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    VFD tripping breaker

    hey guys had to replace the VFD on my lathe. running off 240v single phase to 3 phase to control the motor in delta config. i wired the new vfd up as per the last one, which is a different brand. hooked up active and neutral, then the ground to the chassis screw, when plugged in instantly trips...
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    what do these 380v wiring colours mean, I want to use with a 220v vfd. it may have had speed control

    Hello, I am a woodworker who has got a large old power feed, its 380v and i want someone to rewire to a 220v vfd for me, can someone please tell me what these old colour codes mean. I bought the machine in Scotland.I can't find any easy diagrams online.I think its a good few years old.Thank you...
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    Help me with inverter vfd to 3 phase motor

    Ac power supply 440V Inverter - Input 380-480V 50/60hz 11.2A Output 0-480V 8.5A 6.8kva 3.7Kw 3 phase motor- 2.2kW 50Hz Should i use delta or star connection? newguytoelectricity
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    Vfd for well pump

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has ever built a VFD for a well pump using a pressure transmitter and a Allen Bradley drive. Maybe this isn’t even possible. Just curious. Thanks
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