1. D

    Could someone please confirm whether CAT6 cable is suitable for DALI bus wiring in terms of communication protocols and technical compatibility?

    Dear Forum Members, In my house, I have already installed CAT6 cable specifically for DALI2 D+ and D- bus wiring, utilizing a separate conduit. Power cables have been laid in a distinct conduit as well. Could anyone confirm the practicality and suitability of using CAT6 cable for this...
  2. A

    Looking for dali and knx learning resources.

    Good morning. Recently I started a new job with a company that does smart houses. For this project they use dali and knx. Now, I am looking for learning resources for these technologies, to get a better understanding on all the aspects of planning and executing the job. I've tried some searches...
  3. sparkydave85

    Can I install one lighting circuit for both Dali and normal switching lights?

    Can I install one lighting circuit for both Dali and normal switching lights?
  4. D

    Dali lighting issues

    Good morning all. I have an issue with some dali lighting. Basic system as far as i can tell. Dimmer, controller and 8 button switch. No other inputs that i can find. All on/off/dimming done at switch. Lights have now stopped working at switch. It's powered as buttons light green when pressed...
  5. Need_more_wago's

    DALI Emergency Lighting Automated testing via a control system

    Hey, with regards to DALI Emergency Lighting Automated testing via a control system, does anyone know how best to overcome a fitting that is reporting... 'Duration test max. delay exceeded' This is preventing the DALI EM fitting from carrying out its requested 3-hour Duration test. Batteries...
  6. i=p/u

    Led fittings with dali dimming option

    Elo elo I have a 75w led fitting with dali dimming balast init. If i add dimmer in on the line, it flickers. It has dal/N and dal/L, dim function on ballast.. Do i need dali digital dimmer to suit lights
  7. S

    5 Core flex for Dali still ok ?

    HI Under the latest regs can we still wire domestic lights using 5 or 6 core flex for Dali circuits 230v and 16v Dali bus in the same flexible cable all the way back to the central controller Thank you Paul
  8. S

    DALI compatible LED driver and LED strip.

    Good evening all, I have a job to do fitting multiple sections of dimmable LED strip to be controlled by a DALI lighting system. Can anyone recommend LED drivers and strip that are DALI compatible? I would be grateful for any guidance/assistance. Thank you
  9. gazdkw82

    Dali lighting help with issue

    I've installed 2x JCC71361 Dali LED panels controlled via an EX-OR lightspot HD PIR. I seem to be having a real problem with it. The customer complained one of the fittings was flickering ever so slightly. I went back and indeed it was lightly flickering. I swopped the control gear over but the...
  10. rolyberkin

    Dali Lighting System - Anyone any knowledge?

    Following on from my Helvar thread! I have what I believe is a DALI lighting system (Made by Helvar), 12 channels fed from a board with all switching controlled by Cat 5 to a central computer. Helvar are not playing ball and will not supply me with the software necessary to alter the system and...
  11. E

    LED drivers (DALI) regulary fail

    In a new building about 400 TCI LED drivers of type 122692 were installed. This concerns DALI drivers. The vast majority of these drivers are in a dimmable setup (DALI). The problem now is that drivers regularly fail. In itself not the end of the world, but there is the programming costs every...
  12. M

    DALI Control systems - Do i need different drivers?

    I have a project in a hotel that has a DALI control system We are supplying LED downlights that are dimmable on the DALI protocol but they also want other lighting ground lights and wall lights that do not need to be dimmed. Question is will they still work on the standard LED drivers or do...
  13. C

    Dali ballast fittings

    Hey , Just aquick enquirey regarding Dali ballast fittings. Can the control wiring be removed ,then this inturn would return the fitting to a standard light fitting controlled via a switch or would the fitting become redundant ????
  14. D

    Testing of DALI Systems

    Could anyone give me some pointers on testing of DALI system,
  15. S

    DALI LED Dimmer

    Hi all, For the life of me I cant find a suitable dimmer for some 12w Cree LED Spots. They are integrated units with transformers - mains supply. There are options out there but my client wants DALI control. There will be 4 spots on one channel. I believe an OSRAM HTI 315 Dim will work as long...
  16. G0nz0

    Dali Rock Roses-HELP NEEDED!

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good looking Dali plug and socket (similar to a Klik/Rock Rose), it seems to me that all the companies that produce Dali based outlets, go out of their way to make these things butt ugly. I ask because we are on a job that has a particularly fussy architect (nothing new...
  17. T

    Looking for a bit of advice regarding Dali dimmers used with presence detectors guys,

    Client has had an operational system for two years, but now the lights when fully dimmed for around 20mins have started going back to full brightness on an intermittent basis. The system comprises of retractable switch, L.C.M. and dimmable presence detector. I suspect the detector but my...
  18. sibbits

    dali controller???

    i have been asked to dim some led 600x600 panels ,they have a dali 1-10 input but i am unsure of the controller needed. the only other times ive used dali type dimming was from an area controller in a riser but, seeing as this is a one room jobbie i am unsure of any stand alone kit Any suggestions??
  19. H

    Problem with DALI & Led's

    Hi all, I have a customer who already bought all the lights for his home. He has bought 7W 12Vac dimmable Leds. I have been searching and all the dali controllers i have found for Led's work with a PWM controller and are for 12Vdc Leds. Does anyone of you know which model of controller I could...
  20. A

    Dali ballast / controller

    I need to source a dali ballast, but it needs to have a 230v output instead of 12v. Has anyone used or heard of one? if so where did you get it from.


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