1. J

    Needing to add 2 separate 50 amp double pole breakers to my service panel???

    Want to know if I can add two 50 amp breakers to my 100 amp service panel that already has 2 x 15, 8 x 20 amp, 1 x 30dp amp, and 1 x 60dp amp breakers Source URL: Electrical Forum -
  2. Lister1987

    Trainee Cutting conduit, I hate it already...

    Any tips for cutting conduit to ensure a good finish? We're starting with it at College and I hate the stuff, I end up cutting to length fine but after touching up it's all buggered. Unfortunately due to my cerebral palsy, my fine motor control is pretty shot, along with my ability to judge by...
  3. Dan

    FIXRADIO Tradesperson of the Year 2019 - Please nominate yourself (quickly!) or let us know if you already have!

    FIXRADIO are looking for 20 nominations for their Electricians Category So please do nominate yourself (we can't nominate on your behalf, we haven't the time, and love you all the same we couldn't pick just 20 ;) but I'm sure other people can nominate on your behalf if you want to nominate each...
  4. K

    Hi - learned a lot already.. many thanks!

    I came across your great site recently and have learned quite a few things that have come in handy whilst working with local sparkys to get a new property set up overseas. Many thanks to everyone here. I have a few new questions on suitability of a digital mixer valve. I haven't been able to...
  5. G

    Outside light off an already used spur in 2.5t&e

    Hi guys Wanting to put an 8 watt led light fitting outside , Only place I can get a supply from is kitchen ring main got a radial approx 4th long. now issue is the radial is already feeding combination boiler and a single socket for washing machine. If I put additional spur in for outside...
  6. The_apprentice2.0

    Blue book mistakes, BS 7671:2018 Corrigendum

    Got the night shift over Christmas lucky me o_O With it being such a busy shift (not) came across the corrections for the nice expensive book I've already bought. Might come in handy for some of the other members if not already aware. BS 7671 - IET Electrical -...
  7. GMES

    Run up to Christmas

    So lads what are your plans upto Xmas, will you be full pelt upto the death or have some of you started to wind down already. It's been a mad year for me and my lads this year so I am trying to calm it down next week, we will be still going until Friday but hopefully office bound from Thursday...
  8. sparksburnout

    Right, I'm going to be a really grumpy B*****d now

    So, whats with the Snow falling, and the Santa hat at the top??? It's only half way through November. I am surprised I havn't seen any daft sod with Xmas decorations up yet, guess it won't be long. The supermarkets have already started, can we keep XMAS until it actually IS Xmas??? There should...
  9. H


    Anyone got any books they want to sell or hand off to a better home? I'm particularly looking for the guidance notes, and (I have GN3 in yellow already) don't particularly want to part with £30 per book. Just thought a member might have a slightly older version they'd been willing to part with...
  10. N

    Another question about Trades Gateway have they made a turnaround?

    feeling slightly horrified by some of the information and stories I've read regarding these guys, having had the "sales" meeting thought I would do some background checking to see if they are even slightly legit. Funny thing is most of the bad reviews I've seen are from 2014/15 and don't add up...
  11. O

    20mm PVC conduit crossover / hopover?

    Don't do much conduit work...finishing my garage wire up and socket conduit needs to hopover the light circuit conduit. Can you buy these ready made or is it a case of bend your own? *tin helmet on*
  12. gordy ere

    best meter for EICR

    Hello Im new to the forum, got some money to spend looking for new tester for EICR REPORT . Would like any tips .
  13. terry1969

    got my practical tomorrow 2394, any tips please

    bloody gone over everything thousands of times
  14. S

    Garage Sockets

    Im looking to add 4 new sockets into a garage, there is no live sockets or anything to come off In the garage already so Im looking for something the otherside of the wall to come off of to get my live connection. I have located a socket indoors which already has two wires already going to it...
  15. Leesparkykent


    Looking to purchase a reasonably priced conduit bender if any one has one or knows of one for sale. I have one but have an underground car park to trunk/tube out starting in the next few weeks and would like another to speed the job up. Thanks Lee
  16. S

    Commercial ECA assessment

    Hi all I have an ECA assessment coming up in November. The company are already registered with the ECA but their QS left and they want me to step up. I have been a QS for Elecsa before but only for Part P in domestic dwellings. The company I work for now carries out commercial and some...
  17. P

    registering for 2391 inspection and test

    Could anyone offer me advise on how to register. Approached Niceic and all they did was offer me the new 2394 / 95 training courses.
  18. S

    dodgy work

    Been to look at an extension earlier and told by the client on arrival it's already been wired by someone else but he's been taken ill , the extension is very large and the first fix looks very rough I'm not sure I want to put my name against it just incase as some walls have been boarded ...
  19. T

    Warranty insurance

    Hi fellow sparks. This is for you folks that are with a part p scheme. Just as a matter of interest how many of your customers have taken up the warranty insurance since you first registered with them. I have to admit I don't push the boat out on...
  20. F

    Service point in out building

    Hi there. My friend is building a new house. He has decided to put service point in and out building next to new house. A duct has been run from out building to house. I will be using 16mm three core to supply house db. I've decided to use rcbo's for circuits in the house. But I am unsure if...
  21. Y

    Battery Charger

    Question for anyone who can help.... Can you tell me what can happen if a cable is oversized? I have been supplied with a battery charger with a 10mm twin+earth cable coming from it with no plug attached. It is single phase and the cable is too big for any type of commando plug to be attached...
  22. S

    Domestic multiple switching of fan

    Hi, I have a quick question... Without having to spend time sitting down and working out I'm hoping someone might have a simple solution. I have one run on fan in loft but wants to be switched and ventilated via 3 separate bathrooms. Now I'm thinking off hand that ill need a relay but I may...
  23. S

    Garage RCD question.

    Right here's the info...there's a small 2-way consumer unit in a external garage. Just a 40A main switch with two MCB's one for lights & one for sockets. Was adding lights & sockets today & the guy I work with said that as we were adding to the circuits we'd have to replace the main switch with...
  24. G

    Exposed metal work

    Does the metal support framework of a mezzanine floor require bonding to earth.The electrical installation trunking is fixed to the underside of the framework,so in effect it is earthed already via the network of trunking and metal conduit fixed to it(any advice)
  25. M

    Newly qualified but need experience (Manchester)

    Left the Army after 25 years and have got 17th Edition, C&G Inspecting and Testing and Part P. However, I need to work with someone who has lots of experience so I can learn from them. Book learning is OK, but now need hands on. I've already registered with ELECSA, but have spoken to them to...
  26. C

    Newbie (trainee)

    Hi all,I'm Blair. I've just started with New Career Skills to train as A Domestic Electrical Installer. Currently studying for : C&G (2382), C&G (2377) & EAL (Part P). Then onto C&G (2392) And also Photovoltaic Installers Course. Already finding this site a wealth of valuable information so...
  27. W

    Domestic Cooker Hood installation

    Hi, I have just purchased a Matrix MEH601 Cooker Hood, I bought it for the purpose of recirculation not ducting. There is already a plug socket for an extractor fan on the wall so the basic electrics are already in place, however I need to replace the current plug socket with a Double Pole...
  28. imago

    New lighting circuits.

    When installing a new lighting circuit into an existing installation do you follow the existing set up? Or install it to your preference or the latest 'thinking'? I'm referring to loop in, or line to switch, or line and neutral to switch. I have to run a new circuit into an existing room which...
  29. K

    DNO 1st Notification Help/ Schematic Drawings

    Hi All, Wonder if you can help me, we have only just become MCS registered and we have our first Solar PV installation planned next week, this is a 4kw but we are using a 3.6 Powerone inverter and it is capped at 16 amps, am i correct in saying that i dont need to prenotify but i have to...
  30. T

    LED driver

    Hi, I have to install few meters of led tape in an office. My question is connecting to the driver, which is supposed to be in the loft area. This is the driver: How are you connecting this kind of drivers to the mains...
  31. S

    Credit Checking Customers

    I am looking at starting a sub company credit checking potential customer for Electricians What I am wondering how many people on here would be interested in this service? There would be a charge of something like £1 per check or 1000 checks for £100 or something like that. If you would...
  32. R

    Rcd or not?

    Do you guys use RCD'S on solar pv supplies or is a mcb and D/P switch sufficient?
  33. M

    Working out AC on a 50kW array

    Hi I need help in the design of a 50kW PV system, 3 phase inverter so 50000W divided by 400V = 125A. 125A divided by the square root of 3 (1.732) =72.17A per phase. is this right?
  34. W

    3.6 Kw PV with 6Kw wind

    Hi, I'm due to install a 3.6Kw system on a property with an existing 6Kw Wind turbine. I have applied for it with the DNO because it already has the 6Kw wind turbine. The installation is 3 Phase and I intend to connect the PV system to a different phase to the wind turbine. Has anybody had...
  35. F

    Niceic PV course

    Hi people, I am an approved niceic contractor mainly doing commercial/industrial work with the odd domestic. I am thinking of doing the photovoltaic course with the niceic, only because its the only one ive really looked at on there website! Basically want to know if i do the course at about...
  36. widdler

    PASS training centre opening in the south.

    Some of you may not know that 'Main Electrical Training' went bust at the beginning of August. All outstanding students were left in the dark and advised to seek credit card refunds if applicable. PASS have, as a goodwill gesture, committed to assisting these students to complete obtaining...
  37. B

    Lighting circuit calculation help

    Hi everybody, I've been asked at college- when installing additional lights to a house, whether it is necessary to install a seperate circuit when the existing lighting circuit already contains 10 lighting outlets. I know as a rule of thumb it's 10 lighting outlets per circuit, but what...
  38. M

    heating controls

    iv got contactors,timers and stats to fit to panel heater circuits today and tomorrow BUT unknown to guy who surveyed( had a look and counterd heaters) there is a system inplace already its dimplex panelheaters with controler modules which are removable and a wall mounted timer stat which...
  39. P

    Hi from Greater Manchester

    Hi ! my name is John White , please be gentle, I am a newbie not only to this sight but also to this Industry. I live in Leigh nr Wigan / Bolton and work as a Mobile Dj however I am just starting a new business In - Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, but prefer PAT Testing...
  40. D

    Fuse 40 with appliance 13 amps

    Hi there, in the fuse box I hava fuse for 40 amps and an "heavy" wire going to the cooker. However my cooker is 13 amps! Normally I would have changed the 40 amps fuse from the box but the plug of the cooker is fused, with a 13 amps fuse. So I guess that is enough to prevent the cooker from...
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