1. R

    HMO regulations for electrics

    Is this acceptable for a flat in an eight flat HMO there are three floors.
  2. M

    3 storey,9 bed HMO just needs a few lithium smoke?

    Hi, I'm completely rewiring a 9 bed 3 storey HMO in Jan, The fire detection required is just some linked lithium detectors in the bedrooms/hallways kitchen etc with some emergency lights in the hallways. The thing is I'm doing the rip out after Christmas and I'll be removing everything...
  3. LukeL81

    Circuit Design - HMO refurb

    Hi Pretty new here, so not sure if this question goes into this thread I am not an electrician; however, I plan to integrate IOT devices and smart energy meters into the electricals of a house of multiple occupancies. The house will have six bedrooms, 2 on the ground floor and 4 on the first...
  4. D

    Emergency lighting HMO compliance

    Hi all Got a question regarding HMO compliance. Visited property today for landlord looking to apply for an HMO license for one of their properties. She hasn't received any detailed stipulations from council on requirements for emergency escape lighting although this will be required as...
  5. Jimbo_McSparkface

    UK AFDD - Has this left a loophole for landlords?

    Recently been working on a system design for a LL. I was told the building would be a three floor 16 room HMO, so the design was done to the current Regs for that use. When the LL saw the cost of AFDD's he 'blew a fuse' and said no way was he fitting them at a cost of over 3K. I explaned that...
  6. C

    Honeywell AFDD’s for HMO

    I’ve just been to quite a job, Which is a domestic property being converted to a HMO, The current Fuseboard is Honeywell with 2 socket circuits that I need to upgrade to AFDD’s, Only I can’t find anywhere to purchase them, Does any one know where I can purchase them? Or if MK will fit? Or...
  7. P

    AFDD's in a newly licensed HMO

    Hi everyone. I want to license my home as an HMO because I intend to rent multiple rooms to different tenants. The part of the building concerned is supplied by dedicated circuits IE circuits that do not serve any other part of the building with the exception of corridor and emergency lighting...
  8. S

    Emergency lighting in HMO

    Hi guys We have being asked to install some emergency lighting at a 3 storey HMO, the lighting has being designed and it’s basically being designed to include an emergency lights on each landing and one on the stairs with relevant signs to indicate stair level changes, the ground floor has 3...
  9. Darkwood

    HMO earthing arrangements.

    I am having a debate about the requirements of earthing in an HMO - The incoming supply is 3ph 200amp and Gas and Water are bonded 50mm as needed in this case. The building is one block with its internals divided into 20 flats, each flat has its own distribution board rcd protection...
  10. Darkwood

    HMO car charging ports request.

    I will be upfront and honest I never really got involved or know too much about this so a few queries... -Do I need any paperwork, additional recognition to install several new charging points at an HMO -Are there still any grants available to the landlord to counter the costs -If I need to...
  11. A

    3 storey house HMO

    hi guys Have a 3 storey house (loft converted) that is getting converted into a HMO with 5 x bedrooms, 1 x communal living room and 1 x communal kitchen. Each bedroom has its own bathroom. The main incoming cable is on a 100amp fuse. The landlord is not bothered about what tenants elec usages...
  12. S

    EICR in HMO

    Carried out an EIRC at an HMO. This only concerns issues found on the CU. Neutral bar loose and snapped from casing. Neutral linkon both RCDs damaged. One breaker incorrect branding. jagged saw marks cut out of CU casing (plastic). One RCD only just passed its times trip test. My issue is I...
  13. M

    Testing small Hmo smoke alarms

    I’ve been asked to inspect a bunch of small Hmo LD2 smoke alarm systems by a landlord which certificates are best for this?(I am a 1 man band mainly domestic installer )any advice would’ve appreciated ,thanks
  14. W

    hmo fire detection

    In a building that is in the process of being converted into an hmo (11 flats) does the fire detection system need to be interconnected through each flat or just the common areas with standard smoke detectors in each flat
  15. M

    HMO Room Wiring

    I am planning to create a 6 bedroom HMO , to be leased to the local council (Short term lets). Their surveyor has said that each room needs to have its own consumer unit. ie Only one room will trip if there is fault Has anybody got experience of this or done this ? I have asked a electrician...
  16. D

    UK hmo wiring advice

    Hi My mate has purchased a house which is being converted into multiple occupancy (8 rooms). Unfortunately the spark passed away halfway through the job. each room has been fitted with a 2 way CU with 16a+6 breaker fed via a 4mm cable. He installed double stacked hager board with 2 main 100a...
  17. littlespark

    Student accommodation. HMO or not?

    been reading a few threads on here about HMO rentals. I’ve got a few questions if anyone has answers. This year, my eldest daughter goes to Aberdeen university. She has university accommodation for her first year, but for year 2,3 and 4, we were thinking of buying a property up there. So...
  18. sham

    Emergency Lighting for HMO PROPERTY

    I'm carrying out an inspection report certificate for emergency lighting for an HMO house. I have noticed that there are no emergency lights in the back dining area and kitchen. The electricians who fitted then, did so in 2013 only in the stair wells and front corridor leading to main door. I...
  19. J

    HMO fire test switch

    Evening evening had a job spec come through today that read: 'Services required: replace a consumer unit / fuse box Additional information: We have approximately 170 house which are converted into 2 flats A/B, under HMO registration we have had all properties inspected with an NIC visual...
  20. C


    Hello, Ive been asked to install a LD2 system and I've not put one of these in before etc I've checked the regs so I'm upto date on locations etc but not sure how to wire this system up. Could you please advise on the below. 1) Radials to each zone incorporating smokes and sounders and knock...


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