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  1. Floody

    Picking up work tips.

    Hey folks. currently work shifts as an industrial JIB spark in the steel industry, I get a lot of time off. I currently sub out to a mate on my days off on domestic stuff for a bit of extra bucks. Ive done a few domestic bits and bobs myself for a builder but I’d like to start going at it...
  2. M

    Need advice you wish you knew when you was studying.

    First I just want to say that I'm not even a trainee I just had no other option to choose. I am still studying the first year in Norway to become an electrician and I need some tips you can give to me that you wish you knew when you were studing first time or in general any small tips or...
  3. FatAlan

    Decommissioning ceiling roses .. any tips.

    Any tips .. good practice decommissioning ceiling roses. Recommendations re small MF JB that can be used to maintain continuity of the loop and poke back up above ceiling without knocking too bigger hole?
  4. DeanoRN

    tips for periodic inspection and testing.

    good afternoon all, ok so just wondering if anyone has some tips and advice for domestic testers in the social housing sector. I am now working with a company who do a a lot of social housing periodic testing (change of tenancy) etc and i was wondering how everyone does there testing, do they...
  5. M

    productivity tips for 2nd fix wanted

    Hello, I am currently working on a big housing estate 'house bashing'. Does anyone have some tips/strategy to work more efficient and productive ? 1569515225
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