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  1. B

    Adding batteries to existing solar panel installation

    I am working with an licensed electrician but might need to find one with more experience. I understand electronics extremely well but again, am using a licensed electrician. Our house has 10 solar panels. A small inverter is mounted beneath each panel. All ten inverters are wired together...
  2. J

    Outside lighting

    I have 1 external light in my garden and would like to install 5 more, what’s steps would I need to take to do this? Could I spur off my existing light? Would I need junction boxes for each light?
  3. R

    Advice on wiring into an existing single light, 2 switch circuit

    Good evening guys, New to this forum but seeking some advice if possible. I am in the process on installing downlight in my bedroom as the single light is just not enough to cover the room, and am hoping to daisy chain them together. My current set up is a single light fitting with 2 switches...
  4. driverman

    Existing Burglar Alarm High Wycombe Bucks

    Hi Guys. I'm not an alarm installer. Existing alarm system installed approx 20 years ago by me at Sisters. It's an old Electricity Board (later Square one) type System. It's not worked for a few years due to Fault displayed on end panel, therefore not used. PIR's led's work. LED's on outside...
  5. A

    Can I use the existing 1/1/4” pvc pipe to fit 200amps rated wires,

    I am doing a 100 to 200amps (underground) service upgrade. Can I use the existing 11/4” pvc pipe to run the 200amps rated wires? What is the smallest size of wire I can use for the 200amps? Is (2) #2/0awg copper & (1) #6awg neutral copper ok?
  6. E

    USA Adding two lights to an existing 3-way switch?

    Current situation: Great room is greatly deprived of light in one-half of the room. Solution: Add two recessed lights to the current figuration. I'm not sure how exactly to connect the new lights to the existing lights. I have seen where some explain to connect directly to one light and not...
  7. MarkRibbands

    Domestic New 4mm T&E feed to existing remote 2.5mm ring. OK or not?

    I'm building a small rental annexe at my own house, which will be supplied by a new local sub-main, with local metering. This includes one existing bedroom which will become part of the annexe. This room has an existing ring final in 2.5mm, all in good condition. Rather than run two new 2.5s, a...
  8. A

    Best way to add new sockets in existing stud wall

    hi all, My house is a typical 1930s semi. Seems that the partition walls between each room are stud walls. There is only one single socket in each bedroom which is clearly not ideal therefore i want to add more. The upstairs sockets are fed off a 4mm radial so I am thinking of ripping it out...
  9. S

    Install new oven & induction hob to existing circuit

    Hi All. Just a little help I need connecting a electric oven and induction hob. The existing is a 32 amp MCB in the consumer unit. A 4m run of 6mm sq t&e cable from mcb going to a 45A cooker control switch. From here a 6mm sq t&e going into cooker connection unit. I have removed the old electric...
  10. spud1

    30mA RCD protection required for existing circuit?

    If I was replacing an existing light fitting in a domestic premises, making no alteration or addition to the circuitry, would I then be obligated to provide that circuit with 30mA RCD protection if it didn't already have it?
  11. F

    16A oven ok on existing set up?

    Hi all, I appreciate that this is a question that has been answered a lot but each response I could find was for slightly different set up to mine, so hoping you guys might be able to advise. If any work is needed I will get an electrician out, but don't really want to take time off work and...
  12. A

    Electrician Can i connect 2 sockets to a fused socket and this inturn to a other fused socket

    There is a double socket on the wall where the main feed comes in and this is then connected to a none switch fused socket. Iv'e been told i can add a other fused switched socket and connect both together then run 2 additional sockets off the fused switch one?
  13. C

    cable from existing cooker control switch to new oven/grill

    Hi, neighbour has asked if I would run new cable from existing cooker control unit to new oven/grill. The easiest way to run cable without disruption would be under existing kitchen cupboards. Cable would be 2.5mm or 4mm depending on oven. Is it ok to run this,this way ? and would it be better...
  14. C

    Joining existing cooker cable

    Hi, neighbour has asked me if I would move his cooker control switch for him. Since new position of it is further away,this would require joining existing cable via JB or, as is preferable, running a new cable. Running a new cable is a fairly big job,so do the regs allow a JB to be used in this...
  15. D

    Replacing existing PIR lights help

    hello replaceing both front and back pir lights and got abit stuck with where I need to put the switch live wire as they both currently have a manual switch overide Current wiring front and back New front light New back light Just abit confuses what to do with switch live wire. Any help...
  16. F

    Domestic New extension to existing wiring

    Just been asked to quote to wire a new kitchen extension. I realise that the new extension must conform to the 18th IEE regs. The existing wiring in the remainder of the building has the sockets lower that the stated 450mm and the light switches are higher than 1200mm. Do these have to be re...
  17. M

    Domestic Leave existing ceiling rose within new metal light fitting??

    I'm your average DIYer and after advice about replacing a pendant light with a new flush metal fitting. I can fix the new light to the ceiling and the existing rose sits within the void of the new fitting without any clearance issues. Is it OK to leave it in place and wire the new fitting into...
  18. D

    Domestic Mapping existing ring main

    Hi, I am a first time DIY poster - hoping to navigate the tricky line between getting a bit of a steer in the right direction and not requesting step by step instruction. I am hoping to DIY the electrics on my extension, and in advance of the project I am trying to map the order of outlets on...
  19. D

    2 questions - Existing ring main mapping, and rules on spurs

    Hi Just getting started with a view to DIY electrics on my house extension in a few months time, and ideally would like to map out the current circuits so I can plan the best way to join up, or where new circuits may be required etc. 2 Questions I reckon I can do some DIY non-live testing of...
  20. Sean Hill

    Replacing an existing thermostat with the Nest

    Hi, I'm having a look at how to install the Nest (3rd gen) I'm I wanted to have a shot at it myself before calling in a sparky. I have a boiler (Ideal Classic) in the kitchen together with a programmer. The existing thermostat however I think gets it's supply from the wiring junction up in...
  21. W

    Commercial Adding to an existing PV array - Feed in metering

    We have customers who want to add to an existing PV array. I know they cannot receive FIT generation payments, but what about additional power returned to the grid - can they be paid for any additional power fed back?
  22. happysteve

    New UFH controller compatible with existing sensor

    Eh up :) Client (doing other work there) accidentally smashed up their underfloor heating controller in their kitchen. The only thing I've been able to ascertain about the existing controller is that it was made by (or at least branded) Wickes. Had "on/off" and a temperature knob. No model...
  23. Andy5678

    Adding RCD protection to existing circuits

    Here’s a commercial scenario for you to comment on over you nightly dram. So there is an existing consumer unit with older style MCBs or bs88 fuses. RCBOs cannot be added to existing and customer wont pay for a new consumer unit. My soloution is to add a garage unit onto the side. Remove...
  24. M

    Domestic Aerial cable not working after new faceplate added to existing cable

    Hi all, Just had a complete rewire done (excellent job) but after they added a new faceplate to the aerial cable, I get no signal on the TV. Sadly the old faceplate is gone in the trash so I can't put it back. I've reconnected the cable several times to ensure no shorts and I've continuity...
  25. D

    Fitting a built-in electric oven on the wall ABOVE the existing electric free-standing cooker

    I would like to have fitted on the wall above my existing cooker a single compact electric oven. The existing cooker (hob & oven) is electric & non-induction. Under UK law would this be allowed? and, if so, what is the minium space allowed between the top of the existing cooker & the bottom...
  26. P

    Wiring 3no 3.2kw 16amp ovens to an existing 32amp 6mm supply

    Do I need to install a small CU to provide 3no separate supplies to 3 no ovens from the single 32amp supply I currently have.
  27. littlespark

    Adding a run on timer to an existing fan

    Is there such a thing? Job i'm looking at has a bathroom with no window. There is a 230v inline fan in the roofspace, vented from above the shower cubicle to... well... the extraction doesn't go anywhere, but that's another problem. Taking the grill down I can see the fan, but its screwed to...
  28. L

    Reuseof an existing Fuse switch

    Good afternoon, We have a fuse switch 100A-415v fairly old as it is Gec. We are planning on reusing it for a control panel with a vsd that will come in at around 40A. I believe to use this existing switch itwould be as simple as replacing the fuses but others are not of the same opinion. I feel...
  29. N

    Mobile home wiring to existing house

    Hi all. I've been asked to hook up a mobile home to a house. My initial intention was to fit a rcbo in the dB and then a socket at the gable end. Blue type one. Earthing is tnc_s. So the previous owner has told the new owner that the mobile is negatively wired. He has told me this and tbh...
  30. D

    New cooker dp switch, existing wires won't reach terminals..

    Evening all, Not a qualified spark so I thought it better to ask than make assumptions. Swapping all switches/sockets in our house to screwless ones, all going fine until I went to swap the cooker isolator switch. The old one has feed top, load bottom. The new one has load top, feed bottom. As...
  31. Soulcraft Electric

    Making "good" an existing garden "installation"

    Neighbours, eh, who'd have 'em? I was asked to investigate why a neighbour's garden "installation" was faulty and being neighbourly agreed to take a look. It was clear that the neighbour expected (required) that only remedial action to be taken... I've documented the initial state and the...
  32. M

    Adding a PIR outside light to existing lighting circuit

    Hi all, I have been asked to install a PIR outside light on a commercial property. The feed has to come from the existing lighting circuit inside the stockroom which is on a two way switch system. I need the PIR light to work independently from the switched inside lights. The outside light come...
  33. P

    Adding more lights to an existing garden lighting circuit

    Hello guys I am new and have just finished my level 3 2357 electrical installation and waiting to carry out my AM2. My uncle has asked me to do a small job for him . He wants more lights added on to his existing garden lights. At the moment he has 4 spike lights , he wants another 4 spike...
  34. Martyn Fletcher

    Consumer unit upgrade with no slack on existing cables

    Hi all, As the title suggest, I have today replaced an old (1977) Wylex fuse board for a nice shiney 10 way consumer unit. However, when I took the old fuse board off the existing cables gave no slack, not even a smidge. They were solid and with just 200mm of cable left hanging out of the wall...
  35. P

    Adding an extra light to an existing 5A ring

    Just removed the unfused spur on a 13A ring that supplied an outside light through 2.5 cable and in-line single pole switch! To replace I want to install a 2 gang switch in the hallway (where the existing hall light switch is now) When I put in a 4 pole junction box and run a switch wire I...
  36. Jeremy Ragan

    Domestic New 12v LED Fixture with Existing Panelized Lighting

    Hello, I will be replacing an existing ceiling fixture with a new one but my project has a number of complications. Old Fixture: 12-volt track-style fixture 12-volt WAC Lighting remote transformer SRT-300M-12V New Fixture: 24-volt Nemo Ellisse Double LED Suspension Light Uses integrated...
  37. M

    OK to T consumer unit for garage off existing SWA to workshop?

    I currently have a 10mm T&E SWA cable (which passes through my garage) serving a small CU in my workshop at the bottom of my garden (200ft). The garage is currently connected to a FCU on the downstairs ring, but I would like to T off the SWA and add another consumer unit in the garage. First...
  38. T

    Which way additional consumer board or use existing

    I'm having an extension built, electrics are going to plan. Socket cables are in (went for new ring in the end), light cables and I decided to add a feed for the shed which comes in on 2.5 anaconda. My question is should I add a new consumer board using 10mm twin off a space in the existing...
  39. Midwest

    Existing Supplementary Bonding

    I'm doing a bathroom refurb this week. Today I inspected the existing install. The bathroom only has lighting circuit in it (6A mcb, no RCD protection). The hot & cold services have supplementary bonding, as does the CH towel radiator. The non electric shower hot & cold service does not have...
  40. E

    Existing Bathroom Lighting

    If I change like for like lights in a bathroom that has no RCD protection, is it required for me to install an RCD .
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