1. T

    Rcd spur for Bathroom electrics

    Hi Everyone , I hope everyone is having an awesome week, I know this question has probably been covered before on previous posts, but wanted to get everybody else’s opinion and take on it. So I’m quoting on a job and it entails replacement of existing central light in the bathroom for five...
  2. G

    Ford Ka electrics

    I have a really wierd starting issue with a 2011 Ford Ka tdci. If I jump in and start up the battery warning light stays on and the electric steering doesn't click into action. The battery is however charging at 14v, If I restart but only within 20 seconds everything is fine. Even if I just...
  3. C

    Additional fused spur

    As a rank amateur at electrics I had hoped to have an electrician complete the mains connection to my low voltage garden lighting. Owing to the lockdown this isn’t possible so I’m going to have a go. Question - I already have a fused spur, fed from a double socket, to feed an outdoor garden...
  4. N

    UK Garage electrics - analysing quotes

    Hi everyone. I have had two quotes for work but one is twice as expensive as the other and I can't determine which is the better of the two. I believe both are valid and can explain some of the differences, but I'd appreciate some feedback please. Work required: I have a 13A fused spur in the...
  5. OnlQQker

    How Old Was You When You Became Interested In Electrics?

    I was 7. I painstakingly removed 2 screws from a power socket with a small pair of scissors and then tried to unscrew the live in the same fashion. This is how I became painfully became interested in them, how about you?
  6. N

    Log Cabin Electrics

    Hi, after some advise. I have had a log cabin installed at the end of my garden and I wish to run power to it, at this moment in time I am not in a position to work out cable lengths and voltage drop more about regulations. So my intention is as follows. I have a currently un-used 32 amp...
  7. G

    Summer house electrics

    Hi I am a DIYer and have been looking for an electrician to complete work. I want to run electrics to my summer house which is going to be used as an office/ entertainment room (Man Cave). I discussed going from the hous cu with armoured cable - but this required updated my house cu box which...
  8. M

    External Electrics, cable

    Hi all, I'm after a second opinion before I allow somebody to do the work on my garden in Yorkshire. I got a few quotes from qualified electricians to run electrics from the house to a garden room (approximately 6m away). Each electrician (including the one I instructed) made mention of the...
  9. N

    Bedroom light when on flashes when other lights in flat switch on

    Hello!! New here experienced in live entertainment engineering. Not confident in home electrics!
  10. J

    Why are my electrics intermittently tripping?

    Hi there - hoping for some advice, as I am literally clueless about electrics. Over the last week or so, our electrics have tripped a couple of times - before today, it was always middle of the night, so I assumed the thermostat or boiler kicking in. But then yesterday and today, it’s been more...
  11. C

    Electrics nearby dog washing station?

    Hi, We are extending our kitchen and putting a "dog washing station" in the corner of the room which is basically a small shower cubical with a bidet hose (hose is going to be plumbed in about 1M above the ground level) Do you know what the legal requirements would be in terms of electrics...
  12. S

    Domestic Electrics problem....

    Hi all. New to the forum and I have absolutely no knowledge of electrics... At the end of my garden I have a workshop and garage. I'm currently 'doing up the garage'. The garage has it's own consumer unit which does the garage and the workshop. There were lots of wires trailing off behind the...
  13. P

    whats the best book to buy for motorcycle diy electrics

    whats the best book to buy for motorcycle diy electrics
  14. S

    Customer wiring own electrics

    Hey guys Went to a customer today who wanted some electrical work looking at. Turned up and he showed me a granny annexe he had wired himself. (He has assured me he has 30years experience in the industry) he now wants it testing and certifying and a part p certificate issuing. I’m not...
  15. R

    Motorcycle Electrics - indicators on my VTX1300

    I've just replaced the indicators on my VTX1300 and one doesn't seem to work. Everything was working before I swapped them over from globe type to LED. The front indicator worked when I first connected it, but I can't get it to work now. Is there a trick to the wiring?
  16. B

    Conservatory Electrics

    Hi Guys, Newbie here and I don't have any electrical qualifications, we are planning on having a conservatory built this summer and would like to have lighting and a few sockets installed. Does it have to go through part P tested?
  17. John Matrix

    Changing to Auto Electrics

    Has anyone made a change into auto electrics? I just have a level of curiosity about it. Don’t know why. Just thought I would see if anyone else has done it, Kind regards
  18. A

    Camping pod electrics

    Hi All, Has anyone any experience in putting electrics into camping pods (all wooden). I was going to just treat it like a shed/garage with electrics but then wondered if it might come under camp site / caravan regs (section 708, 721) as eventually there will be more than one of them. One...
  19. Y

    Commercial The right way to setup electrics at an event?

    Hi all, I've recently ventured into hiring products and providing services for events/weddings etc. We've been at it for a couple of years now and it's going well. I currently just use a MASTERPLUG LDCT2513BQ/4-XD 13A 4-GANG 25M CABLE REEL 240V extension cable to plug in 2 x 1000w 13amp coil...
  20. happyhippydad

    Working on electrics with 2 supplies.

    I have little knowledge of PV. When working on circuits supplied by a domestic CU, is it fine to just have the main switch off in the CU or should you be isolating the PV as well? The stickers all over the CU's in this example all say to disconnect both supplies.
  21. S

    Electrician Garden electrics, advice and possible work please

    Hi guys, I need to run some power in my garden. Depending on what’s required I might be looking for an electrician to do the work. The cable run is about 30m and I want around 4 double sockets along it. The questions are, Can I spur it from an existing internal socket? Keeping the spur on the...
  22. M

    New Fuse Box Needed for 110v Electrics

    Hello Guys, I have a strange, yet accurate title: I am the Vintage Member for the WBCCI. That is the club for people who own Airstreams. (the aluminium bodied, curved caravan, or as we call them: A Travel Trailer) In my case, the Euro branch. This means that members who have problems come...
  23. K

    Domestic Electrics Revamp Project

    Long Post Warning Lots of Questions: Thank you in advance for your patience and advice: Hi All In the next few weeks I'm planning to have a fair amount of electrical work done. The main project is revamping the electrics in the garage. At the moment the garage gets its power via a 2.5mm twin...
  24. D

    Electrics came back on without doing anything

    All electrics in the garage went out. It was caused by a heater fan I had one for a hour or so. It is a very very old heater fan. I presume it's got a fault. Anyhow there is a board in the garage and also a board in the house. The house lights were fine and nothing tripped out. The garage...
  25. J

    Electrician Electrics tripping the rcd and can’t locate why

    I’m not an electrician but know to try to identify what is tripping the RCD. Top floor electrics tripped. Thought identified heating was the culprit as tripped when boiler switched on at mains tripped the rcd. Kept that off on rcd board but then when tried bathroom lights that tripped Rcd, as...
  26. J

    Only 1 Fridge door tripping electrics help please

    Hi all Hotpoint American style fridge freezer model FFA40X keeps tripping the electrics not the lights when the left hand door is opened. It doesn’t do it if the ugh hand side door is opened. It trips if both doors are opened at the same time too. The fridge has been tested and all good. What...
  27. S

    Part P signoff on self-installed electrics in a new build

    I'm building a house, and I HAD been looking to do the bulk of the electrics myself, and then get it tested and signed off. I now understand this can be just as expensive and more complicated than having an electrician come in and do it himself. Any thoughts on this, please, and if it IS viable...
  28. L

    New to electrics, new to the forum. Hello.

    Hey everyone. My name is Luke and I am currently studying Level 2 Diploma in Electrical installations, with the hope of going all the way to my AM2 test in 2 years time. I decided to retrain after spending 4 years in the family business of scaffolding and so far am loving every second of it...
  29. cprfenom

    Anyone have experience in Canadian electrics or the process to challenge the exams

    Hi All, As the title says, is there anyone here with Canadian electrical experience or the processes in getting your skills recognized in order to challenge the exams? I am looking at options to move to St johns in Newfoundland
  30. dazkgoodwin

    Auto electrics - Halfords not accepting blame for tyre pressure monitoring fault

    This year I had 2 front tyres replaced, front discs and pads replaced (24 Aug), and I was quite pleased with the price and service, however since going in for this work the tyre pressure monitoring on my Vauxhall Corsa (2015 Limited Edition) is showing the pressures for the 2 front pressures the...


    Hi all, I visited a property yesterday which consists of two shops with a flat above each shop. This was a preliminary visit on behalf of the new owners who are looking to refurbish and rent out. I went to check out the supply, bonding etc. and found a single phase supply feeding both shops and...
  32. O

    French Electrics don’t you just love them

    Thoughts !!
  33. C

    Wonderful world of electrics

    Pic from a electrical mag,is this what we expect now,is this neat.. I don’t think so.
  34. K

    French electrics and radiators

    Hi Guys, Anyone here up on the French regs? I have a house in France which has no heating so was looking at electric rads. Just wondering can I plug them into existing sockets, run a new radial circuit dedicated just to rads or a new radial circuit for each individual rad like washing macines...
  35. Christopher Parkinson

    Electrics for a sunbed

    Hi all, (First post and I'm not an electrician). I'm trying to manufacture a sunbed. By picking the brains of the very helpful and knowledgeable people at UV logistics I now know what electrical parts are needed and they can supply. Cad/cam drawings for the bed are done. I now need an...
  36. Soulsurfer

    Fountain pump electrics!

    Hi again, Callout to a fountain in a very large property which the we can do it all foreign gardener types have tried to unsuccessfully change out a draper pump for it, picture cast lion heads spitting water out x 6! They said they couldn't get it running and showed me the little plug and...
  37. Yozza19

    Site temporary electrics

    Any one no any other companies for 10kvas MDAs ect I used to use Blakley and swapped to elbjorn witch was awful equipment but blakley is so expensive when they just get bashed around on site
  38. S

    American Electrical Problem

    I thought that some of you would find this amusing: Switch box shocks badly. - Straight Dope Message Board - https://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=856313
  39. H

    Advice for someone clueless

    Hi and apologies in advance for probably a stupid question, I admit to being clueless. We have just filled in a pond in the garden of our new house and there is a socket on the side of our raised decking with an old broken pump/filter thingy that used to be in the pond (previous owner)...
  40. telectrix

    nothing to do with electrics

    as title. it's a 2 piece sofa/settee. red leather. 3 seater and a 2 seater. the 3 seater is 6'6" length, the 2 seater is 5'6". in good but not quite mint condition. selling due to upgrade to powered tilt thingy. pic. shows 3 seater. 2 seater is identical but, of course a bit smaller. can deliver...
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