1. R


    Truly astonishing.
  2. L

    Smeg range cooker tripped electrics, looks burnt on inspection

    Hi All, My 1 and half Smeg cooker recently tripped when using the main fan oven. It was during quite a long period of cooking a roast. We reset the electrics and continued without issue. A few days later it happened again and now it does not get hot. The smaller oven still works. I assumed...
  3. michaelw6

    Park homes electrics (portable building)

    Hay guys and gals, doing my first park home CU change. I cannot find a copy of an installation cert for a portable dwelling can anyone point me in the correct direction please. And a quick question. the customer said the last electrician has quoted to install a Double Earthing for the oil roads...
  4. edesonc

    Imist installation electrics

    Hi Are there any electricians out there covering Oxfordshire that have experience fitting electrics for a residential imist fire suppression system (Residential Properties | Fire Suppression Systems | iMist - https://www.imist.com/residential-properties/), had a loft conversion and as ground...
  5. M

    Car heater electrics - wrx 2003 impreza

    Don’t know if anyone can help me. My car heater blower is getting no power until the car gets up to running temperature only then will it kick in. Once up to running temp it works great on all settings. I have changed relay, resistor and the motor but it’s still the same… any ideas?
  6. Lucien Nunes

    Lucien's vintage fairground electrics thread

    In which we can discuss and reminisce about such wonderful and fascinating subjects as: The origin of the Ward-Leonard speed control system Speedways, octopuses & big wheels Old British trucks Summer evenings, girls & candy floss Orange 2-pin plugs Tungsten light bulbs Mather & Platt dynamos...
  7. Northernjay81

    Advice please regarding Electrics issues

    Hi, looking for a bit of advice by those in the know. Living in a rented property (sadly not cheap at all) and had so many issues within 4 months it's unbelievable. Was just looking for a quick bit of advice in relation the pictures attached. Been advised by a friend in the building industry...
  8. S

    Tow bar electrics issue

    Hi I have had a TEB7AS isolation relay module fitted to my 2014 Skoda Fabia for many years and have had no lighting issues whatever when I plug in to the 7 pin tow bar socket whether it be bike carriers or various trailers. However I now have an issue with a new tow ball bike carrier. All...
  9. littlespark

    Caravan site vs caravan electrics

    There’s been a few recent threads about caravans, caravan sites etc, and I thought I’d post up some photos I took today while on one such site. This is on a caravan club site, so I would assume it’s all done correctly. Main HV transformer for just this site. 208 pitches, 2x shower blocks...
  10. J

    Garage Electrics - Fitting a light and another socket with fused spur.

    Hi all, I have recently bought a house. The garage is at the end of the garden and has a double socket. The socket is on the ring and not a spur. It has 2 live, 2 neutral and 2 earths. It was basically falling off the wall so want to replace it. The garage has no lighting so I want to fit a...
  11. A

    Classic Mini 1979 Upgrade problem

    Hello, 1979 classic Mini neg earth, been updated from glass fuse to blade fuses in a side entry fuse box with a few extra ports for accessories. Everything is working fine. BUT. I want to hardwire in a USB port which should be simple but I can't seem to get any luck. (Like everything with a...
  12. Lucien Nunes

    Lucien's quick Tuesday quiz

    Every three weeks I get to hang around the Royal Free Hospital between blood tests, physical exam, scans etc that take a few hours of separate appointments. Not all locations in the building have enough signal to get an internet connection so I tend to work offline writing letters etc. This...
  13. B

    Nightmare - Farm Electrics

    Just thoughts Id share my recent fun and games on my parents farm.. The electrics are old. Its a 400yr old house with outbuildings just as old plus steel framed buildings. So the farm supply is a 80a single phase supply. The house also comes off the same pole outside and also has an 80a fuse...
  14. D

    Minor electrics for shed

    At my board everything is RCD protected. I have built a shed off the side of the house, I was going to drill through into the house in order to supply my shed with a socket and some lights. I'm not bothered about effort/mess/cost here - purely whatever is safest, so a few questions if anyone...
  15. H

    First and second fix electrics

    Hi. I've had a kitchen extension done and the builder has charged for first and second fix electrics. He has since said that my consumer unit needs upgrading to add more RCBOs but this will cost me extra. I would've thought this should be included, am I wrong? He has also said that I will need...
  16. Neptune

    Garage electrics from main house

    We have a garage attached to the property and are having it converted to an office with a small toilet. Electrics will include, internal lights, an external light, a few sockets and a extractor fan. There is a cable coming into the garage currently from the house and is connected into the main...
  17. C

    Room on wheels- electrics???

    Hi I am building a conference room on wheels, the purpose of this is to be mobile. I wanted just one plug coming out to power the room. Inside I would like to have 4 plug sockets built under the desk, and 2 plug sockets in the roof. The cables will be built into the walls and I am concerned with...
  18. OnlQQker

    Just When I Thought I Was Understanding Electrics To A Small Degree...

    I go and watch something like this...
  19. sythai

    After you thoughts on this tap positioning/ vs electrics please ?

    Hi Guys After you thoughts on this tap positioning/ vs electrics please ? (not the isolators/ mini DB being in a cupboard) Did a kitchen refurb here a little while ago and have come back to this little surprise 🚰! Tap now in adjacent part of cupboard, is sectioned off though. (For their...
  20. P

    Apprenticeship gas or electrics

    Hello I’ve recently started an electrical apprenticeship was just wondering if I’ve made the right choice between that and doing gas in terms of money in the future and job opportunities, thank you
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