 years on site expereince and currently doing my nvq. I am looking for work in or around the birmingham area.

    Hi, i am an electrical improver with 8 years on site expereince and currently doing my nvq. I am looking for work in or around the birmingham area.
  3. K

    UK Self employed electrical improver

    Hi all, I recently qualified myself to City & Guilds Level 2 & 3, done 18th edition and found myself a job on site as a subcontractor. I’m told to invoice the business owner directly, and I’m self employed (registering with CIS tomorrow) but I need a better understanding of the tax as I always...
  4. M

    Electrician Electrician Improver Looking for work in London

    Hi I am 45 yrs old electrician Improver with excellent experience looking for work in London and available for Immediate Start. (edited by staff, please contact member via forum)
  5. J

    Electricians Mate mate Improver Wanted Manchester

    Ideal with Fire experience. John
  6. LPelectrical

    Looking for Electrician/Experienced Improver in Surrey area

    Evening, We’re a small team of 2 based in Surrey and looking for some help for mainly Domestic projects. We work on New build properties as well as Refurbishment Installation work. Also, a small amount of EV Installs. Own tools and transport preferred. Please message or call/text on 07944...
  7. M

    Electrical improver required - London/Essex

    We are looking to recruit 2 x electrical improvers to add to our existing teams. As a company we specialise in small and medium sized projects, and due to recent wins require additional full time labour. We are based in Essex and mainly work within london, although sometimes we have work...
  8. P

    Anybody got any work going in and around the birmingham area i am an improver

    Anbody got any work going for an impover in and around the birmingham area?
  9. DeanoRN

    Improver looking for work (midlands)

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone has any opportunities available for an improver, i have all my hand tools/ drills etc..i have my 18th edition level 3 electrical installation from south and city collage Birmingham, also have my IPAF 3A-3B and ECS Card I'm currently working as a subby in hospitals...
  10. Mr brown

    Electrician Looking for a trainee electrician or improver

    Looking for a trainee electrician or improver for mainly domestic and some commercial work in London. Ideally someone who is at college currently or has qualified and is based in north London area Enfield Please contact if interested.
  11. Sean Kennedy

    Electrical Improver required

    Electrical Improver required for work on new build developments in Essex area, Grays , Tilbury and Leigh on sea. Most have a reasonable knowledge on 1st and 2nd fix domestic & commercial Thanks Sean
  12. haptism

    Improver x4 wanted in Holland

    Thought this might be of interest to someone Electrical Improver (Holland) - London - -...
  13. L

    Electricians Mate Looking for electricans mate/improver job

    Hello all, I am looking for work as an electrician's mate or as an improver in the West Midlands area. I have the C&G 2365 level 2&3 and currently preparing for the 18th edition exam. I am relatively new to the industry and have worked for some months for an agency until the work came to an...
  14. Walklett

    Looking for a improver job or equivalent.

    Hi all. I'm just looking for work as a mate/improver/apprentice across Liverpool, Chester area I've finished college and I've gained lvl 2, and 3 and also have 17th edition and just under a year's experience.
  15. M

    Electrical improver looking for domestic work in Oxfordshire

    Electrian with 3 years experience in domestic electrical work. I am just about to complete my level 3 2365 and also have my 17th edition. I am hoping to take my 2391 test and inspection early next year. I am looking to get back into electrical work as I left in to persue a different career. I’m...
  16. DeanoRN

    Commercial desperately Looking for experience after completing lvl 3 2365. (west midlands)

    Hi all, ok before i start, i have another thread i made back in January but i have no idea how to delete it but since then a few things have changed so i decided to make a new thread. Anywho as the title suggests i am looking to gain experience in the commercial/industrial sector, i have just...
  17. JD6400

    Electrician Electrician / improver required mid to North Buck

    We are a small firm looking for anything from an improver through to a test engineer , to fill two spaces for subbies / long term . Own transport would be an advantage. Some stay away work , but not compulsory. Pay dependent on abilities . Main work consists of new builds , high end Equestrian...
  18. D

    Help! With my pay as a maintenance electrician in FM

    Hi Hope someone can help me. I have got a problem with my pay but first I’ll give a little background information about my history. I’ve been in the industry as an “Electrician” for 4 years this July will be 5. I’m 26, I have my Level 3, Inspection and testing 2394&5, 17th edition, AM2 and...
  19. C

    Domestic Electrical improver in Stonnall

    Hi I have just finished level 3 2365 and I am looking to gain on site experience I live in Stonnall always eager to learn new skills and hard working and enthusiastic thanks chayse
  20. H

    Electricians Mate Looking for mate/improver work - Bath/Bristol

    Hi all, I'm looking for work as a mate/improver in Bath and surrounding areas or Bristol. I've had a few weeks on site with an electrician but he doesn't have the work to keep me on. I'm hoping to have finished my level 2 before Christmas then it's just a matter of pressing on to get my level...
  21. P

    Electricians Mate Looking for Employment as Improver or Mate

    Afternoon All, A trainee member in need of help! I am looking for work as an improver or a mate, ready to start on 13th of September 2017. I can drive and own a car. Looking for work in areas of Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, London. I have C&G Lv2 and 17th Edition, and currently studying...
  22. adamgaskin

    Electrical Improver looking for work Cambridgeshire area.

    I'm an electrical improver with c&g 2330, 17th ed and course c with own tools looking for any company/lone wolf that needs a hand from time to time. Need to get experience and build up my portfolio to complete my NVQ. Am currently employed full time so hoping to get work on weekends if any of...
  23. danzor

    Electrician Improver N/W London. 25 characters %€$¥€?!~><|~?

    More industrial based, please send me CV/info and any questions. Thanks
  24. Michal Zapalski

    What ECS Card for Improver?

    Hello everyone. I wonder if anyone knows what kind of ECS Card I need to work as Electrical Improver. What is the colour, title on card and what qualifications? I went to college and completed my level 3, did 17th Edition. I am also working on my NVQ level 3 and recently passed AM2 assessment...
  25. AJD

    Electricians Mate Kent Improver/ Mate Work sought.

    Hello my name is Andy I live in East Kent and I am looking for work at the level of adult improver / electricians mate either full-time or part-time.I am 53 years old and looking to enter and progress within the industry. My qualifications are as follows; Level 3 Electrical Installations CG...
  26. Rockingit

    Electricians Mate Mate / Improver required, central London for short contract

    Have 2-3 weeks work for someone who knows their way around conventional commercial installations but fancies getting stuck into being a part of something slightly more unusual with the potential for more similar projects over the year. Located near Paddington, good attitude to hard graft...
  27. S

    What is a Improver allowed to do?

    Currently working as an improver and been given a lot of responsibility. Doing jobs on my own. Dealing with customers daily. Also doing big led instal jobs on my own with an apprentice. Is this common?
  28. K

    Any Advice for job hunting

    Hi Guys, It might be a little awkward post as I would like to know some tips for getting job as an electrician improver like me finished Level 3 in 2365,17th edition and CSCS and experiences in college. Eventhough I have registered with so many agencies, they just called me and aske some a few...
  29. C

    PTS Course in Birmingham or Midlands

    I know this could have gone in the Courses section, just thought it might get more notice here. Considering the PTS Certificate as know New Street will be ongoing for a while. This was also advised to me on here. Can anybody throw some light on local training providers that come recommended? Did...
  30. tuckermot

    working for lbc

    Hi all I am through to final interview stage for permanent employment with my local LBC working on domestic propertys as a electrical improver.Before my interview can any one tell me what the work is like ,what it involves ,will there be out of hours call out ,maintenance ect after i have found...
  31. W

    NE ENGLAND, 27 yr old Improver/Apprentice/mate looking for work to complete my time!

    I'm new to this site so please go easy on me!! I am a hardworking team player looking for work that will allow me to continue with my Electrical Apprenticeship, working towards my NVQ Level 3, C&G 2391 Inspection and Testing and AM2 assessment. I have completed all Level 3 exams and I am...
  32. P

    agency work

    hi there, new to the forum. im getting laid off from work on Friday due to lack of work and was wondering if anyone could recommend specialist agency's for sparks in the herts/beds area?. done all my college,am2 and just handed in my nvq portfolio so just waiting to receive certs so i would...
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