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emergency lighting

  1. A

    Emergency lighting test issue

    Went to a job this afternoon where customer had carried out emergency lighting test and the key switch wasn’t killing the feed. Found jb where switch broke the feed, or was supposed to and all looked ok except continuity across feed and switched feed regardless of what position key switch was...
  2. M

    Emergency lighting and smoke alarms

    Morning Gentlemen Question we are replacing a consumer unit for a landlord and he's been advised by another company to fit EI164RC smoke alarms and the wireless bases, but I've been told these are being discontinued so we are fitting the AICO EI3024 MULTI-SENSOR FIRE ALARM with the smartlink...
  3. Rattlehead85

    Emergency lighting confusion.

    Ok I have a confusing situation regarding some Emergency lighting. I have a string of 2D 28w lights in a ward corridor at an nhs unit which are switched from a nursing station with a key switch next to them. It appears that the key switch only breaks the permanent feed to the Emergency fittings...
  4. L

    Emergency Lighting With Normal Lights

    Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. How would you go about operating normal lights with a maintained fitting ? eg, one maintained bulkhead and 4 Downlight's. A key switch with a separate 1 gang light switch next to it. The light switch to operate the bulkhead and...
  5. P

    Choice of emergency lighting strip light

    I'm looking at arrangements for lighting in a small room. It needs a decent level of low-shadow light when occupied, but as windows are usually shuttered it also need to have emergency lighting in case of a fault (not for long though, 30 min is plenty of time to fix or leave). My initial idea...
  6. G

    where is battery located please, emergency lighting

    Hello, this emergency light does not come on when power is cut. There is a red light on when house has power, indicating power to the unit. The bulb works fine. I thought the battery may need changed. It has not been changed for a long time. How ever I can't see where the battery is. Is it...
  7. eleclio

    Would this be acceptible for emergency lighting test switches

    Hi Just made up this drawing of a way to wire and test emergency lighting and keep the non-emergency lighting lit. Has others wired it this way and would it be 18th edition compatible? I've attached the drawing
  8. UKMeterman

    Emergency lighting works at the Science Museum London

    Something is amiss at the Science Museum London, lots of the building have a varity of hired in battery LED lighting and the rest is closed due to urgent maintance... Sounds like they are needing a electrician or two and I suspect they are on a central battery installation.
  9. L

    Emergency lighting

    Would anyone be so kind to provide a wiring diagram for the following ? I will have the following per room 1 sensor, 4 lights ( 1 Maintained emg) and 1 exit There will be a test kit at the switchboard Many thanks in advance
  10. M

    Small central UPS for converting circuit to emergency lighting

    I am looking for a product to convert an existing lighting circuit in a communal stairwell to be emergency battery backed up. There are 6x 7W LED mains fittings, so say a max 50W load. I could just add emergency lighting fittings, but wiring and access is difficult. It also needs to have a...
  11. Midwest

    Emergency Lighting Circuits

    Having been at present place of work, for just overs a year now,just started to feel comfortable with the place. It’s predominantly a care home, and has all the normal infrastructure in place. I've never down much work with emergency lighting, other than installing it. Can anyone explain the...
  12. littlespark

    Standard set up for emergency lighting

    Been a while since I installed emergency lights as new. Bit rusty. Now I’ve got a few rooms to wire in a building that are going to be rented out commercially. I’m upgrading the db, to allow for expansion when other rooms start being worked on. The customer just verbally told me what he...
  13. Phil Thompson

    Pro Electrician Domestic and Commercial

  14. S

    Segregation of emergency lighting cables?

    Hi I have installed a lighting circuit which has emergency with (integral battery packs) and non emergency lights on the same circuit (from the same MCB). The are wired in PVC twin and earth cable. The British standard for emergency lighting states the following, IEE Guidance Note 4 refers...
  15. JK-Electrical

    Pro Electrician Glasgow Renfrewshire Electricians -JK Electrical

    JK Electrical - Glasgow and surrounding areas I offer a friendly, reliable and professional service to customers in the Greater Glasgow area. SJIB approved electrician with 40 years experience. New builds, extensions, loft/garage conversions, sockets, lighting, security lighting, consumer unit...