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  1. Dan

    FIXRADIO Tradesperson of the Year 2019 - Please nominate yourself (quickly!) or let us know if you already have!

    FIXRADIO are looking for 20 nominations for their Electricians Category So please do nominate yourself (we can't nominate on your behalf, we haven't the time, and love you all the same we couldn't pick just 20 ;) but I'm sure other people can nominate on your behalf if you want to nominate each...
  2. Dan

    Express yourself with smilies :)

    Click the smilie face in the main text area and you'll get a smilies bar pop up at the bottom of the text area. You can search for smilies by clicking the down arrow. And it will remember your most used ones for those who post about bananas a lot. :)
  3. T

    Transitioning to working for yourself

    I’m 23 and for the past year or so I’ve had a steady flow of my own work come in, 2/3 days a week (some stuff I’ve had to get someone else to do as I don’t have time) I want to solely do my own stuff but the transition seems awkward. I sub full time to other companies at whatever long term...
  4. M

    More of destroy it yourself daves work....

    Well as promised from my last post. Came across this ingenious beaut today. In all fairness at least they got the neutral copper to match the colour of the insulation.
  5. Martgj90

    Exactly When can you call yourself an "Electrician"

    I'm sure this question has been asked before but it's one that has always puzzled me. I know some people say you aren't officially an electrician until you get your Level 3/AM2 however I've heard guys who only have C&G level 2s but have worked on domestic sites for years call themselves...
  6. Pete999

    Pete's Videos New tester out today, make it yourself simples.

    New tester on the market, look out electrical test instruments!
  7. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Stuff that for a game of Soldiers, change it yourself

    Or what a bummer just dropped me screwdriver, oh well it's overtime, so wtf
  8. J

    Double oven thermostat problem?

    Hi all, hopefully someone can help. I have a 2 year old Neff u14m62n0gb double oven. Last week it tripped the house out when using the main oven. On investigation the bottom element spade connector had become welded to the chassis, it had got free from its location tabs and come into contact...
  9. B

    Replacing External Photocell

    I live in a small flat complex that has a number of external lights that are controlled by "SS4" type plug in photocells. One of the cells has failed permanently on, as they normally do. Is it ok for me to change the cell, without incurring the wrath of any regulations or building inspectors...
  10. B

    What's my next move?

    Hi there all, I am now City & Guilds level 2 and want to find work, where should I look, who should I approach? I can't afford to do level 3 until I get some work. Any constructive advice is welcomed Thank you
  11. S

    Expected r1 r2 value when circuit 16.5m long

    Hi Guys stuck: A ring final circuit wired in 2.5/1.5 Resis: per m 7.41 and 12.1 what is the expected value of (r2+R2) the circuit is 16.5m long
  12. B

    confused as to what to do next

    hello there im new to the forums so take it easy on me please. im 22 at 16 went college did 4years and competed my electrical course culminating in me passing my am2 . in the6 years i have been working my father a qualified spark for over 30 years. Now 2 weeks ago m dad sadly passed away an...
  13. happyhippydad

    What am I responsible for - returning to a customer?

    Evening all.. I have had my first customer call me back (messgae left) saying that something is not working as it should! Its too late to ring him back but it sounds like the PIR is not working correctly on a flood light I installed perhaps 6 months ago. Its bound to be a faulty PIR as it was...
  14. S

    What thermal problems could exist in Airborne structures / circuits ?

    I have got an interview and have been given this topic to do a 10 min talk on. Please help me
  15. M

    Resistors In Series-Parallel

    Me again folks After Sintra helping me out yesterday i've stumbled across another problem. I've attached the problem if anyone can help or guide me in the right direction i'll know how to work these out in the future. Thanks in advance folks. Mark
  16. T

    scariest job ever

    I've worked at height, at depth, on live HV etcetera etcetera but nothing is as worrying as me missus just going into labour ! Let the electrical gods watch over me
  17. G

    honesty in the job

    Lately a lot of things happen which revolve around honesty or morales,just thought I'd throw this out and see the reaction. Your boss is a decent sort who lets you use the van outside work,and is the type who says "if you ever need any bits just help yourself" My question is this,A you use the...
  18. N

    New job.. and i need some advice

    Right this is a bit of strange one but i honestly have no one else to turn to. I also wasnt sure where to post this. So i got a new job.. finally. Its down in birmingham (im from glasgow) I qualified in feburary and basically ive been out of the game since then (workin in a pub) The issue is...
  19. C

    the correct way to wire a 63 amp rcd

    hi im new to this and just started a course with train for trade skills i was hoping someone can help in my situation at home, ive just built a workshop and fitted a consumer unit with a 63 amp rcd a 32 amp mcb a 16amp mcb and a 6 amp mcb at the moment only the 32 for sockets and 6 for lights...
  20. P

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Will niceic fail you for

    Will niceic fail you if your two examples to be assessed have been third party tested by a napit member?
  21. R

    What certification do i need to provide for a 3 phase install??

    Hi To all..First post so please be gentle.. I am a time served sparky and have recently passed the 17th IEEE.. I am currently working in a hotel, installing inverters to act as a variable speed drive on circulation pumps...This involves fitting new D class 3 pole Mcb's and rewiring throughout...
  22. H

    My Customer said, "For goodness sake stop dithering and go get yourself certified!"

    So I did and yesterday I became 'officially' competent ...... life is good :D
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