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    EICR in HMO

    Carried out an EIRC at an HMO. This only concerns issues found on the CU. Neutral bar loose and snapped from casing. Neutral linkon both RCDs damaged. One breaker incorrect branding. jagged saw marks cut out of CU casing (plastic). One RCD only just passed its times trip test. My issue is I...
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    Testing small Hmo smoke alarms

    I’ve been asked to inspect a bunch of small Hmo LD2 smoke alarm systems by a landlord which certificates are best for this?(I am a 1 man band mainly domestic installer )any advice would’ve appreciated ,thanks
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    hmo fire detection

    In a building that is in the process of being converted into an hmo (11 flats) does the fire detection system need to be interconnected through each flat or just the common areas with standard smoke detectors in each flat
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    HMO Room Wiring

    I am planning to create a 6 bedroom HMO , to be leased to the local council (Short term lets). Their surveyor has said that each room needs to have its own consumer unit. ie Only one room will trip if there is fault Has anybody got experience of this or done this ? I have asked a electrician...
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