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Discuss FIXRADIO Tradesperson of the Year 2019 - Please nominate yourself (quickly!) or let us know if you already have! in the Solar Thermal Advice Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net


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FIXRADIO are looking for 20 nominations for their Electricians Category

So please do nominate yourself (we can't nominate on your behalf, we haven't the time, and love you all the same we couldn't pick just 20 ;) but I'm sure other people can nominate on your behalf if you want to nominate each other).

Information about the awards are here: Tradesperson of the Year 2019 - https://www.fixradio.co.uk/awards/

(I'm afraid staff of those promoting it can't enter! - Boooooo)


They need a couple of images, a bit of blurb about you and your business. That kinda jazz. Don't worry if you don't have a thousand work pictures and aren't articulate with your wording. Just bullet-point your own awesome skills, and the advantages your customers have when they choose you to do their electrical work.

You could perhaps get a family member, customer, partner, children, parents, whoever to help you or nominate you. Or you could surprise somebody and nominate them perhaps.

Please get involved, shared this info via social media or email or whatever. Link directly to the nomination page etc we're not looking for traffic out of this.

This is an awesome idea. Things like this and any other annual awards are strings to your bow. They help sell you as a sparky to other customers. Fill your content on rate-a-trader type websites with something unique to your business. They pay dividends long term. We've had tilers go on DIY-SOS and spend a few days working for free and still to this day they're getting business off the back of it because it shows how good they are to others and gives a talking point when you're doing quotes etc. Customers then love saying 'I had a tiler who was on DIYSOS Episode Whatever' (news travels fast when it's unique) You don't have to find customers who watch DIY-SOS or are only picking tilers that have won an award etc - It's just another string to your bow. :)

So crack on. Why you're still reading this I don't know.

Go here: Tradesperson of the Year 2019 Nomination Form. - https://www.fixradio.co.uk/awards/nominate-now/
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I gave tilers as an example mate because I don't know of any examples on here, as I don't hang around on this one usually.

I've said Electricians Category at the top. I just don't know any electricians that are doing well out of DIY-SOS they did years ago. I do tilers though.

Unless you can see tiler somewhere else in my post?

Edit: Lou proof read it and found it! haha - Thanks peeps. :)
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