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  1. J

    Bonding swa and the regs

    Hi guys got a few questions on the regs. Do we have to bond both sides of SWA cable if we are using a core for earth. And if so would it need a banjo and fly lead when going into a metal enclosure? Also does the fly lead back to the panel/CU have to be connected to the MET? Thank you guys
  2. S

    SWA instead of meter tails

    Hi Gents, Hope everyone doing good at this hard time,i need your opinion guys I am installing new CU and Client ask me to install it somewhere roughly 6 meters away from meter box. i have decided run SWA as i can not use 3m meter tails in this case but my questions are; 1.Can i run SWA through...
  3. L

    Fly Lead Size to SWA

    Hi there, If I’ve got a SWA, what size should my fly lead cable be from banjo to earth bar ? The wire armouring is only being used for mechanical protection and not by means of supplying a earth. If I am using the SWA as means of a earth connection how do I size the fly lead then?
  4. G

    Swa earthing

    Hi all hope everyone is keeping ok under the current circumstances, I've got a 6mm swa to my garage cu, its glanded to plastic cu but no earth to armoured if I put a banjo on to it and crimp a cpc to banjo what size cpc cable do I need to use ? Still learning so any advice appreciated, Also no...
  5. J

    Help with swa armouring as suitability as c.p.c

    Hello all Am trying to calculate suitability of using swa armouring as c.p.c. It is a 6mm 2c supplying a log cabin. From table 54.7 the calculation I need to use to find min csa of armouring is (k1/k2) x S Taking value from table 43.1 for 90c cable I have k1 = 100 and K2 = 46 (Table 54.4) So...
  6. A

    UK is twin and eath aloud in hot tub installs

    hi, just a quick question for installing a 32 amp hot tub a friend told me it HAS to be in SWA but I have seen lots of 32 amp tubs installed with 6mm twin and earth in conduit, Is he correct? and is there anything in regulations not allowing me to use twin and earth in conduit? many thanks
  7. N

    SWA cable between light fittings

    Hi All. I am having my house rendered soon, before that I want to put cabling in for around 6 wall lights around the outside of the house (something like those GU10 up and down lights you see so often), obviously I want the cable hidden beneath the render however the cable won't go in...
  8. G

    Reg number for glanding SWA

    Hi! Carried out an EICR and found the SWA supply to the garage wasn't glanded at either end. Can someone tell me what regs number it is that states it should be? Thanks 1585217228 Ok so after looking further I may have answered my own question! I would say this comes under 526.1? Correct me...
  9. J

    SWA termination into WISKA boxes

    Do the item number 'EC308' WISKA earthing kits fit into the WISKA combi 208 boxes (10109571)? I've only ever used them in 308 junction boxes thank you very much in advanced
  10. A

    Swa earth nuts

    Hi all, has anyone used these and are they worth it? Quite expensive but if they save time. I have a 2.5 swa run 50m down a garden to feed a socket, light and roller gate. I'm think of using these where I come in and out of the plastic socket amd plastic enclosures to bridge instead of...
  11. O

    Using SWA for tails.

    Hi everyone, Just been on a new build (one off build not cookie cutter), original sparks left some SWA for a car charger and electric gate that I have been working on, I have signed off these two new circuits. The tails have been taken from a DNO supplied main switch, TN-CS with 100A fuse. He...
  12. N

    Swa cabling above ground

    I am volunteering at a disabled riding school charity and have been been donated a hay steamer that we want to get running. However, the quote we have been given to upgrade the wiring to support it exceeds our funds. I'm trying to find a cheaper way to do it by avoiding changing existing wiring...
  13. P

    50mm swa disitribution advice

    Hi all, After some advice. i have a run of 50mm 4 core on a farm to reinstate some GP buildings. 100A feed, with fused disconnect at the origin. in its run it needs to be intersected to feed a small existing 3phase board just for some lightingin a tractor shed. my thoughts are use a non...
  14. H

    Hot SWA gland

    I have a hot SWA Gland on a 11kV cable. The cable has a SWA Gland on each end. I was under the belief that this would create a current circuit. There is 3 trefols running in parallel. Any suggestions
  15. 1Justin

    slim 6mm SWA Y joint for bollards?

    Terminating 2 x 6mm swa into 1.5mm H07 flex inside lighting pillars. Many of them.. Max probably 85mm dia. Wiska 308 too big, Wago capsule too big, Galv trouser boxes too small. Nothing seems to be suitable. Am thinking of making my own with 82 dia solvent weld tube. - Know of any commercial...
  16. G

    Splitting 25mm meter tails to SWA and 25mm tails

    Hi All, I need to split the meter tails to supply a second CU which will be at the rear of the house, however the supply to the second CU will need to be in SWA and I can only split the tails at the meter cupboard. Is there a suitable adaptable box or isolator I could use to be able to do...
  17. M

    Terminating SWA into DB

    Morning. I have been asked to finish a job to connect a 1.5mm SWA cable into a DB which feeds a post to power some security cameras. The SWA cable enters the building and into some metal trunking. The trunking butts up to the DB and there is a large entry hole into the DB through which the...
  18. P

    SWA cable calculations!!

    Ive been asked to confirm the maxium possible supply for an existing SWA sub main and I know im doing something wrong with my cable calculations. Its a 10mm 3 core SWA currently on a b40 on a split load boad but its about 120m run ( direct burial) and they want to run an airsource heat pump...
  19. MarkRibbands

    Augmentation of existing submain. Complicated layout. Advice please!

    Apologies for the complexity of this question, but there’s no easy way to explain it. This is a remote Norfolk house and workshops, developed over 30 years. Due to diversification, building B on the plan needs more power than originally expected, and building D is a recent addition. I’d...
  20. C

    SWA Cable Tracing

    I have multiple large looms of various cables that I need to trace. These are various services including power, fibre, copper, other 'unknown' cables etc... I want to be able to trace a single cable using the SWA. I want to remove a section of the outer sheathing and put a tone on the SWA and do...
  21. Vortigern

    SWA supply cables between buildings will not disconnect in required time

    Doing calcs on swa supply to building as sub main from main three phase squard D board for single phase supply off of TN-S supply. I used cable mate from jarsoft and looked up various tables for disconnection times. In all case scenarios it tells me it will not disconnect within the required...
  22. G

    Incorrect SWA glanding/bonding

    Hi all, I've just moved into a rented property and found the attached photo outside the conservatory. It spurs from an inside socket and goes down the garden to an outhouse. I've tried using the 18th edition to find some evidence that this is obviously the incorrect method, as I'd like to go...
  23. GBDamo

    2.5mm or 4mm SWA armour bonding

    Armour not CPC. By the letter of the regs 2.5mm is acceptable as the DB offers both mehanical and corrosion protection. Just seems a bit puny on a 10mm SWA, what about a much larger cable? Can some of the boffins explain why 2.5mm is deemed acceptable. Cheers
  24. T

    3 phase swa sub

    Just a quick one does a three phase 25mm sub main in swa 4 meters long have to be fused even thou it comes from a bs1361 100amp services fuse then from a standard three phase isolation switch fitted from electricity company? Being swa and 25mm in size would this be acceptable?
  25. L

    SWA questions, doubting electrician

    Recently had an electrician in to wire up power to a detached garage and also wire in a 32 amp rotary switch for an eventual hot tub install. He has used a spare 40amp MCB in the house consumer for the garage and a 32amp one for the hot tub point. Cable run for both is about 10m each. He left...
  26. I

    New SWA to flats from head

    Hi Guys, First time posting but I've been commissioned with essentially running new cables from the head to 5 flats, due to the ground floor flat not allowing us to run the cables through their flat to the next one we will have to come out of the basement and upto the roof and then down the...
  27. D

    SWA sheath, earthing and empty consumer unit space

    Hi all I had some house rewiring undertaken on my house and have come across a few issues since painting. First thing was damage to the rubber outer sheath of the SWA cable on the outer wall which I've rapped electrical tape around temporarily as the metal rods were visible and we had a lot of...
  28. A

    Meter tails issue

    Hi guys I'm installing a CU in a new build and have a couple of questions I need some guidance with regards to the meter tails. I need to drill a hole through the wall (for the meter tails) to access the main supplies which are located in the recessed box on the outside of the property. I am...
  29. K

    UK RCD keep tripping.

    Hi All.. I have a 16mm 3 core swa feed a 9way split board in shed, 30m from incomer .. from the split board I have run a 10mm 3 core swa to 2 way board for hot tub. This has a 63amp rcd in it.. the other end at the split board is also a 63amp rcd on its own of one side of the split board.. this...
  30. A

    UK 2armours supplies dist board

    Hi, wondering if anyone has seen this before. At a job today and the supply to the 3 phase dust board is 2x16mm armours. One has three phases in it the other armour has the neutral and earth. Bit rough I think is there any regs on this ? Any help would be great.
  31. K

    UK Unsure SWA cable size I have?

    Hi guys, hopefully somebody can help. I have some driveway lamp posts with the armoured cable installed though the middle of the concrete pad. Unfortunately whoever installed this did a rubbish job as the concrete is not level and the posts look awful. I was going to cut the cable and dig out...
  32. T

    SWA cleats for 3phase

    Does anyone know what size SWA cleat fits around 4 25mm tails and 16mm Earth? Need to hold some tails back for a 3phase board i have just done Cheers
  33. B

    Ethernet/Power SWA cables - can they share space ??

    Hello all...…. I would appreciate some advice please as there is lots of conflicting opinions on the interenet. I wondered if anyone new the actual UK rules and regs or sensibilities :) with regards to ethernet installation alongside power cables in a trench ( I appreciate the whole high...
  34. kenburgess

    SWA Glands : Poor Fit

    Background: Served my apprenticeship 1964 to 1969 with NORWEB but not been directly employed in the industry since then. I have just laid a 10mm 3 core SWA cable in a trench under the patio from the house to a detached garage 8.5m away. (cable run will be around 18m to 20m). There won’t be...
  35. B

    5 core SWA 120mm pvc cable

    Hello all So Im doing the groundwork to install a electrical kiosk and lay 250m approx. of cable to live up an off grid property. I am not an electrician i am only doing the hole digging and slab making for the kiosk - I will not be wiring anything in - not my thing :) a qualified company...
  36. T

    Ring main in 4Core SWA

    Evening all Has anyone ever wired a ring main in 4Core SWA and used the sheath as an earth? Just looking at wiring some sockets in an industrial unit and wondering whether to do it that way or do a 4mm radial
  37. G

    Burried SWA for a log cabin

    Hi all, Hope someone can give me clarity around the need to bury an SWA cable please. I've been asked to install an 4mm SWA from the main DB to a "to be built log cabin" at the end of the garden about 50m away, it will need to run along a fence for most the route (or underground). I called...
  38. C

    School block Swa supply

    What code would you give for a Swa supply 3p/N,95mm. Supplies remote school block,2 storey,no main earth conductor,using sheath,the main earth bonding originates from this Swa,for this block,@ Main Panel board,& is 16 mm The main earth @ origin is 120mm,Main bonding 50mm. Cheers
  39. happyhippydad

    Tails or SWA?

    My customers meter is being moved. The distance to the consumer unit will be approx 10m. I'll be installing a metal switched fuse in the meter. I cannot run any cables up the outside as it is having some kind of wooden finish and the customer does not want anything else on show. I can only see...
  40. S

    SWA earthing

    I’ve seen debate in the past on here about whether to earth both ends of SWA at the glands even when using 3 core with a core as the cpc. My question is: If I gland the load end and earth the banjo there, then gland the supply end but run the 3 cores straight through the building skin so there...
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