not working

  1. S

    aldi tools not working

    i have a number of tools that have stopped working, usually aldi ones lol, on a sander, i have fault traced the problem with a multi meter to the circuit where the continuity ends, from using a magnifying glass, the problem seems to be a burned out 'diode' maybe, i think lol, not an electrican...
  2. HappyHippyDad

    Why are the lights not working!!!!!

    Just popped in to a friends house on the off chance that I could quickly remedy some none working lights before heading off to work. Unfortunately it was all a bit odd! Over the past 2 years the ground floor lights have stopped working perhaps 3 times. They stop for either days or weeks then...
  3. J

    Mira decor shower not working.

    Hi everyone My mira power electric shower is not doing anything when i press the power button. There is no led lights to check on the unit to check if the shower unit itself has power. But the pull cord switch red led is on. Any tips on what this could be? Thanks
  4. C

    Apartment complex lights not working or pool pump system. Novice maintenance man

    Apartment complex lights not working or pool pump system. Novice maintenance man with very little experience in electrical, and my job is on the line
  5. nickyp_uk

    Multiple lights and power socket not working but no blow fuses - any ideas?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone might be able to help. We have a fused switch that controls 4 LED lights next to a power socket which have both stopped working. We have tried replacing the fuse in the fused switch, but that hasn't resolved the issue. Reseting all fuses in the fusebox hasn't...
  6. dazmaster9

    Renault twizy main headlights not working

    Hi all, hoping someone might be able to help a little, we got our daughter a renault twizy, but the headlights do not work. The side lights work, the main beam works, just not dipped main beam. we: changed bulbs checked the fuses (all good) checked the 1 relay (all good) checked wiring...
  7. V

    Veritas R8 alarm set not working

    Hi, I have a veritas R8 alarm and corresponding keypad. Recently a powercut caused one of my keypads to stop working. I replaced the battery in the main alarm unit and after a reset the keypad started working but everytime I try to set the full or part alarm, the keypad seems to go into a walk...
  8. D

    Solar iBoost Screen Display not working

    hi there, I have purchased a house with a Solar iBoost. Been working fine for 2 years, went on holiday and switched it off as it had a time function running. Turned it back on and display not working. But it is heating the immersion, not sure if 24/7 or timer or solar. I have checked all the...
  9. S

    Water kettle not working

    I have a weird issue with my electric water boiling kettle. Here are the facts: -There is an on button that, when working normally, lights up and heats the water until it's around 100C at which time the button clicks off. -Right now, the button doesn't latch when I push it down, nor does it...
  10. B

    Extractor fan 3 red lights on and not working

    Hi i have these 3 red leds come on the extractor fan and it stopped working. Anyone knows how this can be resolved. Will a clean only suffice or this needs to be replaced?
  11. cliffed

    AHU not working anyone any ideas on this

    AHU not working no idea of set up.. any easy fix on this
  12. gjgjedi

    2 our of 3 sockets in 5 amp circuit not working

    Hi, Flat recently gutted and rewired from scratch. Livingroom has two switches, one controls the main light, one controls a 5 amp circuit with 3 sockets (3 round pins). Only just got round to testing it (a year later...) and 1 socket is working, 2 aren't. Any ideas what could be the issue? Not...
  13. S

    Extractor fan not working

    Hi > I need advice regarding an extractor fan that is in the kitchen hood which has stopped working . I have been told it is old and the whole thing needs to be replaced . Is this the only option I have ?
  14. S

    Outside socket not working.

    Hi, recently moved. We have an outside socket that doesn’t work, I checked the wire connections,. Just want to know if this looks correct, the live connected is the white wire, the 2 red connected to each other are also live. I will get an electrician to replace the socket but wondered if the...
  15. F

    wiring 2 ballast, 2 way switch fluorescent fixture for LEDs not working

    I’ve got bad ballasts and am replacing the T12 fluorescent bulbs with Halco direct wire, double ended T8 LEDs. The fixture has 4Rapid start bulbs, 2 rapid ballasts and a 2 way switch. The ballasts were wired exactly like the “before” picture here. (Rapid Start Ballast Lampholder Wiring 2 and 4...
  16. US1549

    Comelit audio intercom handset unlock button not working

    I have just removed the keypad module (art.3188) on a comelit vandalcom audio intercom and blanked it off. I installed a siemens K42 keypad lower down on the post (as customer unwilling to pay for a replacement comelit module in excess of £400.) I stupidly forgot to take a picture of the wiring...
  17. soldierwolf

    Quad switch - one not working

    I have a quad switch wall plate like shown here: The second switch, which controls the overhead foyer light, appears to have stopped working. The light...
  18. donzoh1

    Why is my three-way switch not working?

    One of my switched ceiling lights or the wall switches (three-way switches at separate entrances to the room) is not working properly. The light will work with some switch positions. With switch A in one position, switch B works properly. When switch A is in the other position, switch B will not...
  19. R

    Sunhouse Sshe125 fan not working

    Hello and good evening I have been asked to take a look at a Sunhouse sshe125 storage heater. The heater’s fan is not working and Dimplex have suggested the fan needs replacing. This afternoon I bench tested the fan motor and it operates, so I am now scratching my head. The unit heats up...
  20. T

    Emergency Gu10 pack not working only with select bulb has anyone used these before and if so do they have a compatible bulb I have only found one OSRAM bulb that seem to work with this fitting when it is switched on to its emergency battery any one any idea is Is it to...


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