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  1. J

    British standards

    Which British standards are worth getting if one manages to get access through the library?
  2. P

    British General outside socket

    Hi People on an install I have come across a British General outside socket that is reducing the Insulation Resistance when i remove the outside socket the IR goes back up has any one come across this before Thanks phil
  3. A

    UK British Telecom Ring Back Code

    Does anyone know what the British Telecom Ring Back Code is NOW. It used to be 17070 but that no longer works. You dial the ring back code and then hang up and the exchange rings you back. It used to also tell you what the number of the line is. I am doing a job at a relative’s house in...
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    British Gas shenanigans

    Am at a house today to change the board prior to other works. Old rewireable board upfront RCD no earth. the earth from the incoming cable was short and just sitting in free air. Had DNO to attend to pull fuse as cutout was old and seal fairy was on holiday! British Gas still fitted a brand new...
  5. bigspark17

    British gas smart meter no power

    I have a customer with a bg smart meter. The meter has £16 credit but no power coming out of meter to consumer unit. Anyone had issues like this? Trying to get to speak to a bg advisor is a nightmare. Help please :)
  6. P

    Electrician Leaving British Army advice/work

    Hi everyone and thank you for taking the time reading this... I have been in the army for 14 years and during which time I have been working at weekends and my leave time for an electrician who taught me from scratch. Although this was all in the domestic side I have worked on several re...
  7. B

    Testing electrical socket

    I recently bought 1 gang British electrical socket. Before wiring it up,is it possible to test whether the socket work? I tried to use a multimeter using the continuity test by connecting it to L and N but there is no sound coming. Does that mean that the socket is broken?
  8. madMARTINmarsh

    British General plug socket problem

    Hello all. I recently replaced two double switched plug sockets, the original socket had jammed switches (they were as old as my 50-60s built house I reckon) so I got these new ones, installed them but now the switches don't always work. When I press them to turn the socket off sometimes the...
  9. C

    HIVE - UT1 programmer and ES1 Thermostat wiring issues

    I have a British Gas installed Worcester 28i boiler with a UT1 programmer and ES1 Thermostat and trying to replace the UT1 and ES1 with Hive. ES1 The wiring for the ES1 is 4 wires Brown, Blue, Black and Green/Yellow. the black and yellow/green wires have red sleeves near the end. (All 4 wires...
  10. happysteve

    "Why European clocks are running slow, and British clocks aren't."

    Here's a link to the press release mentioned in the video. And, for those on the edge of their seats about the enfolding drama, a more recent press release. 3.
  11. I2C

    British Plugs / Sockets Regulations (BS1363)

    I've been doing a bit of research on the standard British 3-pin plug under BS1363 as I would like to know exactly what is/isn't compliant so I can advise customers if I spot an appliance using a substandard plug. I know there are basic and well-known considerations such as:- live pins must be...
  12. Gavin John Hyde

    British Gas Local Heroes

    I received an email today telling me about this 'scheme' from British Gas called local heroes, basically they advertise and customers ring up or contact them to get jobs done. The advantage is you are making use of the British Gas brand ( i know some of there service is down right poor mind)...
  13. D

    British electrician moving to Christchurch New Zealand

    Hi all, I am moving the Christchurch hopefully just after the New Years. I was wondering if anyone would be aware if I could work unlicensed for a while over there or would I be better getting my license for New Zealand before I go? I was in Australia for 2 years and never had any problem...
  14. KennyKen

    British Standards not highly regarded

    Thought this would be the best place to vent. As most of you know I work abroad. Australia. So during my long arduous Nightshift I got talking to some international sparkies. Three Aussie and One Canadian. The old conversation of Standards got brought up. To which I said that I thought very...
  15. Leesparkykent

    Local Heroes....A British gas innovation

    https://www.localheroes.com/ listening to Absolute radio today and this advert caught my attention....Has any one signed up to it? Having the British gas badge attached to it could be a good thing as its known they charge a premium.
  16. Morgie007

    new to forums

    Hi to all thought this forum might help me out with some elec troubleshooting, i am just a DIY r although i know a bit about wiring and the basics. Im really trying to sort out British Gas dodgy installers shortcuts that are going wrong now.
  17. leep82

    Recommending work that may not be nessescary

    Been to look at a job this evening, where British Gas have been to install a new smart meter. Having done there work they have given the homeowner a notice of potentially dangerous situation, and that they should contact an electrician ( me ). The notice itself states that the henley block and...
  18. Dan

    British Forums Now Online

    My and @Lou thought we'd knock up a new forum yesterday so looked through some domain names we have, and rather than start something else business or automotive-related we thought we'd try something new so we went for more of a social theme with BritishForums.co.uk. So far we've sorted out the...
  19. U

    Formula 1 Brazil

    Well the season went by rather quick im not a Hamilton fan myself but he is British so im hoping Rosberg gets some sort of problem to enable it to go to the last race to decide the title. Palmer has secured his seat for next year which is good as there will be 2 British drivers on the grid. I am...
  20. S

    Forum Language

    @Dan Can you change the forum language to UK English, please. I don't like American 'English'. Or at least add the option English(UK) to the language button, bottom left corner.
  21. Dan

    British Standards for Free BS5839-1 and BS5839-6 (British Electrical Standards)

    Dan submitted a new resource: British Standards for Free BS5839-1 and BS5839-6 - Get British Standards Online Free of Charge! Read more about this resource...
  22. amlu

    el cheapo china LED floodlghts teardown

    I ordered some of the cheapest LED floodlights than one could find... fiver each, postage included (ebay, from uk, took couple of days to arrive). Need only the enclosures for my personal project so the internals are coming out anyway. Got some pics if anyone interested whats in them.... The...
  23. KennyKen

    CompEX or EEHA Hazardous area's Training

    Hi Guys been working in the Mines - Australia. Completed Hazardous areas training. Just wanted to let all industrial or commercial sparks who will jump up a notch that I have eventually found the field that I'm satisfied with. Prospective sparkles who are thinking of doing the move to AUS should...
  24. A


    So I was following a van to work today which said 'British Gas Approved Builder' Not something to brag about I thought. And what do British Gas know about building.
  25. S

    Wanted GN3

    Anybody looking to sell a copy of guidance note 3 at all cheers
  26. G

    biffs last minute wimbledom thread.....

    all set for an epic final dont think murray can win from coming behind , needs to stay in front..........
  27. C

    bl***y washing machine engineers

    got called out this afternoon, lady had engineer out from manufacturers this morning to repair washing machine. He did the repair then got "some big" machine out and tested her sockets!!. He then advised her not to use the electrics in the house and gave her a note saying dont use until had...
  28. S

    BG jobs

    Requirements You MUST have the following as a minimum With a clear focus on customer awareness and the commercial aims of British Gas you will carry out installations and repairs to wiring systems and central heating wiring systems within customers' premises to the highest standards with a...
  29. D


    Is the british gas site in rotheram a good facility to start my training ???
  30. K

    Domestic Main fuse rating

    Not an electrician but a reader of your forum, I had british gas around change my supply from 3 phase to single phase (used to be a pub now a domestic dwelling and my electrician advised just using single phase to reduce 415v across different points in the house) The British gas guy replaced...
  31. bigspark17

    British gas engineer

    got called out this morning to a rcd fault on a high integrity board.. identified this to the heating system (supplied via fused outlet).... frfom there i idendified dead short N- cpc to boiler.. opened the boiler to find this... considering that BRITISH GAS ENGINEER had been to fully service...
  32. La Poste

    A nice scam

    I don't know if this is true or whether it is Daily mail sensationalism but: Energy companies have been accused of rigging the electricity market to the tune of £600million and forcing every British household to find an extra £25 each to pay for it. The Government believes some providers are...
  33. M

    Germany: 22gw of Solar Generation - New record

    Germany sets new solar power record, institute says | Energy & Oil | Reuters Put the UK in the shade!!
  34. T

    How to install USA sockets legally

    Hi, One of my clients want to install USA standart 110V sockets at his home. Maybe someone can advise how to do it legally. I think American sockets isn't a British Standard :( Very grateful for the advice.
  35. D

    Domestic Getting Contractor switches fitted - Northernpowergrid area

    If you ask the DNO (Northern Powergrid) about contractor switches they'll send you to Meterplus (a division of NPower) and Meterplus will want to extract £82 plus VAT from your pocket. However if you find the supplier is NPower or British Gas your in luck. First find the supplier by...
  36. E

    Questions :- working in Saudi

    Hi all , I've searched on net a bit only gives job description and not really qualification info .but can't really get a clear picture I'm hoping someone would be able to help. What are the required qualifications for working as a domestic/ industrial electrician in Saudi Arabia. What are...
  37. V

    Domestic £800 mains change

    Job yesterday customer had new db installed recently, new hager board 100a main switch all mcbs no rcds no testing done no main earth ! Took loop reading at db of 18.3ohms chap who installed db worked for british gas ! And installed it on a saturday .now got to install another db and update...
  38. G

    Domestic Professional Bull Give Trade a bad name!!

    Haha Priced up a job today. Homeowner had new bathroom fitted 2 yrs ago, but the "electrical guy" on the builders team said the electrics were in a mess and wouldn't fit the downlighters that they had brought with them. What the "electrical guy" had failed to tell them tho was that he had...
  39. L

    Earth rod needs to be installed-EDF's responsiblity???

    Hi guys, sorry for gatecrashing your forum, I am not an electrician, but hope someone can help with the following: A British Gas electrician detected a earth reading of 8ohms in my flat and advised to call out EDF to get this sorted asap, he also said it is their responsiblity to ensure...
  40. R

    Work hard ,play hard

    I am seriously concerned that we as a trade are loosing our well deserved reputation ,for being the biggest **** heads:D, Years ago electricians were voted the heaviest drinkers of all the trades:) we work the hardest ,have to know the most ,face risk of instant death,:mad: why has this changed...
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