1. Yanman

    Electrical test on D.O.L fed straight from main panel isolator

    Hello everyone i recently got a job on replacing a BMS panel in a plant room. the NEW panel i installed except the control side of the install also feeds the mains for a few gas boilers, immersion heaters and cylinders, pumps. etc. I am going to do the testing on that and i...
  2. F

    Eicr test gymnasium and country club

    I have been asked to carry out an eicr at a country club and gym. Large premises. What’s everyone’s thought on price. It would need to be per circuit
  3. G

    Battery tester that test batteries under load

    I am confused about battery testers for house hold batteries, AA, AAA, 9V, etc. Recently my smoke alarms started chirping so I changed the 9V batteries and no chirping. However, the replaced batteries tested good using GBT-500a battery tester. I was told that batteries need to be tested under...
  4. S

    EICR - I completed all remedial works now being told he needs to do a full test again

    Hey all, Could do with some help. I had a company recommended to me who quoted me to do an EICR on my rental property. (£265). I thought this was quite expensive but as I've been messed around no end by tradesmen I thought I'd go with the recommendation and pay the extra. I also asked him to...
  5. S

    RCBO 'stuttered' tripping when test button is pressed

    Just wondering what this might be. It was a brand new Schneider RCBO fit into an older Square D board. RCBO fit on the non RCD side. Everything working fine, load is on and pulling. I always press the test buttons on the RCBO's just to check, and this time the switch 'stuttered', sort of...
  6. S

    How to properly do an RCD time trip test

    I've seen several videos on these, half of them show an MCB in the 'on' position protected by an RCD also in the 'on' position, earth lead on the earth bar, neutral on the neutral bar, and live on the MCB's line screw terminal. But then i've seen other videos where the earth bar and the...
  7. S

    350ma test for type A rcds

    Just wondered how we would know a 30ma type A rcd/rcbo will trip at 30ma,if we can only test it at 350ma?Think I must be missing something.Thanks for any help. Regards,S
  8. Calebp43

    How to test RCD when RCD is RCD protected?

    Got a sub main board with an RCD inside. Need to test that but whenever I test it it sometimes trips the RCD from the main board. I need to test the RCD from the sub main board. Any suggestions? My thoughts are to bypass the RCD at the main side with connector blocks momentarily but surely...
  9. Raptor0014

    Odd problem on IR Test.

    Doing some testing today on a Wet Room installation. Fed from its own small CU. And consists of 2 x seperate 50A (for 10.5kw shower) circuits 1 x 20a radial for underfloor heating. This runs direct from CU to a fused spur and then from the fused spur to the UFH controller. 1 x 20a radial...
  10. Dmcg98

    Sectt test revision questions

    Sitting my pre employment sectt test soon. Revision material provided is very basic with only a few questions. Can anyone please help with where to find additional revision materials/mock tests, or give me info on what the exam involves. Thanks
  11. R

    Ansell auto test emergency exit signs problem Model AENLED/3M/W/ST

    I was called to a hall where 6 Ansell maintained exit signs were all dead. They were installed 4 yrs ago. The one that I checked had mains live was connected to L andL1 and the battery was flat; this should light a red led to indicate a faulty battery but nothing showing. There is a reset...
  12. Neptune

    Continuity test after Ring Circuit

    After completing a new RFC or modifying an existing one, I will always test continuity across all 3 conductors at the Consumer unit. I use the continuity function on my Fluke 2 pole tester to do this. This is done whilst the circuit is dead. Prior to this, I am very diligent with the conductors...
  13. M

    Rcd Main switch blown by Ze test

    Hi all just wondering if I could pick you brains, I was doing a ze today on a consumer unit, 80amp rcd main switch, (the test button wasnt functioning so I was already thinking as to what caused this to blow) I disconnected the main earth, turned the main switch into the off position, I then...
  14. Pegasus

    Insulation Resistance Test, trying to wrap my head around it

    I am self-teaching fault-finding and testing, but I can't wrap my head around insulation resistance tests. From my understanding you send 500V for domestics down the conductors using an Multi-Function Tester, and the values should be over 1M Ohm, now my question is why should the resistance be...
  15. N

    Ethos 8600 EV test adapter

    Has anyone used the Ethos 8600 test adapter? The ethos-instruments websites have a user manual button, but nothing downloads. There are no youtube videos as you get with other brands of adapter and the basic leaflet included doesn't have sufficient info. Pre-purchase, I was concerned about...
  16. Spike1947

    Appliance Test Forms ( Domestic Use)

    Hi I am going to do some Appliance testing for a Charity shop, could anyone comment on it please, been out of the game for awhile ow, just had my PAT tester callibrated . no I don't have the 5th edition, will prob get it, but just for domestic items you would find in a charity shop I not sure I...
  17. _q12x_

    Make a very simple test for me

    Im asking this question to everyone but in particular to my friend here mister @marconi . I am a professional artist but I am not an electronist like you guys here. That doesnt mean I dont know anything. I know something but I can't raise to some of your standards and knowledge. I'm happy...
  18. P

    What test to carry out before consumer unit change?

    What test should I carry out before changing a consumer unit to ensure that it is eligible for one? I’m guessing R1 + R2 to make sure it has cpc at circuits. Say for lighting do I check every single light fitting or...? IR test I’m assuming of course so there are no trips. I’m not a testing...
  19. R

    Pool pump test procedure

    My pool pump (230V 1Ph cap start) US Motor k63cxdfw-5159 ) wasn't working so I started to look for a reason. I found the terminal to the output control relay in the Intermatic program timer/ freeze control was burned off. None of the terminals were insulated and very close to each other and...
  20. W

    UK Different test results after DB change

    Is it common to get different test results when upgrading a db? Basically I done an EICR in November and came back to upgrade the db and done live tests on all the circuits, but my results were quite different. Like 0.30 ohms out on one circuit
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