1. S

    Can I use a switch to to Connect rear camera

    Hi, I am trying to wire my reverse camera with a switch so I can have it on all the time or off all the time until I reverse. Is this possible how would I wire the switch? And what switch would I need. The camera only has positive and earth. Would I take power from reverse light and constant...
  2. J

    How can I replace LCD with RGB display?

    Hello memberrs, hope you are safe and doing good. I am looking for experts to review my question and solve. It is a humble request to all. Actually, I have built a project that displays custom pictures on LCD. The problem is, LCD is not visible in sunlight and I have found a solution to use...
  3. Basiluk

    Current monitoring display

    I am after a LCD/LED display that can be wired into a circuit (240v < 15a) and display the wattage/amperage being drawn on that current. I am not after a meter, but a continual real time display of the load on that circuit - This is for permanent installation. I cannot find anything that meets...
  4. R

    Domestic Vintage display cabinet lighting

    Can someone please advise how I can get this plug to work into a UK power socket? We have just bought a Vintage 1970s display unit which has lighting built in and this very small plug attached. Can someone please advise what I can do or need to get this working? Do I need an adapter?
  5. S

    Domestic U2117-00 CAN-Bus No Communication with DIS (Display)

    I drive a 2009 Vauxhall Astra twin top and one morning when starting the engine I noticed my BID display never came on and at same time my steering controls had stopped working and the lights on the stereo buttons didn't come on. for a month prior to this I had been getting false error messages...
  6. T

    Landis and gyr meter display error??

    hi all, I have had an old gent recommended to me with what he thinks is a fault on his PV generation meter (landis and gyr 5235) not sure which model. He has explained that his meter seems to be switching from displaying the current date and what he describes as a portcullis displayed on the...
  7. NeilOrme

    Display drops out on SMA 3000TL-US, but inverter still outputs

    My newest inverter has a strange issue - the display quits but the inverter still works. I verified the voltage/amperage when display was out, and it's still working. This doesn't seem to affect production, but the intermittent lack of a display is of concern. Also, the "today's output" is...
  8. L

    TNC-S supply outdoors question.

    Just a quick question on something I came across today. Had to replace a door on a metal clad box in a car park that vandals have broken off. Inside the Metal housing was a 100 A main cutout TNC-S , a Meter and a small C.U. with two MCB's, One for a car park pay and display meter directly behind...
  9. C

    Electric touch hob not coming on (plus consumer unit issue)

    I've recently had a new cooker point ran from the consumer unit and have had a new touch control ceramic hob installed on it but could get absolutely nothing from the hob at all, no display or anything. After looking at the consumer unit fuse board I realised the electrician who installed the...
  10. S

    Domestic 12V Proximity Sensor help

    Hi all I wonder if you guys can help me and point me in the right direction, we are after a 12V Proximity sensor that is waterproof to put on the back of a truck, when a solid item gets within the sensors range we want it to trigger a Light/LED, I know how to wire it up but struggling to find...
  11. S

    led spot

    Guys, a bit of a pickle.. I'm after small led spots, I mean no gu10 size, literally an led on a small stand, like the radio mics of old? We're trying to light a display and I'm stumped! Have a great week everybody!
  12. N

    So what did you do after work today

    Well what did you do after work , well after a day of chasing walls out in a room at 28degrees on the way home i popped to valley airfield and this is what i watched yep the red arrows did a display to about 100 people what an end to a hot and very dusty day one advantage of living so close to...
  13. K

    Fluke 1652c ZS test

    Hi guys how do you go about doing a ZS test with a fluke 1652c I know how to get the RE reading but it's coming out a bit strange, a bit of advice would be great.
  14. Sparky_Steve

    house alarm

    I have just purchased my first house which ive had to totally gut so considering adding a hard wired alarm while im at it, Im currently working in electrical maintenance and although previously completed numerous rewires haven't been asked to fit any alarms as yet. I'm quite lucky in the fact...
  15. Toby Kuhnert

    Inspection camera from Maplin?

    what does everyone think of this? Handheld Video Optic Inspection Tool with LCD Display : Inspection Cameras : Maplin Electronics It says it only has 88cm of lead from the camera lens to the screen, but would this be enough?
  16. R

    Solar Fox Monitoring

    Has anyone had experiance with solar fox monitoring, or any other kind, i am using a sunny webox and a solar fox display, but im struggling to link the webbox to the solar fox, any ideas.
  17. S

    Steca TKRW2 - solar thermal monitor

    I am at a loss with the support from steca at the mo for a thermal job we are installing the monitoring on. The TK RW2 has been recommended as we need both online visability of the performance and also a display in the client's reception area. Has any one used this kit? if so, can you advise...
  18. M

    fluke 1652b

    hi just looking at the fluke as listed above, does and body know if it has rechargable battries on board? im sick of changing them over in my megger! best regards mike (any other opinions welcome ) )
  19. Ian B

    Mastervolt Sunmaster XS3200 monitoring devices

    Can any of you guys help on this please? We have one of the above that was installed as the quoted Power One inverter wasn't available, however the Power One should have had their Bluetooth Graphic Display included. Is there something similar for the XS3200, or alternatively is there a way to...
  20. P

    faulty meter?

    Been to job today (not my install) 3.6kw installed november produced 48units? inverta no display!! never got there remote display! company OUT OF SOLAR NOW?? tested array ALL GOOD! so can only be meter what about changing meter ? anyone done it (esp if not your install? what do u think it...
  21. J

    How to maintain LED display

    How to maintain LED display1. Keeping stably the power supply voltage ,And make sure grounding protection is good. 2. Do not use LED display in the bad natural conditions(for example:strong lighing day) 3. Somethings are banned ,for examples: The water,conductive metal are prohibited...
  22. S

    14 Sanyo 250 Panels and SB3300 inverter?

    Hi, Not sure if I'm posting on the right forum here but hope you can help? I'm having a 3.5kW system installed in two weeks, and the installer has specified 14 Sanyo HIT250 panels, and the SB3300 inverter. I've been reading around and am now thinking that this inverter is not the best...
  23. T

    Labelling and Identification

    In the middle of installing our system for MCS approval on my own house. I am sure we could have life a little easier if we had chosen a house without rosemary tiles and putting panels in landscape with a cruciform rail system. But I suppose it is better to learn and make mistakes here rather...
  24. D Skelton

    Switch probe?

    Hi guys, what is the SPL1000 switch probe for that is included with the Megger 1553? What does it do and how do you use it?
  25. P

    Inspection camera

    Just used it for the first time after getting it on Monday, why did I put it off for so long!:( It's almost the same as why didn't I buy a Fein earlier kind of moment :) would highly recommend one.
  26. D

    Facebook Style Status Display

    Just a thought? Facebook style status display, it would a status under your name in posts & on profile page etc. Found this one vBStatus - Facebook Style Status Display vBStatus - Facebook Style Status Display (v4) - vBulletin.org Forum I haven't checked out the integrity or security...
  27. S

    Digital Thermostat

    Please could anybody recommend a accurate digital thermostat that would display the present temperature of the room and also obviously what I have set the boiler to fire up. My present old honeywell thermostat doesn't seem to be very accurate and could do with changing. Thanks
  28. T

    Megger 1502/2 or 1552 ??

    Could anyone tell me what the difference is between these 2 testers ? Which is the better one? if any difference
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