1. cliffed

    Extraneous conductive part in external workshop

    Visual on installation when replacing a couple of faulty fittings. No continuity on steel structure of building, EICR not available - time of visit. MBPC to each column ?
  2. Vortigern

    Anyone got a kewtech piggy back lead they are willing to part with?

    Hi picked up a KT63 tester cheap for trainee to practice testing but need the piggy back lead. If you have one great, and prepared to part with it on any reasonable terms even better, pm me?
  3. G

    No power to part of the consumer unit

    Hi, The `power went out throughout the house this afternoon but only to the sockets, the lighting circuits are all fine. I went to the consumer unit expecting to reset a circuit breaker but nothing had tripped. I have attached a pic of the consumer unit. Using a current detector pen I can...
  4. Z

    I Need Work Hi I’m looking for part time electrician mate/ improve jobs around we Midlands

    Hi I’m 40 years old, finished Level 3 diploma college. I’m looking to find electrician company in the Midlands to improve my skills and to be full qualified electrician in the future. I’m ready to work on minimum wage, couple days of week . My phone number is 07561389603. Any news send me...
  5. P

    Working on a fan, what is this part

    I got my hands on an old floor standing fan and started looking to rewire it. I found this part, I think it's a resistor, but was hoping someone could confirm for me, and maybe suggest a replacement, this thing is kind of crusty, looks like it was covered with layers of something in the past...
  6. D

    Electrician Jobs Commercial Electrician South East London/Kent, Regular Part Time day Work offered

    Hi Got a steady flow of national contracts that need to be delivered on a monthly basis. Haven't got an engineer based South East/Kent area. Would sooner someone local pick it up rather than an engineer travel it. Works are testing and remedial works. Mainly office based sites. We get plenty...
  7. J

    Compliance certificate part P

    Hi, Wickes have just finished installing a pump under the bath. The socket is next to the pump but it is unaccessible due to a sealed bath panel. I’m not sure if this is ok. We were given no certificate on completio but I’m not sure if it is needed or not. The supply comes from the airing...
  8. S

    Part P? CPS? Help…..

    Hi all, I am going to fully rewire my house. What do I HAVE to do once I’ve rewired it? I am an approved spark, but do not have part P. Do I need to get an EICR by an a registered company or?
  9. Midwest

    Metal Bed Frame - Exposed Conductive Part or Not

    So to try & keep confidentiality, a broad question without specifics; A manufactured bed, mechanically operated by electrically powered motors. The metal bed frame would raise and lower the bed, and also be able to raise/lower the head of the bed and the foot of the bed. Would the metal bed...
  10. M

    has anyone came across the part below?

    Has anyone ever seen the above? Is this a fuse or coil or Tx? I need to find a replacement.Thanks
  11. S

    Unable to part set when leaving property, but can if staying home.

    My Veritas R8 Excel panel recently developed a power fault and I have replaced the entire unit and reprogrammed it. I can part set the alarm when going to bed and unset in the morning. When I wanted to go out and the exit door was open I could not part set the panel. The keypad did nothing and...
  12. A

    City and Guilds 2360-08 Part 2

    Hi I'm trying to get some closure on an on-going issue I have in regards to a final qualification certificate which is the C&G 2360 Part 2. I did the course back in 2002-03 and received two units of credit certificates which stated I passed the following: ASSIGNMENTS PART TWO INSTALLATION...
  13. Jurassicsparky

    water damage to small part of installation.

    how extensive should an EICR be following minor water damage to a small part of a domestic installation, water came through one pendant in upstairs bedroom , no other circuits affected?
  14. Aaron b

    Part F building control notification

    Hello, I understand that from the 15th of June testing and commissioning of vents and fans is now compulsory and that also since last year any works regarding fans needs to be notified to building control under part F. I assume that this can be done as a NAPIT contractor registered with EAS...
  15. G

    Is this a Part P failure?

    Hi all, New to the forum! Quick background on me: I have a degree in electrical engineering and spent many years working with qualified electricians on house re-wires. I never qualified as an electrician as I went down the IT route but I can rewire a house with no concerns - not that I would as...
  16. D

    Can someone clarify this please...Part Pee

    So I was on a small job today changing a consumer unit and they customer just a few weeks ago had a brand-new luxury bathroom / showroom done by a local plumber. The plumber fitted all new LED lights , 2 new mains towel rails , electric shower and new shaver socket. No testing done whatsoever...
  17. Mark W

    Vintage switchgear restored and installed to form part of my living room.

    Afternoon All Some of you may be interested in one of my projects. I have nearly finished a themed room at my home and we have used some vintage switchgear as part of the decoration, I just need to finish off the skirting board. The next stage is to wire up the semaphores so that they operate...
  18. P

    Part B and Part P Compliance

    Hi all We've had some works done in our kitchen which has involved fitting a new cooker circuit, installing some downlights to replace ceiling roses, and adding a couple of sockets via a spur. The approach is that the fitter does it and then the work is signed off (yes I know I should have used...


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