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  1. littlespark

    The dreaded BSOD! (blue screen of death)

    Over the last week or so my laptop has crashed on me a few times and giving me the BSOD. Its a few years old now, but wouldn't say it was ancient. The error code it gives is UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION When I google that, it says that it can be caused by a few things, one being a hard disk on...
  2. D

    Android Android 8.1/9.1 car dvd for 3008/5008 with 9 inch Capacitive Screen/ GPS/Mirror Link/DVR/TPM

    Good day.....I am having the above android box firtted to my peugeot, presently there is a HUD already built in, however the Android box does not support HUD, question is ....Is the HUD be able to be wired up somehow so that it is still able to function. Many thanks. Dave
  3. Dan

    Is best to fit the shower screen bracket to the wall or too the tiles

    Is best to fit the shower screen bracket to the wall or too the tiles advice reviews and feedback 2017 Hello, Thanks for looking at my question. I am fitting a shower screen and I am not sure if I should fit the metal hinge to the shower screen and then finish the tiles to that and then...
  4. J

    NVQ3 2017 HELP

    hi guys. I am currently doing my NVQ3 and am stuck on a unit. its 312 legislation outcome 3. they are asking for statements on various environmentally friendly systems, but I'm unsure what to write. I have the book which has unit 301 where all the info is supposedly found but there seems to be...
  5. Taylortwocities

    Forum screen display

    Is it just me, but in the last day or two, the forum display is no longer full screen, maybe about half size, which makes the text very small for my elderly eyes. Its only this forum, others (ahem) are not affected. @Dan is this to do with the festive snow that has recently appeared at the top?
  6. B

    How many dots can you see

    I see 3 but they keep moving
  7. Blademan_98

    Domestic Screw through the lighting circuit

    I did something silly today :( I bought a new luminaire for the kitchen and decided to put it up as a surprise for the wife. The fitting was in a different orientation to the old one so after going through the safe isolation procedure, I removed the old fitting and screwed up the new one 90...
  8. M

    Whats this mean on a rcd test

    I think i know but want to make sure
  9. K

    Security ?

    I’ve just had a security screen appear from nowhere. What’s gone wrong this time?
  10. B

    new screens for iPhones

    Hi, Have any of you guys brought a new screen for iPhone, after dropping and it shattering. I've seem some going for £10ish. Just wondering if they work like they're suppose to. Or did u encounter any problems? One apple supplier wanted £100 quid for fixing mine. It can't be that hard can it ?
  11. Toby Kuhnert

    Inspection camera from Maplin?

    what does everyone think of this? Handheld Video Optic Inspection Tool with LCD Display : Inspection Cameras : Maplin Electronics It says it only has 88cm of lead from the camera lens to the screen, but would this be enough?
  12. danesol

    Solar Immersion - my experience !

    Order placed tonight - delivery hopefully this week ! I'm going to document the installation and present ongoing results for interested parties as todate no-one seems to have done this WATCH this space...................
  13. M

    Adding identifing ledgends to the Report Post and Multi-Quote icons.

    Is it possible to have identifying legends added to the 'Report Post' and 'Multi-Quote' icons as they are probably under used as currently displayed. Identifying the 'Report Post' icon in particular will hopefully have the beneficial effect of reducing the abuse posted by a minority of users...
  14. A

    Solar Eye

    Hi All, This is my first post and I have a question about the Solar Eye used on the ever-solar inverter. I found it simple enough to set up but the display is very dull especially in the morning it looks similar to when a lcd screen has bad battery power, I have the dc adapter plugged in all...
  15. J

    How to maintain LED display

    How to maintain LED display1. Keeping stably the power supply voltage ,And make sure grounding protection is good. 2. Do not use LED display in the bad natural conditions(for example:strong lighing day) 3. Somethings are banned ,for examples: The water,conductive metal are prohibited...
  16. Richard Burns

    LCD inspection camera

    I have just seen these Mini Handheld Inspection Camera With LCD Monitor Kit | Ebuyer.com advertised at ebuyer and wondered if anyone had one and knew if they were any good? they seem similar to the ones sold at Aldi in August but I was not sure of quality, although at 59.99 it can't be too...
  17. S

    Password locked netbook

    Hi guys Need your help again My daughter has a Samsung Netbook on Windows 7. This morning she has tried to get on her netbook but it asking for a password. Never asked for this before & "she hasnt changed the security settings". I can get into a reset mode but no matter what option I choose it...
  18. Dan

    LCD, LED or Plasma TV? - What's best?

    I'm in the market for a new TV and am baffled. I want a 55" TV and I don't know what to get, LCD, LED or Plasma. What's best? Seems Plasma are cheaper. I don't mind paying extra for a decent one though so price isn't an issue. They last me years so it needs to be a good one with crystal...
  19. K

    metrel mi3000 testing for ze

    evening everyone Iam doing some testing and ive done my IR test, continuity of protective conductors, continuity of rfc and a earth fault loop impedance no problems but my metrel mi3000 wont allow me to test for Ze anybody know what settings it should be, am testing a domestic split load...
  20. P

    AV Engineers???

    Evening all, i'm sure i,ve read posts on here from AV engineers and i have a problem with a samsung flat screen (no picture/sound ok), ive looked at AV forums but the experts dont seem to want to frighten people with technical explanations which is exactly what i'm after. Thanks in advance.:)
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