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  1. L

    411.8.3 Requirement for Fault Protection

    Where fault protection is provided by an RCD, the product of the rated residual operating current (IΔn) in amperes and the earth fault loop impedance in ohms shall not exceed 50 V.
  2. M

    rcd requirement

    Hello just wanted to ask, my friend has done an extention, and new wiring, with new lighting, ring main, my friend has all rcbos in CU, and he has run the wiring, and contected to rcbos, but he has been told that the new wiring, i.e that the extention wiring should be rcd protercted, it dosent...
  3. A

    AFDD requirement and smoke alarms 18th ed

    Am I correct in thinking under the 18th edition for a new build property an AFDD is compulsory or is this not the case if risk assessed? I am still yet to complete my 18th ed. Also for new build properties is it still ok to hard wire smoke and fire detectors off lighting circuits under 18th...
  4. S

    whats the requirement on cable tray going in riser cupboards

    Hi Guys I have a block of 9 flats 3 floors ,ground ,1st & 2nd.6" cable tray going from top to bottom x2 .LV and HV.The contracts manager is insisting on the tray stopping between floors and a 4" pipe with a fire collar around it to go through the flooor.Is this correct. Please help!!!!
  5. S

    18th edition and the requirement to upgrade consumer units when electric hobs are replaced

    Good morning does anyone know about anything in the 18th edition and the requirement to upgrade consumer units when electric hobs are replaced? i had a customer ask me about it this morning. Many thanks Simon
  6. P

    EICR requirement prior to CU change?

    I agree that it's best to do an EICR before a CU replacement, but is there an actual regs that dictates that an EICR 'must' be conducted prior to a CU change?
  7. elpedro

    Is brown tape on switched live a legal requirement?

    Hi all, I've had a complete rewire in my house as part of a renovation. I've noticed two things that I wonder if they are in line with regs: 1) the electrician has not put the little bit of brown tape over the blue or black wires that are switched live. Is the brown tape just best practice or...
  8. K

    Is there a requirement for 3 phase fixed equipment to have RCBO PTOTECTION

    Hi is there a requirement for 3 phase equipment to have RCBO PROTECTION
  9. spud1

    Requirement for metering

    Hi all, Is there an actual regulatory requirement to install consumer metering (e.g. within the main incoming panel board) of the installation either as a whole, or phase by phase, in a new industrial or commercial 3 phase installation? If so what qualifies the such an installation as requiring...
  10. C

    Do i need to install smoke alarms

    So I've got a job they want a consumer unit moving to the adjacent wall and a few alterations in the kitchen and a couple of new dedicated circuits one for a double oven and one for the Hob. This obviously will require a EIC The property is around 20 years old and has no mains wired smoke...
  11. westward10

    Good Practice.

    On this forum this week someone stated it was good practice to fit cpcs from front plates to back boxes. Not getting into a debate over this cos we all know, or should know when this is or isn't required. I have never done this unless it is a requirement, so for someone to state that fitting a...
  12. N

    Do I need to be registered with a governing body?

    I'm pretty sure I've checked this a while back with the NICEIC but I'd like to double check. I'm carrying out EICR work on a few properties , and am currently in a debate with a lady who says I should be registered with a governing body to carry out the testing. I said she's talking rubbish. As...
  13. P

    Consumer Unit Change - Back Entry

    Hi Guys No doubt this has been asked before, and the answer is already out there somewhere but I'm tired and the job is tomorrow so please bear with me. Existing CU is back entry, spaced off the wall by an inch on a couple of vertical battens in a tight wooden cupboard. I'm intending the same...
  14. N

    Decent pressure budget shower..?

    Hey Can anyone recommend a 9.5kW electric shower with decent pressure for less than £120? I've seen a Mira Go and a few Tritons but unsure whether the pressure will be any good for that price. Thanks
  15. I

    Eicr and eic forms

    Hi guys, not been on here in a while. when ever I have either installed a new circuit or done a ccu change I have always done both eicr and an eic, but have recently been told I don't need to, I'm sure my niceic inspector said that it needed to be done but I've looked in regs and gn3 and can't...
  16. J

    All Rcbos

    Someones told me that to comply with the latest regs then a split load board with half the circuits as rcbos & the rest on mcbs with an RCD is no good & all rcbos is the way to go. I can see the point but it seems overkill ???
  17. H

    Dimming LED's

    I used the dimmable electronic transformer 35-105W (see picture) with a 12W dimmable ar111 LED and it dims ok. I thought that the minimum load had to be 35W?
  18. R

    Elesca and EICR's

    Hope someone might know Thinking of joining Elesca , are you able to do EICR's under there scheme ? I thought when I looked before, you could but had do have indemnity insurance and pay a bit extra but been on the website today - nada no mention Any ideas ?
  19. G

    Main panel rubber matt

    Hi, is their a regulation for having an insulated rubber Matt by any 400v main panel. I seem to recall that their is but cannot find what it comes under in regs
  20. J

    Commercial Emergency lighting in mains area

    So....we've recently had our test and inspection report carried out on the fixed wiring in the building and a defect that has come up multiple times is this....No emergency light in mains area, this is a requirement under the health and safety act. Though I can see the importance of having an...
  21. S

    Relevant building or not?

    Hi, I have a 30kW project where panels are to be mounted on a warehouse style building that has no form of heating but has just had a 3 phase supply added to it for the purpose of running a large heat pump. The heat supplies two other buildings (main house and maids quarters) but they are on a...
  22. The Solar King

    Building Energy Performance change?

    I have heard or read this and cannot find where. I have seen or heard it proposed that PV and FIT qualification will be aligned with the RHI, This would mean a property meeting Green Deal Ticks rather than an EPC of D. It would make sense in terms of consistency but would probably only apply to...
  23. M

    Non notifiable work?

    Is it a legal requirement to certificate non notifiable work? Do you have to.
  24. K

    Coding for EICR forms

    Hi all, I am trying to decide on coding for 2 items, and was interested in peoples input, as whether these are acceptable, or C1,C2 or C3. EICR form 4.3 - Condition of enclosures in terms of IP rating - 4.4 - Condition of enclosures in terms of fire rating - With both of the above the...
  25. C

    Part p schemes

    Hello everyone, Sorry if this has been asked for more but I could not find the answer anywhere. Basically, I am planning on getting Part P registered and also want to be able to do EICR's. I have done an advanced apprenticeship however I do not have my 2391, which I read on Elecsa's website...
  26. S

    Installation photos - point me in the right direction

    It has been a long day and i am fed up of looking for a list of all of the stages of the installation you should photograph for your records as per the MCS requirement. So far i have the following points Entry to the rafter Placement and fixing of the roof hook Attaching the mounting...
  27. D

    Bathroom extractor on a separate switch

    Hi all, Quick question, client would like the extractor fan for the downstairs bathroom on a separate switch, as the noise of the fan keeps them awake at night if someone uses the bathroom, however, there are no windows so not sure how this sits with the 15 minute overrun requirement. Is it good...
  28. M

    bonding of pipework with flexible connectors

    afternoon all! doing a pir / ecr, whatever you wanna call it now, bonding readings ok on pipework coming from under floor, but not on sinktop or taps, only slightly higher but high enough to be above satisfactory. what would you do, or recommend, or note? thanks
  29. E

    Domestic PIR for house sellers/buyers

    Can anyone advise whether a PIR is still required on selling/buying a property as several of my customers who've just moved in to their new houses didn't have one, or see a report that one was done with the survey.Was the requirement scrapped with the HIPs by our esteemed government?
  30. N

    Help Power One Aurora / Sanyo HDE RCD tripping

    Odd one. Installed a system last Thursday. all tested. All good. Went back to adjust panels and as soon as we reconnected the RCD tripped... and continued to (and stand-alone). Seemed to trip as we approached 2kw (of 3.8) but might have been coincidence. Checked the IR for the cable run...
  31. M

    RCD in rented property

    Evening everyone I was having a chat with a friend who is thinking about renting out his property. And i'm sure that I have heard or read somewhere that if you are renting out a property then the property has to be protected by an RCD. Can anyone tell me if i'm right or whether I should just...
  32. S

    Professional indemnity insurance required?

    Hi all A question for those of you pricing your own PV systems and advising on expected FIT returns etc. Do you have PI insurance to cover you against possible errors in your advice? Is this a requirement of MCS? What kind of premium should i expect to pay? I'm pricing a job for my...
  33. T

    Down lighter in bathroom not sealed

    Putting up an extra light point to existing circuit and whilte testing noticed the bathroom lights are not sealed. just normal downlight that have no seal to provent moisture. Whats best way to note on cert? thanks
  34. S

    Achieving separation of circuits in small CU

    Hi, I'm specifying an upgrade from an old rewirable fusebox to CU. To satisfy 17th ed requirement for separation of circuits in a house I'd have two RCDs and the usual upstairs lights together with downstairs ring and vice versa on each RCD. However this is a small flat with very basic electrics...
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