induction hob

  1. N

    Upgrade breaker for induction hob?

    Hello. Please could I double check something as I have zero clue about electrics. I have a 32a breaker on its own circuit currently feeding my 5.9kw hob. I'm upgrading to a 7.35 induction hob. My electrician said I NEEDED to upgrade my breaker as it definitely wasn't ok to use on the 7.35kw...
  2. N

    UK Induction Hob

    I am PAT testing an induction hob. It passes the Earth test, but then fails on the Insulation Test. Item is about 3 years old, no damage to unit or cables both inside and outside....Any thoughts
  3. A

    New Plug In Induction Hob Tripping Electrics Occasionally

    Hi all, we had our gas hob removed months ago and finally just got round to putting an induction hob in. Its a normal 4 ring induction but one of these newer 13amp ones with a moulded plug on. In the kitchen we have a 45amp cooker switch on the wall which feeds a 2 gang socket in the cupboard...
  4. W

    joining wire for induction hob

    hi looking to install a new induction hob to current wiring . the wiring i have is thick white probably about 15mm wide and is hard wired into current hob and isolation switch . now i don't really want to rip all the tiles off to get at the cable .and the new hob seems to have thinner wires...
  5. Vortigern

    Baumatic two zone induction hob - Needs a 20A double pole switched fused spur...

    Looking at instructions for installation for Baumatic BHI300 it requires a 20A Double pole (3mm separation) switched fused spur, I quote pretty well verbatim from the pdf manual! I have never heard of such an accessory, but I have lived a sheltered life and willing to be surprised. Anyone heard...
  6. D

    PIV851FB1E Bosch Induction Hob Install

    Hello, Looking at changing out my gas hob for the PIV851FB1E Bosch Induction Hob. The Induction hob is 7400W and by my calculations this would be 7400/230=32.2A Was after advice on the best method for install. Can this be powered direct from the CU with appropriate MCB or is it necessary to...
  7. D

    Zanussi 7.35kW induction hob power cable

    Hi all, I’m now ready to install my hob, I have a 32A MCB with 6mm T&E feeding a 50A rated switched supply at the worktop. The hob isn’t supplied with a power cable and the manual says it needs connected using a H03V2V2-F or H05BB-F cable with a temperature withstand of 90 deg C minimum. I’ve...
  8. S

    Electric sensation when touching pots on induction hob

    About 5 years ago during a full refurb on my house I re-wired the property myself (old aluminium wiring) in line with 17th edition. I had it all checked by building control and received the EICR certificate which passed on each part without any faults etc. The earthing arrangement is TN-C-S. I...
  9. onthetools

    Wiring induction hob (not working)

    Hi all, I've just tried wiring an indesit IB65B60 induction hob. I read the instruction manual and it said for 240v connections to put the brown/black wires together on the live circuit, earth for earth and the blue/grey wires on the neutral. When I turned the power back on the induction hob...
  10. R

    UK Induction Hob swap/install

    Hi all I'm in the process of swapping out my 4 zone CDA induction hob for a 5 zone Bosch. Currently the existing wire starts as a 5 core cable that is crimped at the induction hob end into 3 core cable. The Bosch comes with a shorter cable which has 5 core on both ends. I'd like to try and...
  11. D

    Cable sizes for fan oven and induction hob

    Hi all, looking for some clarification on MCB and cable sizes I need to run for a new kitchen. Cables will run through a combination of uninsulated platerboard ceiling, down the wall behind dot n dab plasterboard and in enclosed plaster where channels are repaired. The online cable size...
  12. K

    Induction job fuse help

    My CDA induction hob model HN6111FR went pop anyone advise if there a fuse in the hob itself ?
  13. vidriduch

    Another oven installation

    Hi, we are replacing our old hob and cooker and I need a bit of help, to make sure all is safe. This is the oven and hob specs: AEG IKB64401FB 60cm Induction Hob Amperage 32A Aperture needed H4.4 x W56 x D49cm Burner power Left front - Power/Diameter: 2300/3700W/210mm. Rear - Power/Diameter...
  14. A

    7. 3 kw INDUCTION HOB

    Can I run a 7.3Kw induction hob off of 2 x 16 amp circuits single phase I'm not sure what size cable is installed, I will check. Would I be be able to run with the 2 x 16amp breakers or should I install a single 32 amp breaker with separate RCD? Thanks in anticipation.
  15. B

    UK Add 13a socket to cooker circuit?

    Hi, The current state of play is a standalone combined oven and hob supplied by single cooker circuit with 40A RCBO, 6mm cable, isolated by cooker control switch and the unit is hardwired to cooker connection unit. The plans are to change to built in oven and separate hob. The supply demands...
  16. mrmitch85

    Connecting induction hob

    Hi, Just looking for a bit of advice here. I am considering swapping my existing 4 burner gas hob for a Bosch induction one. I am not proposing to carry out any electrical connections myself, but simply finding out what my options are at this stage. The setup I currently have: a dedicated...
  17. Pretty Mouth

    Cable for connecting induction hob

    The manufacturers instructions for an induction hob I will be fitting in the new year are telling me to use either H03V2V2-F or H05BB-F (basically 90degree PVC or rubber flex) for the connection. These are difficult to get hold of in the couple of meters of 4mm that I need, and I'm...
  18. P

    Checking a second hand induction hob

    Hi all, A quick question, we are looking to purchase an induction hob and have been considering a second hand option, if one could be found that's almost new. We have found someone selling an Electrolux one, that is claimed to be unused and looks like it is still in the packaging (minus any...
  19. G

    Can I run oven and induction hob off 40A circuit?

    Hi, I'm a DIY'er but not a DIY electrician. I have a 3.5kW oven (15A min. 20A max. fuse) and want to connect a separate 7.4kW hob on the same 40A kitchen circuit. Looking at other posts in this forum it looks like it’s ok with a dual outlet, but do you need the cable dia. To check this first, or...
  20. P

    Induction hob and oven not working properly

    Hi guys here is the situation,switching all 4 heaters in induction hob(7.4kW)and it stops working.Taking out the oven (2.5kW)which is just underneath and find out that hob and oven are both plugged in to double socket.There is no cooker connection unit but there is cooker switch above.From the...


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