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Carried out an EIRC at an HMO. This only concerns issues found on the CU.

  • Neutral bar loose and snapped from casing.
  • Neutral linkon both RCDs damaged.
  • One breaker incorrect branding.
  • jagged saw marks cut out of CU casing (plastic).
  • One RCD only just passed its times trip test.

My issue is I have recommended a new CU. As it’s a small board and I can source the new CU for £60 (yes customer has a tight budget).
I have to change the tails anyway as they are two small and add two new socket radials. As sated the CU is only small so wouldn’t take long to swap anyway. The customer has said they can get second hand parts for this CU off another CU in another HMO. The CU is no longer manufactured and I don’t feel comfortable installing second hand parts into the CU. What would you do?


Nope not for me sounds like you’d be saving up grief for ya self, get paid give them the report quote for works job done.....that’s a small unit for an HMO mate, How many circuits are there and how ya gonna fit spd AFFD etc if needed?
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Yeah tiny board mate. 1 lighting circuits one socket circuit, shower and cooker. Circuits actually test out ok with a few C3’s. Iv recommended a rewire to separate circuits etc. No SPDs or AFFDs and the owner have signed a document saying they don’t want them after Iv explained the reasons. HMO licensing any NIC are happy Iv recommended and they have declined


HMO’s do seem to be the lucrative rental market these days. I see they’re usefulness in housing single people, but the rent per room is way more added up than say one family renting the entire house. And that’s taking the landlords extra expenses into consideration.
Not many around here. Too many ex council one bed flats and non registered private lets
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