1. S

    Why did test lamps show 0V between live side and dead side?

    I removed a fuse and before reinserting did the following tests using test lamps. Live side - Neutral = 230V, Dead side - Neutral = 0V, Live side - Dead side = 0V. I then used a multimeter to check these results as I was expecting a potential difference of 230V between Supply side and dead side...
  2. K

    How did you guys prepare for the apprenticeship aptitude test?

    I am studying for the aptitude test and finding a TON of links. I’ve been going through Kahn Academy, which is helping. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for the best way to study for the math section. I was thinking about getting the “algebra for dummies” book. Thank you for any help.
  3. H

    EICR Test Fail, before and after

    Hi, recently had an EICR test done by 'Landlord Certificates' which failed due to circuite 3 having two radial circuits into a single 32amp MCB, they advised splitting it into two 20amp MCB's and quoted £174 including EICR certificate. The Electrian appears to have simply taken out the 32amp...
  4. H

    Wylex RCBO Test - To middle versus bottom position

    Last week I took the opportunity of having the mains power off to test the RCBOs in a Wylex Consumer Unit, fitted nearly 5 years ago, which has the following: 1 off NHXS1B40, 4 off NHXS1B32, 2 off NHXS1B16, 3 off NHXS1B06 and 1 off NHXS1B25 Now on Test, the B40 switch went to the mid position...
  5. M

    AM2S Insulation Resistance Test on RCBO

    Hello, I’ve got my AM2S coming up and I’ve been revising like mad but I’m stuck on something. I’ve read that it’s a 3 phase board with just one RCBO for the ring circuit. Assuming they want me to do a global IR test, can I take the conductors out of the RCBO, switch it off, and then test...
  6. L

    Am2s test cert one wrong box(pass or fail)

    I just done my am2s flew though my testing but filled one box wrong on test cert will that be a fail ?
  7. S

    EM lighting test facility

    Hi, RCBO appropriate test facility for emergency lighting? I have a car storage facility ( one corridor with 10 rooms off the corridor to store vehicles ). Planning to install the row of lighting all controlled from occupancy sensors, hoping to wire in one run of 3 core to tie in all sensors...
  8. HappyHippyDad

    Can I confirm how to test for and how to find a borrowed neutral?

    During some testing I found a N-E IR fault on the kitchen lights of 0.1Mohms. I also found a N-E IR fault on the ring sockets, again 0.1Mohms. This could have been a coincidence, but I disconnected both neutrals from the neutral bar (i.e the kitchen lights and sockets) and tested between them...
  9. E

    RCD tripping on test

    Hi, while testing the new board I installed I got to the live testing at the sockets one of the RCD's kept tripping during the loop test, the other ring tested fine so it's not the tester, the insulation tests where all good. Unfortunately I didn't have a residual current clamp meter with me, to...
  10. KevinH

    Napit Fast test EICR form query

    Has anyone on here using the Napit Fast test software for EICR's noticed that in the section "Extent and Limitations of Inspection and Testing" there is a box marked "Extent of Termination Sampling" which needs to be filled in. This must be a very recent addition, or it's been longer than I...
  11. Z

    What are the causes of unbalance current during no load test of transformer?

    What are the causes of unbalance current during no load test of transformer?
  12. Q

    My OCPD (BS7671 Test Sheet)

    Hi, Main LVAC Board, Directly Fed from a Transformer. What do i put as an OCPD on my BS7671 Test sheet? Since I don't believe the Transformer has a BSEN number? If it Does, Where would i find this? Thanks Again! (Learning and struggling with testing! More complicated filling the sheets in...
  13. O

    Inspect and Test Question

    Hi all, Probs a simple one here but when testing a 3 phase board for ze as part of a periodic inspection plus part initial verification of a small db supplied by this board should I note the main 3 phase ze within the supply parameters section of cert and then the small db as zdb within the...
  14. V

    Test leads giving 0 ohms

    Hi, My Kewtech KT63DL has just come back from its annual calibration without any issues, but Ive just taken it to site and attempted to do the usual nulling of the leads before doing a continuity test and they keep coming back as 0 ohms which they didnt used to do. Normally i had to null them. I...
  15. O

    Getting strange reading when I test a recepticle

    I have moved back to my house i was born in some 60+ years ago. Most of the original house's electrical receptacles are 2 prong with the center screw that holds the cover plate on as ground. They all test, OK. My parents had an addition installed on the second floor sometime around the mid to...
  16. D

    Stage 2 insulation resistance test

    I have installed a circuit for an oven and carried out all of the relevant testing so far. Apart from a neon on the double pole isolation switch, there is no current using equipment connected to the circuit yet as the property is empty. In this situation, would one just make a note on the...
  17. D

    Does anyone use the UNI-T 528 test tool

    I'm wondering if anyone has used this tool. First of all I'm an automotive electrician but my work sent me on a PAT testing course and we have a DeltaPAT mi3309BT unit at work. I was thinking of buying something cheaper like this tool just to experiment with at home. I am 8 years away from...
  18. V

    Is there a way to test a SPD without spending thousands ?

    I know there are many MFT's out there which can test SPD's, but they all cost thousands of pounds, and I personally can't justify that cost which currently isn't mandated. However it would be nice to know that when I install a SPD that it will function. Is there a way of testing such a device...
  19. events-guy2020

    Portable device safety test question

    I have built a portable lighting game, and need advice on what safety testing would be needed for it to be used legally by private clients. In effect it is an enclosure with 10 sockets (only 5 connected, to 5 separate bulbs, connected to a switch), and 20 tails (only 5 connected to power). The...
  20. N

    My EICR test guy says I need to change my bathroom ceiling light to an IP65 rated.

    My EICR test guy says I need to change my bathroom ceiling light to an IP65 rated. Research says I need an IP44. The lamp is about 2.45m above the floor and about 30cms outside the side of the bath. Has he made a mistake or have I?
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