1. littlespark

    Thoughts on moving an existing CU

    Local funeral place is getting a new mortuary fridge unit, and needs some work done. The CU, just for the room, is high up in the corner, just above the fridge unit. Stupid place to have it, as you need to crawl over the top of the unit to get to it. 2 foot of crawl space, and my dodgy knee...
  2. I

    UK SPD in Existing metal clad CU?

    Hi all! Does an SPD have to go at the front end next to the main switch or can it be fitted with its MCB at the end of the row of MCBS on an existing CU to the far left? EG main switch on the right, end of MCB row on the left will have the OCPD for the SPD, and then the SPD sat to the left of...
  3. S

    Solar Panels Can I add solar panels to an existing system without losing my fits

    Can I add solar panels to an existing system without jeopardising my feed in tariff? I have a 3.8kw system but was thinking of adding a few more. Could I have 6kw of solar but limit the inverter to 3.8kw so it will help in the winter when I need it the most. Or would I need a second meter to...
  4. L

    I.R. testing existing circuits

    The accepted method of I.R. testing existing circuits has been to join L and N together and test to E, to protect against damaging any electronics that were inadvertently left in circuit. However ,with the increase of new types of circuits between L and E as a result of "intentional leakage"...
  5. S

    How to add a sub board when existing DB is fed by an armoured?

    Hi, I have been tasked with a kitchen rewire. The current DB is fed by a 16mm armoured. There is a split load old contactum DB which I don’t fancy buying MCBs for. I have quoted to add a sub DB with RCBO to cover my new kitchen wiring. My question is how would you feed the new DB? Usually I...
  6. C

    Can I spur a socket from an existing fused spur on a ring main?

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I just want to confirm: Currently I have a spur leaving a socket in the bedroom, into a 13A Switched FCU and running up to power a double socket in the loft. I now want to locate a socket in the old boiler cupboard/airing cupboard to power a tumble...
  7. N

    Tap existing switch to power three new switches

    Hello, We have three bedrooms without lights in their closets and we'd like to add a single light to each. There is an existing 20 Amp circuit that is currently only powering 4 recessed lights and a vanity light. The 4 can lights are connected to a switch in one of the bedrooms. Can I tap into...
  8. R

    Using existing cable or rewire

    Morning , Just seeing what peoples thoughts are. Been to look at a kitchen extension and there is going to be quite a bit of remedial work. The existing cable was fitted 20 yrs ago white t/e and looks in pretty good condition. IR values 770mohm @500v I am led to believe that cable has a...
  9. D

    Adding switch + gfci to existing circuit

    Right now I have a circuit in my living room with a GFCI on the lead outlet. For various reasons I want to change that outlet to a non-GFCI, put half of the outlet on a switch, and mount the switch and a GFCI outlet halfway up the wall (where the new GFCI will cover the entire circuit). I...
  10. I

    UK Installation of SPD's either in existing C.U. or standalone be a notifiable job..

    looking for clarification on the status (notifiable/ not notifiable) of installing SPD's to existing installations C.U. or in a standalone enclosure. many thanks
  11. wsoppitt

    enlarge existing hole in metal panelling

    hey guys / girls, Whats the best way to enlarge a round hole in overhead metal panelling ? Unfortunately i cant find a holesaw the correct size , so advice needed. thanks
  12. clanky

    Solar Panels Expanding An Existing Array

    Hi, struggling to get quotes for upgrading my system as all the installers round here are chockablock doing regular installs after the price hikes. But, ive been thinking about doing this for a while as being a small holding with 5 freezers going, we use a LOT of lekky. Its currently a 3.9kw...
  13. J

    Converting an existing outlet to a switched outlet

    Bedroom has 5 outlets with 1 outlet that has a switched plug. I want to convert another outlet in the bedroom, that is a standard wired outlet, to a switch-controlled outlet. Plan: - Run a red wire from the already switched outlet to the proposed switched outlet plug. -Of course, break the...
  14. H

    Adding New Meter/Main Combo in front of existing Main.

    Looking for some assistance here as I have received different bids from different electricians. We live in Florida and have a Generator for emergency use, but have no way to power the house save for an extension cord currently. We are also remodeling our kitchen and are wanting to upgrade our...
  15. T

    How to add smart light capability to existing switch

    Hi, I had my home entirely rewired 5 years ago had some outside lights added to the front of the house. I’d now like to add these into my SmartThings setup and have come across the Aeotec nano switch which appears to add smart control without needing to replace existing switch. The photo below...
  16. Weezy

    Adding an additional zone to existing heating system, should this work?

    So iv got to add a mini one UFH zone to an existing property's heating system, i have already wired in all the easy parts ie. actuator, zone valve, stat etc. however i just need to hook it up to trigger the boiler. iv attached a few images to try and explain things better, the plumber told me...
  17. jimmydean

    Add a double dimer switch to an existing installation

    Hi, Would like some advice please on the following issue. 2 (dimmable)wall lights which are plugged into a mains socket via a 5 amp fused plug. At the present time the two lamps are switched on and off by the plug socket. They are wired as follows. Lamp 1 is connected to the mains, and Lamp 2...
  18. Oldman Sparks

    Floodlight and existing wiring

    Hi All I am a seeking help and advice from you lovely sparkis, I have removed a old flood light which was fitted 25 years ago by a friend of a friend. I have replaced the old light with a new flood light with a sensor connected to it. I have noticed the porch wall switch activates the ceiling...
  19. WfpEnt

    Need to find out if I can run my plasma cutter on an existing circuit.

    I just picked up a Thermal Dynamics SL100 plasma cutter. I have 220 circuit in my shop but I don't think its up to the task. Its about a 40 foot run to the shop from my 200 amp panel. Currently the circuit has a two pole 15 amp breaker with 10-3 wire. The requirements are below. Can I just...
  20. B

    Bedroom to Spa Tub room conversion - existing plug sockets.

    My father, who lives a long way away and who is very independently minded, is having a small downstairs bedroom converted to take a built in spa hot tub. From what I can gather talking to him about this, the spa people will replace the two, double gang sockets with Maintenance Free junction...
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