1. R

    Recent AM2 inspection exam

    Hi I am soon to take the AM2. A friend of mine who just took, said the following items are prefilled in the test schedule. Is it true? - Type of wiring -Maximum ZS Also when comparing the Zs for the add-on paper questions. Do you write the OSG page number or the GN3 page number for...
  2. KevinH

    "Next inspection due" labels

    Hi all. I have a small question about inspection interval labels. We all know to fit one of these labels with the relevant date upon completion of a new installation, CU replacement etc, and upon a "satisfactory" EICR.....but what about an "unsatisfactory" EICR? Do you guys still fit a new label...
  3. J

    Voltage Optimiser Inspection

    Hi i've been asked to look into an existing voltage optimiser unit, and provide feedback on it whether or not it needs to be replaced. Is there anything i should particularly look out for? Customer also wants the info on size and type i assume this info will be on the VO?
  4. L

    Am2 Inspection and Testing

    I recently just done my AM2 resit and in my inspection and testing, despite the invigilator watching me do the tests, I think I may have forgotten to tick the RCD test button on the Electrical Installation Certificate despite actually doing it the test. Would that mean an immediate fail for not...
  5. A

    First electrical inspection

    Hi all, Hope you're all keeping well. We're having a first electrical inspection soon and was looking for some advice please on how best to prepare. Has anyone had an initial inspection recently, and if so, what kind of questions or angles does the inspector look/go for. I'm confident on the...
  6. O

    Electrical inspection EICR no RCD

    Did a couple of inspections on 2 x 2 bed ground floor flood damaged flats today, only 4 circuits in each, bizarrely one socket circuit and 2 lighting circuits and one cooker circuit in each. Just a 4 way MCB consumer unit in each without RCD protection on any circuit, built and wired in the...
  7. L

    Smeg range cooker tripped electrics, looks burnt on inspection

    Hi All, My 1 and half Smeg cooker recently tripped when using the main fan oven. It was during quite a long period of cooking a roast. We reset the electrics and continued without issue. A few days later it happened again and now it does not get hot. The smaller oven still works. I assumed...
  8. punkin

    Lost EICR Periodic Inspection

    Our company in the UK had its Periodic Inspection done over a year ago but now we’ve lost the EICR. We’ve contacted the company who did the inspection for another EICR, but they’ve said they have lost our report because of a server crash. They’ve told us we have to have the inspection done...
  9. D

    Why do i need a rewire when i've passed inspection with no issues?

    Hi I'm having some work done at my house and the electrician has said we need a full rewire. I'm a bit surprised given that we passed an inspection 2 years ago and it raised no issues at all. We've just been told that the wiring is illegal and needs changing. Maybe i'm not understanding the...
  10. R

    I hav e 2 sockets that are inacessable in my flat, I have an inspection in a few days

    Two sockets totally inacessable, council electric inspection in a week. Most sockets are accessible
  11. UKMeterman

    Electrician Jobs Periodic inspection and UFH test required 2 bed flat in Cardiff

    I am looking for someone to carry out an in service inspection and test of a two bed flat in Cardiff and also check that the under floor heating is in full working order. Property is vacant and the testing can be done over the next couple of weeks,
  12. S

    Can I complete a EICR with my qual

    Can I complete a EICR if I have a SCQF level 7 in the testing and inspection of low voltage installations.
  13. MattBUk

    Electrician says I need a new consumer unit to pass inspection - do I really?

    He says 'it's fairly important to change the consumer unit as it wont pass the Inspection in its current state.' He's coming round tomorrow to replace it, has he given me duff advice? Cheers, Matt
  14. E

    EICR testing and inspection

    Before anyone asks I am a qualified spark.. been off the tools for years and getting back into it.. In regards to EICR’s it’s been a while.. Acceptable to add R1 R2 to Ze for ZS or do you all test all 3 anyway? I know it’s not acceptable to ZS and take off ZE to get R1 R2..
  15. Retroelectric

    Inspection Cameras Any Good?

    Hello all. Does anyone have any views on using cameras to send under floorboards etc? I was thinking about getting either a borscope or cable ferret. The borescopes (£60 ish on Amazon) look pretty good as they look like you send them behind dot and dab as they are pretty small, but not sure if...
  16. B

    Residential Fixed Wiring Inspection Frequency Question

    Hi, I'm looking for advice re frequency of Fixed Wiring Inspections in Residential Apartments. We have recently had a Fire Risk assessment in which the issue was raised. The block (14 Apts, all owned not rented), is about 5yrs old and the Domestic Installation Certificate for each apartment...
  17. N

    I Need Work Inspection & Testing

    Hi everyone. I work in the industry already and do not need a job. I am just currently doing my NVQ and cannot complete the units of testing and inspection and fault diagnosis. I was wondering if anyone near Dagenham or London (travelling isn’t an issue) Could let me tag along with them for a...
  18. BiddeldyBwah

    Get 18th, Get testing and inspection, go to work?

    Sat contemplating life as normal and started thinking about this. Anyone can do the 18th and the testing and inspection qualifications. So is it not theoretically possible to do those and simply specialise in testing and inspection? I mean why go through installation courses etc if you can...
  19. Cajun_Country

    Help with bonding/grounding before inspection

    Need advice before I call for inspection on temporary power pole for new home. Power company requires ground wire to ground rod. I’m using a 2 space 70 amp panel to run two GFCI receptacles. Should my ground wires in the panel go into the neutral bar? If they don’t reach, can I use a jumper...
  20. C

    Electrical panel in a closet in a closet

    Hello, everyone. First post here. And that's not a typo in the subject line. I am finishing part of my basement to put in a new master bedroom, bathroom, and closet. I was planning on putting the panel in the walk-in closet but enclosing it in a full enclosure of the appropriate size (floor to...


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