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  1. C

    PAT test class 1 appliance no plug

    What is best practice when unable to access a plug on a class 1 appliance. Specifically a washing machine in this instance. There is also no isolation point where it is wired into so the plug is definitely behind f the machine but completely unreachable
  2. E

    Washing motor - bench test

    My beko will not run, it attempts to move in both directions with a belt or not fitted also shows no faults in checking with a meter across its tacho, stator or field as it will not run. The brushes are a good length of 30/40mm when removed. Need to bench test to prove if the motor is at fault...
  3. I

    UK Odd PME test result...

    Morning guys! Went to look at a consumer unit change today with a PME supply. Now, right next to this was an old BS3036 60A fused mem cutout that then sent a pair of 16mm tails to the consumer unit up into the loft, across about 3m and then down the wall in surface trunking down to an old...
  4. Reece_s92

    Test faulty screen on car satnav

    I have a factory fitted rare satnav for an old Honda Prelude with faulty screen. The lights and buttons light up and make noise when pressed but the screen does not come on. Is there a way I can test the screen by providing some direct power to the screen?
  5. S

    Which test leads ? Meter without leads

    As I college student. I'm still just experimenting with equipment etc. I have the megger bm223 without the test leads Can anyone recommend some cheap Test Leads for this. I'm only using these for my home study. Not professional work or anything. Thanks.
  6. O

    How do I enter reports when two circuits are in one MCB

    For example the house today had two lighting T&E in the same MCB. I know it's fine, but as I test both 'radials' where and how do we enter them on an EIC/EICR form on the NICEIC online certification thing? I can make extra lines on the circuit chart, but do we write them down as MCB-8a MCB-8b...
  7. D

    How to test RCD for lighting circuit

    I live in Australia; you can use a socket tester to test the RCD for the power outlet circuit. Plug device to a 3-pin wall socket, set testing mA to 30 on the device and press test button. What is the best way to test RCD on the lighting circuit – from an existing B22 or E27 lamp holder? (Not...
  8. A

    How to do a proper insulation test on an electric motor

    I want to check the insulation of the 3-phase 400VAC asynchronous squirrel cage motor. Motor's stator windings are connected in delta. I've read in some textbooks it is necessary to open motor's junction box and disconnect terminals and remove jumper bars (which are used to establish delta or...
  9. K

    Finished last day of am2 today but made a stupid error on the test cert😠

    Hi all, Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong area Firstly, If you've got any questions about the am2s fire away whilst it's still fresh I'm banging my head against a wall.. everything was going so well until the drive home in my own thoughts and realised on the test sheet I put down 8.4kA...
  10. B

    EICR test (failed apparently) but no report

    I paid an electrician for an EICR test - two of his men took 3-4hrs to do the test. This was on 28/04. He since told me that the test failed and that the house needs a rewire. Its been 2 months - me calling him and requesting a report for the failed test. but he is now ignoring my partnr and my...
  11. S

    Why did test lamps show 0V between live side and dead side?

    I removed a fuse and before reinserting did the following tests using test lamps. Live side - Neutral = 230V, Dead side - Neutral = 0V, Live side - Dead side = 0V. I then used a multimeter to check these results as I was expecting a potential difference of 230V between Supply side and dead side...
  12. K

    How did you guys prepare for the apprenticeship aptitude test?

    I am studying for the aptitude test and finding a TON of links. I’ve been going through Kahn Academy, which is helping. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for the best way to study for the math section. I was thinking about getting the “algebra for dummies” book. Thank you for any help.
  13. H

    EICR Test Fail, before and after

    Hi, recently had an EICR test done by 'Landlord Certificates' which failed due to circuite 3 having two radial circuits into a single 32amp MCB, they advised splitting it into two 20amp MCB's and quoted £174 including EICR certificate. The Electrian appears to have simply taken out the 32amp...
  14. H

    Wylex RCBO Test - To middle versus bottom position

    Last week I took the opportunity of having the mains power off to test the RCBOs in a Wylex Consumer Unit, fitted nearly 5 years ago, which has the following: 1 off NHXS1B40, 4 off NHXS1B32, 2 off NHXS1B16, 3 off NHXS1B06 and 1 off NHXS1B25 Now on Test, the B40 switch went to the mid position...
  15. M

    AM2S Insulation Resistance Test on RCBO

    Hello, I’ve got my AM2S coming up and I’ve been revising like mad but I’m stuck on something. I’ve read that it’s a 3 phase board with just one RCBO for the ring circuit. Assuming they want me to do a global IR test, can I take the conductors out of the RCBO, switch it off, and then test...
  16. L

    Am2s test cert one wrong box(pass or fail)

    I just done my am2s flew though my testing but filled one box wrong on test cert will that be a fail ?
  17. S

    EM lighting test facility

    Hi, RCBO appropriate test facility for emergency lighting? I have a car storage facility ( one corridor with 10 rooms off the corridor to store vehicles ). Planning to install the row of lighting all controlled from occupancy sensors, hoping to wire in one run of 3 core to tie in all sensors...
  18. HappyHippyDad

    Can I confirm how to test for and how to find a borrowed neutral?

    During some testing I found a N-E IR fault on the kitchen lights of 0.1Mohms. I also found a N-E IR fault on the ring sockets, again 0.1Mohms. This could have been a coincidence, but I disconnected both neutrals from the neutral bar (i.e the kitchen lights and sockets) and tested between them...
  19. E

    RCD tripping on test

    Hi, while testing the new board I installed I got to the live testing at the sockets one of the RCD's kept tripping during the loop test, the other ring tested fine so it's not the tester, the insulation tests where all good. Unfortunately I didn't have a residual current clamp meter with me, to...
  20. KevinH

    Napit Fast test EICR form query

    Has anyone on here using the Napit Fast test software for EICR's noticed that in the section "Extent and Limitations of Inspection and Testing" there is a box marked "Extent of Termination Sampling" which needs to be filled in. This must be a very recent addition, or it's been longer than I...
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