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smart switch

  1. J

    Smart switch 2 gang wiring

    Hi, I’m trying to wire a smart light switch but have too many wires from my existing switch which don’t directly translate over. the current switch is currently wired with 2x com / 2 x L1 and 1 x N the new smart switch has N/L/L1/L2 Any idea what to do with the extra com wire? thanks!
  2. K

    Smart Switch random question

    I have over 20 smart switches in my house. I have done them all myself and understand the process. Maybe this isn't the question but it is all I can think of...Is it possible to turn a single pole fan switch into a multi pole switch? Okay so the scenario is I have an office that has 1 switch for...
  3. O

    Help with Smart Switch

    Hi all! So I’ve recently moved and in my old place I installed smart switches as the wiring was pretty simple. However this new house was a flip and they remodeled the kitchen and redid all the lights and switches and made the wiring a little complicated for my liking. If it weren’t for the...
  4. C

    Wire Smart Switch

    Hi, home foyer here... Bought a simple 2 gang smart switch and trying to connect it. To test I was actually only going to replace one of my one gang dimmer switches with it to check it worked. instructions that came with it are about as much use as a chocolate teapot. So I disconnected my old...
  5. I

    No neutral smart switch, faulty?

    Hi, I've just purchased a 2 gang no neutral smart switch, however I was sent 3 gang. I thought i'd use it anyway. When i connected the common(S) to "L" & Switch live "L1" & "L3", nothing happened, switch didn't light up, lights didn't come on. My current switch operates 2x lots of led down...
  6. O

    No neutral wire for smart switch?

    Hi all, first post here, let’s go. So I’m installing a smart switch in my kitchen and after pulling the existing switch out I noticed that there are only two cables in the wall box. Each of the two goes to the switch with a simple straight connection. I’m assuming that these are both live...
  7. PeakSteve

    Sonoff Wi Fi DIY MINI smart switch issue.

    Has anyone had an intermittency issue with a Sonoff DIY MINI smart switch? This switch takes a voltage-free switch circuit (i.e. your old switch cable(s), separated from the mains) across it's inputs S1 and S2. Any change of state of the light switch(es) will change the output of the device...
  8. D

    update my light switch to a Smart Switch

    Hi everyone, Basically, I am planning to replace the light switches in my new build house with smart switches and as the switch has WiFi built-in it needs constant power to work so will require a neutral wire I've pulled the back of the existing lightswitch and have a "Common" and "L1" 2 x...
  9. T

    UK lighting for smart switch made in China!

    Hi, have just received a smart light switch ordered off Amazon UK which on receipt has been manufactured in china with wiring installation instructions that don't seem to relate to UK.. :-O I have a two gang one way fitting which seemed perfect for the switch as ordered - at the moment I have a...
  10. L

    Smart switch wiring on a 3 way switch

    How do i wire this?
  11. SwitchBee - A Quick Switch to A Smart Home

    SwitchBee - A Quick Switch to A Smart Home

    A new smarthome product, which requires no neutral wire and no batteries
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