1. B

    Solar iboost connection on an unvented system

    Just thinking of putting a solar iboost on to a Santon premiere systemfit, as it says there should be " NO electronic controllers between the solar iboost and the immersion and mechanical thermostat are sutible for the solar iboost " has anyone installed one any help appreciated and boy that...
  2. bigspark17

    Two solar iboost in one installation

    One house two immersion tanks either end of the building, house has a good size pv array and battery back up, customer wants iboost on both tanks, now i dont see any problems with this unless both ct clamps would be cancelling each other out? Anyone with any experience of fitting two iboost in...
  3. bigspark17

    Solar iboost secondary output

    I have fitted iboosts to single immersion circuits before but now have a job with two cylinders. Isit just a case that once the first output is satisfied it will just move on to the next output? Can you decide which output to boost on the iboost? The second tank is about 20m ish away, i seem to...
  4. T

    Solar Solariboost+ failed again

    My first solariboost+ was installed in 2015. In July 2019 it went dead, power good. Marlec supplied me with a reduced cost unit (£149) which was installed the same month, now this one has failed in less than three years. The immersion heater element was new about three years ago and still works...
  5. B

    I want to install a Solar IBoost+ on my Megaflow 300I cylinder, is it possible?

    Hi I want to install a Solar IBoost+ on my Megaflow 300I cylinder, is it possible on this cylinder?
  6. Phil284

    Solar iboost varying electric usage

    Hi all. Bit of a weird one. Have solar PV with a iboost +. All was working fine until meter was exchanged for a smart meter. The system is still working, the solar iboost buddy is registering power usage and excess has been sent to the hot tank, but, the amount of power registered is not...
  7. C

    Solar iboost+

    I have a solar iboost and the main box has no display, voltage going in is fine but nothing coming out, it's 3-4 years old. Water is heating through the boiler but not through the iboost, do I need a new unit
  8. A

    Solar iBoost died

    Hi all I have a solar iboost unit on my hot water system. It's about 3 years old. It's been working fine up to now but appears to have died. The display is completely blank, no lights, no messages, nada... and we have no hot water. Must have happened today or maybe yesterday cos my boy was the...
  9. G

    Solar iBoost issues

    The iBoost diverting Solar power to the immersion heater in the water tank is not working properly. I have: Successfully paired the sender (with new batteries) to the meter. Switched the meter off and on again to reconfigure the system: This has resulted in a message which reads: "iBoost...
  10. L

    iBoost goes dead and then a few days later, comes to life again

    For the last few weeks, my iboost seems to completely switch off and even if you push any of the buttons or turn the switch to the mains on or off, it does not work. And then suddenly, out of the blue it starts working again. If it works during daylight, it will start to heat the water properly...
  11. L

    Solar iBoost - how to reset memory?

    I want to set my iBoost electricity saved memory back to zero. Does anyone know how to do this, please?
  12. M

    Solar iboost not working

    We have a solar iboost which was working fine then suddenly stopped. If you turn it off at the mains and then on again, it says low voltage and heats via solar initially with a high reading then this drops until zero and it states heating off. Amy ideas on what the problem could be? Thanks
  13. R

    Ireland solar Iboost not working

    hi, i have the new solar Iboost, but there is a problem with it, when I turn it on it takes electricity, but it sais water off. I brought it to my neighbours and the same thing happens, blue light keeps beeping. what could be the problem with it ? Thanks
  14. M

    Recharegeable batteries with iBoost

    According to the manufacturer Marlec, recharegable batteries are not recommended with an iBoost sender. Can anyone explain why please? My non rechargeables are now flat and the only spares I have currently are rechargeable batteries. Are they ok to use temporarily?
  15. R

    Solar IBoost

    Advice wanted on the best Solar IBoost to buy please. That is one that actually cuts out when the power from the roof falls below a specified Wattage and is cheap ;) Fred
  16. J

    Iboost and immersion heater thermostat

    Hi All, more by way of a query really, we had an Iboost (immersion heater proportional controller for diverting excess solar power) installed when our panels were put in last october and the thermostat recently failed on the immersion heater - in such as way as the Iboost keeps providing...
  17. P

    solar iboost- do I need help??

    Hi, Looking to get some advice and or assistance possibly if required. I had an iboost unit fitted when my pv system was installed at Christmas but yet to use it we had other problems with our system which are now resolved - I am concerned that when I did swich it on the fused switched spur...
  18. S

    Solar iBoost and new Immersion Element

    Thinking of adding an Solar iBoost to my home system but also changing the immersion heater as its been in for about 14 years and no doubt heavily covered in limescale, not even sure it has a thermostat on it. I noticed that Backer do specific low wattage immersion heaters for Solar. Is it...
  19. R

    Solar iBoost - Wiring Question

    Hi In the process of installing Solar iBoost No issues with the unit that needs to be installed in between 16A MCB and Immersion. Can someone clarify exactly where should install the clamp I have attached to this post a photograph of the wiring at the Utility Meter. You will see...
  20. N

    Solar iBoost Problem

    This could prove a head scratcher. A few days ago I installed, at home, a Solar iBoost and I must say with my 3.92 South facing array it appears to work well. BUT, there is a problem and I wonder if any of you have come across one similar. The day I installed it was a very wet one. Soon after...
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