emergency lighting

  1. subiram

    Self test emergency

    I tested a self test emergency lighting with three gears .While testing 2 of the gear doesn't passed 3 hour test but 1 Did Wit the same battery ?Why?
  2. L

    emergency Lighting installation

    Hi Guys I've fitted a few emergency lighting circuits to both domestic and commercial installs before, I've come across one I can't get my head round, this is going to be in a small supermarket one of these locals etc the existing lighting in the retail area is installed with three banks of...
  3. S

    Emergency lighting question

    Hi I'm in need of some advice. First of all i'm not an electrician but do have an understanding of electrics as i come from an electronics background. We have a couple of different electricians we normally use and were getting conflicting advice on this particular project. We are opening an...
  4. R

    Emergency Lighting Indicator Lamp

    I've been asked by a client to 'mask off' the green LED charging indictor lamps within several emergency lights fitted within bedrooms on a project I'm working on. I've searched to see if this goes against any regs or manufacturers instructions but haven't found anything. Has anyone done this...
  5. I

    Emergency Lighting Certification

    Hello Got a customer who needs certification for a monthly emergency lighting test. What would be the best cert to provide them with? The NICEIC certs all seem to relate to an annual test. Thanks
  6. K

    What are the right procedures for dealing with an electrical emergency?

    If one of your coworkers suffers a severe electric shock, your first instinct will most likely be to rush to their rescue. But first, pause and reflect. Because the human body is a good conductor of electricity, the charge that just travelled through your coworker could readily move into you if...
  7. S

    Emergency lighting on minor works

    Hi guys, Been asked to fit 2 lights and a switch, which in reality turned out to be rewiring a multiple PIR setup to a single switch, adding multiple other fittings and emergency lighting (all of the lights were selected and at the depot when I got there) they were supplied by the lighting...
  8. S

    Extra emergency lighting fittings on minor works

    Hi guys, Been asked to fit 2 lights and a switch, which in reality turned out to be rewiring a multiple PIR setup to a single switch, adding multiple other fittings and emergency lighting (all of the lights were selected and at the depot when I got there) they were supplied by the lighting...
  9. R

    Failure of emergency lighting

    Gents, What is your view from this this clause from BS5266? If you have a lobby with that is part of an escape route that has one fitting, I have never seen an additional fitting being added to satisfy this clause. Even in rooms with two fittings, I have rarely seen both being used as...
  10. Weswes1993

    UK Design verification emergency lighting

    Hi little lost on a question for lvl 4 design verification Can anyone guide me to any calculations or formulas Its for a 4.35m x 2.8m plant room with ceiling heigh of 2.2m. To be installing 4x 1700mm twin 58w flourescent lights. Only success I've had with any fluorescent fitting is that during...
  11. D

    UK Emergency lighting regs

    Regarding emergency lighting, does a fire exit door require an emergency light above it or can you use a sticker that illuminates?
  12. D

    Emergency lighting HMO compliance

    Hi all Got a question regarding HMO compliance. Visited property today for landlord looking to apply for an HMO license for one of their properties. She hasn't received any detailed stipulations from council on requirements for emergency escape lighting although this will be required as...
  13. A

    Ireland Emergency lighting diagram?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone would have a diagram, or know where I can find a link to a diagram, of how emergency lighting is wired, from fuseboard- ie mcb, control mcb ctu contactor and lights, please? Thanks.
  14. Need_more_wago's

    DALI Emergency Lighting Automated testing via a control system

    Hey, with regards to DALI Emergency Lighting Automated testing via a control system, does anyone know how best to overcome a fitting that is reporting... 'Duration test max. delay exceeded' This is preventing the DALI EM fitting from carrying out its requested 3-hour Duration test. Batteries...
  15. L

    Need help with an emergency lighting question.

    Hi guys. I'm currently working through the city and guilds 2396 design project and I'm stuck on an emergency lighting question. The question reads: "Emergency lighting in the plant-room (high risk task area) will be provided by self contained and maintained luminaires interspersed with the four...
  16. Neptune

    Permanent live for smoke alarms and emergency lighting

    Need some guidance please. I know that smoke alarms require a permanent live and neutral in order to operate. Is this also the case with emergency lights? (The type you have in stairways) Secondly, have I also understood correctly that these two can only be available at the ceiling rose if the...
  17. S

    Emergency lighting in HMO

    Hi guys We have being asked to install some emergency lighting at a 3 storey HMO, the lighting has being designed and it’s basically being designed to include an emergency lights on each landing and one on the stairs with relevant signs to indicate stair level changes, the ground floor has 3...
  18. J

    UK Emergency lighting

    Ok so i dont have a copy of bs 5266 so hopefully someone here has a good all round knowledge. Emergency lighting in a high risk fire industrial building (saw mill) do all emergency lights leading to an escape need to be maintained? A lot of ours on site are non maintained a mix of both (previous...
  19. A

    Testing Emergency lighting circuits

    I have just started installing temporary emergency lights for a fire alarm company i work for i am an electrician qualified to the 18th edition i do not currently do testing and inspection looking at doing this in a few months. Just looking for some advice and information about the testing of...
  20. T

    Emergency lighting from existing lighting

    Can you use an existing lighting circuit (one switch operating one light fitting using twin & earth) to replace with maintained emergency lighting fitting with microwave sensor? The idea being that the switch becomes redundant due to the sensor, but can be used for the emergency switch test plate.


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