1. timhoward

    MCB trip (not RCD) during loop test

    I just finished a garden room supply. The customer already had a CPN garage consumer unit that the last sparks left there, brand new in box, and with some misgivings I agreed to use it. It came to testing. Zs@DB of 0.3 ohms in garden room. CPN RCD main switch tripped x1 at 21ms The lighting...
  2. N

    3-Way Switch Loop, Ceiling Fed Multi-fixture Wiring Puzzle - Need Help

    This weekend I was replacing a hall light fixture in my old home (rewired circa 1980/90's) and noticed the work was done using one of the exposed ground wires as one of the switch leg/loop travelers on a 3-way. Obviously, this is completely wrong and a fire hazard, so I decided to try to rework...
  3. Lainan01

    Trainee How does fault current loop? "Earth Fault Loop"

    Confused as to what the earth fault loop is. I'm aware it's the path that fault current takes (Line-Earth) but how many times does fault current "loop"?
  4. A

    Diagnosing overcurrent error on VFD

    I have a box powering three 3-phase motors off of one 240V single phase line, NEMA 10-30. In the picture you can see a wiring diagram. The original wiring I had was one box containing all those components. It would cause over-current errors on the right-side (1 HP) VFD when I didn't have fuses...
  5. F

    Shelly Connection and Full Switch Loop

    Have a bunch of home automation in place, and am considering installation of a Shelly into a light switch to remotely control some lights. Looking at the current switch configuration, it should all be pretty straight forward. Have a two gang switch, one light switch (left in the pic), controls...
  6. T

    Adding a light to loop at switch and change to 2 gang switch

    Hi, I am wanting to add a couple of wall lights to a room that currently has a single ceiling rose. Attached are photos of the one gang switch and the ceiling rose. I wish to change the one gang switch for a two gang switch, so that one switch operates the current ceiling rose while the other...
  7. Aaron b

    What in this old service head?

    I had a look at a property with this old service head. It's a looped supply, the met is just a bolt and the tn-s earth is questionable. There's also a knockout missing on the side. I'll recommend the DNA are contacted to look it over. I was wondering what the insides are like? If there's a...
  8. D

    Smart switch loop issue

    Hi DIYer here. I replaced a one gang switch with a no neutral smart switch. I put the provided capacitor between live and neutral in the ceiling rose. All seems fine except that occasionally the light flashes when one of the other switches on the loop is switched on. Is there anything I can do...
  9. D

    Loop Impendance question

    Hi, I am currently studying to become an electrician and keep seeing this question (normally different values) and I am not sure how to work this out. Would someone be able to let me know how you work this out? The measured value of loop impedance for a circuit is 2.4Ω. If the temperature at...
  10. H

    What’s the point of earth loop if your rcd performs ?

    Hi guys was having a conversation as a apprentice I’m still not sure and was wondering why earth fault loop impedance is important if you’ve proved your earth because the rcd trips proving your rcd performs ? Can anyone tell me thanks so what my question is in short what’s the point of it if...
  11. C

    Fire alarm loop testing

    Hi all Just a quick one. For a fire alarm loop addressable system. Fp200 1.5mm cpc 1.5mm To obtain R1+R2 would you treat the "loop" as a radial in effect and link brown and earth in connector then tester on other leg. Or would you treat it as a ring and figure of eight and can be tested...
  12. P

    11kv pole loop fault, over voltage ?

    Hi first post, I'm a pretty well experienced electrician of 15 years now working solely in Agricultural electrical We have a lot of voltage sensitive equipment on our farms which run auto ventilation and alarms ect Today we had a huge bang from the 11kv pole transformer on one of our sites...
  13. R

    Loop testing question

    Hi All Whilst carrying out some testing today I had the following messages on my Kewtech KT64DL. L - N >20ohms - this was on the ring on only one socket, all others tested fine. Could this be a faulty socket? n-pe hiv - this was on the upstairs lighting circuit. Was testing in the loft where I...
  14. S

    Zs and Ze - both called 'Earth Fault Loop Impedence'?

    Can someone explain this to me? The regs book calls Zs 'Earth Fault Loop Impedence' and the On-Site Guide calls Ze 'Earth Fault Loop Impedence'.
  15. tadast

    Hotpoint HMB313I fridge clicking on and off continuously

    Woke up to my fridge clicking on and off every few seconds. It seems like it’s trying to start but then a relay/switch trips and it turns off. The lights inside and the LED display go off as well when it “clicks”. Here’s a video Is this a common fault that’s easy to fix by replacing a part or...
  16. RobertKza

    Why loop the live for lights?

    I have one mcb in the consumer unit that supplies external lights. When this is off the coal shed, shower room main light and toilet light don't switch on. There is a light switch in each of the shower room and toilet. There is a 2 gang light switch in the shower/toilet access passage. One...
  17. J

    Loop impedance measurement

    Hi, All I have a megger LTW325 and fluke 1664FC to measure loop impedance by using high current mode. But both results are quite different. megger LTW325 is given a value 0.04ohms and fluke 1664fc is given a value 0.12 ohms. Means megger can give a current at 230V/0.04=5750A but fluke is only...
  18. J

    UK Earth loop fault impedance help

    Hello I’m a student learning about industrial wiring and circuits and we’re about to start learning about how to do loop impedance calculations. I have made a drawing of a three phase installation and was wondering if anyone could give me information on how I get the Ze Zs and R1 + R2. How would...
  19. E

    Loop Impedance reading

    Hi I bought a holiday lodge last month and decided to test the circuits to see how they measured. The lodge itself is fed from a central point in the holiday village by a 16mm PVCSWA. The main earth wire terminates into a MET it looks to be a 10mm earth that is crimped onto the incoming earth, I...
  20. T

    Fault loop impedance testers

    Hi just wondering how most are testing fault loop impedance and which testing units are best
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