1. J

    SECTT test

    Hi I’m taking my SECTT test in a few weeks, just wondering what it actually consists of? What to study and research as I can’t find anything online
  2. D

    Two Pages for circuit details and test results

    Why is there now two pages, one for "GENERIC SCHEDULE OF CIRCUIT DETAILS" and one for "GENERIC SCHEDULE OF TEST RESULTS" before it was all on the same page GENERIC SCHEDULE OF TEST RESULTS", which had "CIRCUIT DETAILS", on it, this means writing the cicuits twice?
  3. newfutile

    Test the (RCD) Residual Current Device or die

    Just seen this label on a consumer unit im testing. As far am im aware no one ever pressed the test button.
  4. timhoward

    Ali-express DY4100 Digital Earth Tester

    Don't worry I haven't gone (completely) mad. About a year ago a ride-on-lawnmower became over-friendly with my long RE test leads while I was drinking tea inside. I needed some replacements for a job next week so I was about to shell out nearly £100 for a new set, and then a thought crossed my...
  5. W

    UK Landlord Trying to Deduct Deposit for Unnecessary Electrician Test.

    Hi everyone, I recently moved out of my rented property, and as expected, my landlord is attempting to withhold a significant portion of my deposit. One of the charges she's insisting on is £300 for an electrician to conduct an EICR test. Here's the situation: I'm a qualified electrician, and...
  6. subiram

    Self test emergency

    I tested a self test emergency lighting with three gears .While testing 2 of the gear doesn't passed 3 hour test but 1 Did Wit the same battery ?Why?
  7. David1977m

    I want to build a test and practice wall for 2365 L3

    I’m just finishing my L2 2365 at college in the evenings and plan to do the L3 2365 with the same college as an evening course. However I would like to build a test wall with a three phase board and everything else I will need. Has anyone got a list of components and circuits it would be worth...
  8. M

    Trip MCB at times RCD too intervals days or hours; test if faulty appliance

    Hi I am asking for help as a novice and 1st time user of this forum. Recently started to experience tripping of MCB & sometimes with the RCD at random times, intervals can be days after resets or several hours. Could an appliance or appliances be overloading the circuit? How can I test an...
  9. J

    EICR Test Unsat-Thoughts?

    Good day. First time poster. We recently had an electrician perform the EICR, as this is a newly purchased property I thought'd I would have the circuits checked. Prior to this I inspected as much of the ciruits as possible and checked the sockets, lights for possible issues, it all looked...
  10. G

    test meter choice

    Hi, I currently have a Megger 1730 v1 which is fine for all functions except the 2 wire (L-E) no trip loop test, (no 3 wire loop test on my 1730). It is absolutely useless as the site where I work has a noisy electrical supply (probably due to harmonic distortion, numerous large inverter...
  11. C

    PAT test class 1 appliance no plug

    What is best practice when unable to access a plug on a class 1 appliance. Specifically a washing machine in this instance. There is also no isolation point where it is wired into so the plug is definitely behind f the machine but completely unreachable
  12. E

    Washing motor - bench test

    My beko will not run, it attempts to move in both directions with a belt or not fitted also shows no faults in checking with a meter across its tacho, stator or field as it will not run. The brushes are a good length of 30/40mm when removed. Need to bench test to prove if the motor is at fault...
  13. stemill

    Loop test fail on lighting circuit.

    I'm moving a socket installed on a lighting circuit (installed by previous owner who was a professional electrician so I assume he knew what he was doing). The socket is used only used for a lamp which is controlled by a wall switch. I've installed new/moved sockets previously and always check...
  14. I

    UK Odd PME test result...

    Morning guys! Went to look at a consumer unit change today with a PME supply. Now, right next to this was an old BS3036 60A fused mem cutout that then sent a pair of 16mm tails to the consumer unit up into the loft, across about 3m and then down the wall in surface trunking down to an old...
  15. Reece_s92

    Test faulty screen on car satnav

    I have a factory fitted rare satnav for an old Honda Prelude with faulty screen. The lights and buttons light up and make noise when pressed but the screen does not come on. Is there a way I can test the screen by providing some direct power to the screen?
  16. mak

    Some MFTs have PSC/PFC test combined, I wonder why others have it as a separate test

    For example kt63 calculates pfc/psc with Zs but it has no option to go for an L-N test. The calculation is also the same V/Zs or V/Ze. The kt63 plus on the other hand has this option.
  17. S

    Which test leads ? Meter without leads

    As I college student. I'm still just experimenting with equipment etc. I have the megger bm223 without the test leads Can anyone recommend some cheap Test Leads for this. I'm only using these for my home study. Not professional work or anything. Thanks.
  18. O

    How do I enter reports when two circuits are in one MCB

    For example the house today had two lighting T&E in the same MCB. I know it's fine, but as I test both 'radials' where and how do we enter them on an EIC/EICR form on the NICEIC online certification thing? I can make extra lines on the circuit chart, but do we write them down as MCB-8a MCB-8b...
  19. D

    How to test RCD for lighting circuit

    I live in Australia; you can use a socket tester to test the RCD for the power outlet circuit. Plug device to a 3-pin wall socket, set testing mA to 30 on the device and press test button. What is the best way to test RCD on the lighting circuit – from an existing B22 or E27 lamp holder? (Not...
  20. A

    How to do a proper insulation test on an electric motor

    I want to check the insulation of the 3-phase 400VAC asynchronous squirrel cage motor. Motor's stator windings are connected in delta. I've read in some textbooks it is necessary to open motor's junction box and disconnect terminals and remove jumper bars (which are used to establish delta or...


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