1. _q12x_

    Make a very simple test for me

    Im asking this question to everyone but in particular to my friend here mister @marconi . I am a professional artist but I am not an electronist like you guys here. That doesnt mean I dont know anything. I know something but I can't raise to some of your standards and knowledge. I'm happy...
  2. P

    What test to carry out before consumer unit change?

    What test should I carry out before changing a consumer unit to ensure that it is eligible for one? I’m guessing R1 + R2 to make sure it has cpc at circuits. Say for lighting do I check every single light fitting or...? IR test I’m assuming of course so there are no trips. I’m not a testing...
  3. R

    Pool pump test procedure

    My pool pump (230V 1Ph cap start) US Motor k63cxdfw-5159 ) wasn't working so I started to look for a reason. I found the terminal to the output control relay in the Intermatic program timer/ freeze control was burned off. None of the terminals were insulated and very close to each other and...
  4. W

    UK Different test results after DB change

    Is it common to get different test results when upgrading a db? Basically I done an EICR in November and came back to upgrade the db and done live tests on all the circuits, but my results were quite different. Like 0.30 ohms out on one circuit
  5. G

    Test & Replace non-energized wires

    I have an outdoor GFCI that has never worked since I moved into my house- I thought the receptacle just needed to be replaced but when I tested the wiring with a multimeter I found that the wiring isn't energized. I suspect that the GFCI is the last outlet on my kitchen circuit because it's on...
  6. B

    Low earth resistance continuity test

    I’ve just carried out a continuity test on a rfc. And I’m getting a lower earth resistance Reading than the reading on both the live and neutral wires. its a circuit in a house converted into two flats and the circuit is wired in 2.5/1.5 twin and earth. Live and neutral are both 0.46 earth is...
  7. W

    How can I test a fusible link?

    I have several 14 gauge fusible links. How can I test these? I would like to know at what point the wire will fail so that it can protect the wiring harness.
  8. L

    Another EICR test issue

    Next door neighbour .Single mother 2 young kids . Been there 6-7 years .landlady is super reluctant to ever communicate no matter what the issue . Employs jokes of a management agency . who really are "typical" . lets do the basics first . landlady (27b) is a multi Millionaire property...
  9. S

    PAT test white goods?

    I have recently been asked about some PAT testing work undertaken in a local church hall. The PAT tester did not test the free standing under worktop fridges. The are connected via standard 13 Amp BS1363 plug and socket. The PAT tester said they do not test white goods. I cannot see any logic in...
  10. Rockingit

    Making up industrial test adaptors - fusing leads?

    I make my own ceeform adaptor leads for testing purposes where the 4mm banana leads generally just get plugged into my own MFT which is all internally fused. All ratings and sizes - 16/1 up to 125/3 However, it's occurred to me that technically that's not compliant to GS38 (or certainly not in...
  11. K

    C2 rating on EICR test report

    Hello Everyone, We are looking to buy this house but the EICR report have a couple of C2's. Any help advice on these is much appreciated. 5.11 - Provision of additional protection by RCD not exceeding 30mA For mobile equipment not exceeding a rating of 32 A for outdoor use only 8.0...
  12. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Should this pass NICEIC Test

    Hi all, I had an electrical test carried out on a property before moving in - it passed. since moving in I've had some challenges with the electrics. One highlight being the upstairs lights are wired into the sockets. It's been suggested to me this shouldn't have been a pass based on this? Can...
  13. UnderstandingElectrics

    TN-C-S supply, shocks from earthed sink, latest test from landlord 200Mohm resistance between E/N

    TN-C-S supply, shocks/tingles from earthed sink. Latest NICEIC test (2017) from landlord shows 200Mohm resistance between E and N As above, do I have a floating neutral, is this causing a leak from N, via bonding on sink to true earth (solid kitchen floor)?
  14. HappyHippyDad

    Have you ever had a positive test for covid since it all began?

    As in the title. This can be a Lateral flow test or PCR. Just thought it would be interesting to look at some statistics.
  15. V

    Type AC RCD failing test

    Hi. Now I'm pretty sure why this is happening, but I thought I'd check. Just did a standard RCD test at a client, and the RCD failed the test. Did a Ramp Test to check it and it finally tripped at 100mA. It's an AC RCD, so my guess is it's an appliance or something leaking DC current high...
  16. W

    UK How to register for Part P, being able to provide test certs.

    Hi all, looking for some advice, ive got my 236 Parts 1 & 2, AM1, 18th Edition, Testing & Inspection, how do i go about registering for Part P, being able to provide test certificates etc? Thanks, Tony.
  17. R

    how do i test a rcd thats not in the db

    i have a rcd fitted in the trunking in an office but at the db i have a mcb i have tried to do a R1+ R2 test but as my mft uses 200ma it trips the rcd any advice would be greatfull
  18. R

    Anyone selling a Solo Fire Test Kit.

    I don’t suppose anyone is selling a Solo Fire Test Kit? I’m looking to buy one for work. If anyone has one for sale that would be great.
  19. M

    Erroneous test during pre testing

    Hi, While doing the Erroneous test during my pre test I came across abit of a headache. When I was doing a lighting circuit it was coming in a short eg. 0.04ohms but once I disconnected an LED light in a bathroom it went away, same with socket circuits which had USB sockets connected on them, is...