1. J

    Light circuit mock up

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice/constructive criticism. Ive tried to mock up a 2 way light circuit and want to make sure its wired up correctly (see attached images) I've used 1mm Twin and earth & 3 core and earth. Please let me know your thoughts/concerns. Anything you see that needs...
  2. Lister1987

    Apprentices Mature Student (32) looking for hands-on experience - Warrington and surrounding areass

    I'm currently in the early stages of my career development (read as currently 3 months in 2365 Level 2) and I'm looking to get some hands on experience, an apprenticeship at my age would be great but I'll take what I can get. Full disclosure; I am disabled but I don't let that stop me from...
  3. SairaJoy

    I'm currently an EE college student. Need to ask 6 interview style questions regarding workplace writing requirements for EE's

    Current EE college student with questions for advanced technical writing assignment. (I am supposed to interview an Electrical Engineer about workplace writing expectations/requirements)... 1 - On a daily basis, how much time/energy do you spend on writing/producing documents? 2 - How often do...
  4. Part 7 of Solving Circuits with Kirchhoffs Laws final part | Theory for Electricians and Trainees

    Part 7 of Solving Circuits with Kirchhoffs Laws final part | Theory for Electricians and Trainees

    The final part in the series of Solving Circuits with Kirchhoffs Laws. We recommend watching the previous parts before this one.
  5. Part 3 - Solving Circuits with Kirchhoffs Laws | Trainee Electricians and Student Videos

    Part 3 - Solving Circuits with Kirchhoffs Laws | Trainee Electricians and Student Videos

    Trainee electricians and electrical students should watch part 3 of the solving circuits with Kirchhoffs Laws series. Please watch parts 1 and 2 first.
  6. Z

    Trainee Has anyone joined a student membership scheme?

    I was wondering if anyone has joined a student membership program for networking and study support such as NICEIC? Does being a member provide you with much help with NVQ training? And do they help you to get a job with a company, or is it just for self employed electricians? Thanks, Zane
  7. K

    Hi everyone (new member)

    Hi all, I'm new here - thought I'll say hello before asking any questions. I'm Kuba, 30 and I live in London. I’m doing a City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 & 3 course and hopefully going straight to work after I complete my training. I've been a pub manager for last 5 years and decided for a career...
  8. L

    Fire alarm cabling student accommodation

    hi all! I’m working on a new build student accommodation block wiring for fire alarm. I have been instructed to use perforated banding as containment across the stud walls above the ceilings as they won’t allow us to put any containment up. Now this to me feels a bit dog rough. Can anybody...
  9. Marti

    Megger LT320&RCDT310. Function Query from a student.

    G'd Evening People, Nearly finished my 2365 Level Three and really enjoyed the study; especially the inspection, testing and problem solving. To this end (ooh er, mrs) a friend has lent me a pair of Megger testers until I can fork out for the MFT. My query is that the LT320 seems to lack the...
  10. El Davo

    New to the trade! Any advice?

    Hi all. I'm after some advice as a mature student. I have just received my ecs labourers card, and have been given some weekend work while I transition into a new career. I'm currently studying my 2365 lvl2, with the aim to start my 2365 lvl3 in September along with the new 18th edition regs...
  11. R

    Electrical Estimation Course?

    Hi there I was just wondering whether there are any types of electrical estimation courses available? I am currently working at a company doing CAD and have the opportunity to learn to do electrical estimating alongside someone, but I do not understand a lot of what is needed or what things...
  12. B

    What's my next move?

    Hi there all, I am now City & Guilds level 2 and want to find work, where should I look, who should I approach? I can't afford to do level 3 until I get some work. Any constructive advice is welcomed Thank you
  13. W

    Worried Student

    Hi, im a City and Guilds Electrical Installation student level 3. I have exams next week and I am really worried. Any help would be appreciated. my job depends on it. Thank you
  14. R

    Clarkson Evans Assessment Day

    Hello all, great forum. I've applied for an apprenticeship with Clarkson Evans and have been called for an assessment day next month. I'm a mature student (mid 30's!) and haven't been on an assessment day in my life! I haven't got a clue what to expect, received a phone call and a couple of...
  15. S

    Grid Tie Inverter wiring to AC Distribution Board

    Hi all, First time poster here! I am looking for a wiring diagram for the connection of a SMA SB3600TL to the AC distribution board. Could anybody point me in the direction of one? Thanks in advance, StudentX
  16. G

    Dissertation on Photovoltaic Systems. PLEASE HELP!

    Hi All, I am a final year student studying BSC Building Surveying at Kingston university. For my dissertation topic, I have chosen to investigate about photovoltaic systems to establish today’s demands and the reasons why some homeowners have chosen to install them and why others have not. I...
  17. P

    Looking for a bit of information regarding City and Guilds 2372

    Installing and testing photovoltaic systems. Just baiscly regarding the course and what it can lead into, i am currently just a time served spark and looking at the possibility of future learing as i have been made redundant. Its quite an expensive course so basicly looking for as much information
  18. B

    Tough Choice [ Engineering]

    Hi, What should you know: - I'm studying HND electrical engineering at college (2nd year) - I'm 19. I've really hard times to choose between work or uni so I would like to ask older than me what should I do, here is a few choices: 1) Go to uni starting from year 1. I already get...
  19. I

    Which books?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend books for helping complete C&G 2356 NVQ3? Cheers :cool::cool:
  20. G

    2330 Level 3 Books

    Hi I'm starting 2330 Level 3 in September, I'm gonna buy 1 of the text books now to give myself a head start and was just wondering which 1 u guys think is the best the heinemann or the trevor linsley 1? Cheers Gus
  21. K

    Electrotechnical book

    Hi everybody, i've been working in domestic installations and would like to do some industrial, i am looking for a good book to refresh my memory on three-phase supply, motors, inverters, transformers, with all the theories and good explanations,etc... If possible with exercises or if you know...
  22. Z

    C&G 2330 Level 3 Textbook

    evening sparks, I am just about to start my 2330 level 3. Have found 2 textbooks on amazon that look good. Any of you used either? Which one is more popular in your view and why? Advanced Electrical Installation Work: Level 3 City & Guilds 2330 Technical Certificate and 2356 NVQ (Paperback)...
  23. R

    practical books

    Does anyone know of any good electrical books covering the more practical side of things (the building side) such as how to rewire a house, install SWA, with pictures etc. Most of the books cover the theoretical side, but there don't seem to be many on the practical. Marc
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