1. A

    Testing ACBs during Periodic inspection

    Hello everyone! Has anyone been asked to test the main building incomers like ACBs as part of Periodic Inspection? If yes, do you give this part of the work to 3rd party? and what is the process and how you verify the report? some of my bigger clients are asking for this test to be done. Thanks...
  2. C

    Looking for Solar Inspection form s and tests after an installation was done

    Looking for Solar Inspection form s and tests after an installation was done
  3. Sparksaflyin

    Tips for my first niceic inspection

    Hi people. I’ve got my first niceic inspection in a few weeks. Any advice on what to expect? What type of installations to show them? Any tips to get through it smoothly would be greatly welcomed. Thanks fellas ( and girls )
  4. J

    EAL or C&G Inspection and Testing?

    Evening fella's, I'll soon be enrolling on the inspection and testing course but ensure which is best. Both EAL and C&G are recognised and both offer the same end result. They are also both the same price although the structure of the eal course is better with the exams. Does anyone know of a...
  5. marconi

    The importance of inspection with the eyes

    Recently, my wife and I organised a charity supper and we cooked for it using 20 slow cookers borrowed from family and friends. I was pre-occupied with cooking, but my wife - who I had taught how to wire a plug years ago - thought it would be a good idea to check the plugs on those we had...
  6. S

    Inspection champers/manhole for power cables

    Hello guys I want to install underground 5 core 16mm cable and Ethernet cable I want to feed power and data from an old building to a new one. Just in the foundation phase now so it is good time to install conduit and inspection chambers. Can you recommend a small and compact chamber in...
  7. Michael J

    Endoscope Inspection Camera

    Has anyone used these cameras? Are they any good?
  8. D

    Industrial Inspection and Testing

    Is it against the law put the installation into service without inspection and testing ?
  9. Nuno Gomes

    MCB/RCBO/RCD/Fuses - Periodic inspection

    Hi guys. A quick question. - When people do periodic inspection, is it considerad a defect on the intalation if the Protective diveces are no from the same brand? - In a TP instalation using fuses should the 3 fuses be from the same brand? I´m almost sure that I've herad that during my...
  10. C

    Inspection needed........

    Hi, never worked domestic. We need an inspection / certification on a business with a dwelling above. Looking on the NICEIC website, they have approved contractors, presumably they are the superhero’s that can carry this out?
  11. Top Cat

    Transportable building Periodic Inspection Report

    Long time, no see! As above, has anyone got a template for one? Cheers
  12. C

    C&G 2392-10 Fundermental Inspection & Testing

    Hello All, Company I work for have at long last agreed to let me do the 2392 fundermental inspection & testing course (would have ideally gone straight for 2391 but my testing knowledge is limited and I know I would struggle with it) I now need to pick one of the many training centres which...
  13. B

    Ryefield / bno - bs and law

    I'm interested in learning more about ryefield boards as none of my training so far has covered them. Does anyone know the relevant bs/bs en standards and legislation that applies? I've noticed g87, esqcr, iec 61439 and bs7671 seem to apply. I'd like to know about who has responsibility for...
  14. B

    Testing and inspection course

    Hi lads. I’m currently doing my apprenticeship with JTL, second year. So far I’m doing much better that I was expected from myself when started the course. I need a bit of an advice regarding my future and qualifications. If I feel capable of doing it, would it be a good idea to get testing and...
  15. S

    Test & inspection with certification

    I'm looking to getting into the test and inspection route. And certification I currently have 18th edition I did city & guilds level 2 / 3 I am a ecs card holder and have completed a pat testing course. What course's qualifications do I need to achieve this Thanks in advance Stuart
  16. C

    Fixed Wiring Inspection

    Morning, Is it still permissible to have fixed wiring in a factory inspected by an external company every 5 years? I have the company who we used last time hassling me saying its due, but are very vague on saying what 'due' means.
  17. oracle

    Inspection and testing to the First Edition

    Life was simple back in the day, raising a family and living in a shack. Then they invented electricity and people found life more exciting with a whole new way to die. Electricity was and is dangerous and in May 1882 the first rules and regulations were made protecting people from shock, fire...
  18. J

    inspection bend cover in outside plastic conduit - top or bottom?

    I have some 20mm black pvc conduit fitted outside for data cables. Should the inspection covers on the inspection bends and elbows be on top or underneath to be waterproof?
  19. B

    Queries regarding Inspection Report I've just had completed

    Hi, My first post so please go gentle on me! I had an Inspection Report (EICR) completed on my house a week a go. It failed on two items: 1) Gap at the back of sockets in the utility (which I knew about, I meant to screw these down, but I only put them up loosely as I knew I had to take them...
  20. D

    Electrical inspection and old boards with asbestos

    Hi Guys just been asked to carry out an inspection at a warehouse. Got there and first two boards I saw were the really ones with rewirable fuses asbestos flash tape and exposed bus bars. There are a couple of new boards as well My question is should I just carry out a visual and fail it...