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  1. D

    Waste of armoured cable or good practice...

    In this video it shows a new cable being installed up to a new Outdoor socket than a Second new cable leg ran all the way back (same direction) to the original point... see video View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bz_poiQqxFw I can’t help thinking that using 2 armoured cables was...
  2. R

    Armoured and mdpe

    Evening, I am supplying services to my detached garage. I have laid a 750mm trench for the mdpe pipe, back filled ready for the armoured cable to go on top. I am bringing the mdpe pipe up under my patio which has a purpose built storage area underneath (with t-bar construction) then carrying...
  3. M

    Armoured Cable seems to have no earth

    I have been helping my dad in the garage and we have an armoured cable with 4 wires. Red - Live Yellow - live via a switch Black - neutral Blue - is just taped at the end these were connected to an old garage consumer unit. There does not seem to be a earth wire? Testing with a light : Red...
  4. F

    what type of armoured cable for outside sockets & lights

    hi all, i was directed to this forum by my neighbor seeking some advice and help at present, I'm having my front garden dug out so I can make a driveway for my mobility car. i was wondering, one day I will be getting an electric car, so if I have opportunity to lay cable now before they put...
  5. M

    Connecting mains to armoured

    Hi I currently have a normal mains cable from the house to the shed where a consumer unit is used to connect the shed and a 3 core armoured cable runs from there to the workshop and a second consumer unit. I need to move the shed. The armoured cable wont reach the house. How can I connect the...
  6. M

    6mm Armoured Cable

    Hello there. I have a garage with existing 6mm square armoured cable running to it which was installed by a professional from a fused spur in the kitchen. I am moving this supply to my shed at the end of the garden because I am knocking the garage down so was just going to join the supply and...
  7. S

    UK Driveway light

    Ive got a driveway light on armoured cable. The cable comes into the house under the stairs. Can I put a plug on this cable and plug into a RCD socket.
  8. P

    Terminating armoured...

    Morning all, When terminating armoured into a Cu on the outside of the casing I.e sides, top, bottom, we use a gland this is straight forward but what if the cable comes into the back of the Cu how do you terminate safely and sturdy it in that case? Surely thru a grommet with relevant fire...
  9. D

    Armoured cable size

    Hi I am having my garden landscaped and using the opportunity to put services in a trench in preparation for a garden studio/office build in the summer.May put a shower and water heater in as well.Approx 55 meters from house fuse board to office location. What size of armoured cable should I use ?
  10. S

    Strange N-E fault on armoured cable supply to sub-main

    I've installed a garage consumer unit sub-main to an outbuilding in 16mm 3 core armoured, the insulation tests all come back fine - +800Mohms on a 500 volt test but when I power up the installation I get 90 volts leaking to Earth from Neutral and i'm not sure why. The Garage RCD also doesn't...
  11. Amnesh Singh

    UK Using Armoured as CPC, how to carry R1+R2

    Can anyone please help me, HOW to Calculate R1+R2 on 4 core three phase & neutral SWA, Armour Steel Sheet is Used as CPC. How to fill the Electrical Installation Form. This scenario is in AM2 Inspection and testing filling Certs Exam? Please reply with best answers. Any members those who took...
  12. G

    Under ground service to weather head or service head.

    What is common practice when hooking Armoured cable to a weather head. Do I need a aluminum weather head or is a threaded PVC one ok? Do I use a weather head with threads so my teck connector can screw straight in.....do I need ground bushings at both ends? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks,
  13. R

    what size of Armoured cable

    Hi to all first please may I point out that I am an avid DIY person but know my limits. I would like to know from all you very experienced people out there what size of Armoured cable to use to put power to my steel container, i am in the process of turning it into a work space and a Sauna I...
  14. M

    Armoured cable size

    Hi, having a granny a erected in my garden and doing a lot of the the work myself. Looking to run a armoured cable feed into the anex so it's already for electrician to eventually wire up my question is as follows. Works out as 25m run I'll need from where sse feed in is to fuse box location...
  15. M

    Domestic Armoured Cable Colours Question

    I need to run an SWA cable to get power to a cabin. I have a 4mm 3 core cable, cores are brown, black and grey. Is that OK, live brown, neutral black and earth grey with green/yellow sleeve over. Thanks Mick
  16. C

    Domestic Armoured cable 16mm or 25mm

    I am not an electrician. Can anyone help please? I have an outbuilding which I am converting into two offices. The building is currently served by a 16mm armoured cable running underground from my house, the distance is about 100 metres. Potentially the building could have a maximum of the...
  17. K

    Using 7 Core Armoured as Twin and Earth ?

    My daughter has some 7 core armoured cable running to her garage which looks to be 1m2 or possible 1.5m2. It carries a 2-way external light switch connection to switch on 2 external lights ( house and garage) from either the house or the garage, and there is also a single 13amp socket connected...
  18. A

    Braided Cable, Glanded, Armoured

    Hi guys, I’ve just started my training and I needed some advice. On braided SY cable if the braiding is wrapped around the brass cone of the gland but isn’t quite the perfect “cage” will it still prevent interference and noise? Thanks guys
  19. Zdb

    Armoured cat5e .................

    Can armoured cat5e cable be run in the same containment as power SWA? Or can anyone recommend a cat5e cable that doesn't need segregation. Thanks
  20. C

    GN8 9.3.1 Calculation of csa – armoured cable 118

    Ordered GN8 not arrived yet anyone got section 9.3.1 Calculation of csa – armoured cable 118 to hand
  21. B


    Exposed by recent gas mains replacement, Also exposed were the old tram lines. The cable looks all armour and no conductors? Could it possibly be an part of an "earthing system" for the tram tracks/lines?
  22. S

    Looking for some help/advice on fitting outdoor lights with armoured cable.

    Hi, We have a retaining wall in the garden on the edge of our patio. Our electrician has run some armoured cable behind the wall, coming through at regular intervals for the lights (the cable will eventually be buried by the earth the wall is holding back). The trouble is, the cable he has...
  23. C

    Determining the size of multi-core armoured cable to use

    I would like to have insights from fellow Forum members on how to size multi-core ( 4 core PVC/SWA/PVC Armoured Cable) for buildings. For a example,what size of armoured cable can withstand 100Amps ( 3 Phase supply) . The building is 15m from the nearest electric pole where the armoured cable...
  24. A

    Strange Neutral in Armoured from Meter to Henley.

    Hey Everyone, I'm in the process of rebuilding a house in the highlands of Scotland that suffered a significant escape of water in the attic, place is trashed. So my question on the mains in. The mains comes into a 100amp fuse then into the meter. Out of the meter is an armoured that runs...
  25. A

    3 Phase Armoured Cable - need to extend cables in the middle

    Hi, we are installing a roller shutter door, and need to move 6 armoured cables up about 3 ft, so they will need chopping, a junction installing each side and some fresh cable in the middle. Two questions. 1. Is there any kind of junction box that can cope with this or will I need 6...
  26. J

    Materials advice / help for external garden lighting

    Hello, I have 10 spike / LED spot lights to install in my garden and each comes with it's own flexi cable. I have purchased 100 metres of 3 core 1.5 armoured cable. I have been told I must purchase glands and waterproof connector boxes to join armoured cable to flexi cable for each light. I have...
  27. LewisM

    Section cut from outer sheath of armoured cable.

    Some of these armoured cables have a section of outer sheath cut from them the only reason I can think of as to why is to get a better bend on the cable, any thoughts?
  28. Sparky_marky2

    Alternative cable to use instead of armoured when running external power circuit

    Hi guys, New to the forum and would much appreciate your opinions, I'm wiring a power radial circuit for one double socket for a customer, however part of the run (2 meters) will run on the outside of the house and then back inside, up from the ground floor to the first floor. The customer has...
  29. L

    Outdoor junction box for armoured cable

    Hello all, Got a bit of a situation with my new garage, I've got a 2.5mm cable coming out of the house consumer unit for supplying mains to the garage, there is an armoured cable inside a conduit that goes underground and comes out in the garage. Inside the garage, it goes into its own consumer...
  30. J

    Installation test following rewire

    I've recently carried out a full rewire of a domestic property which had a supply to a garage by use of an armoured in ducting run underground. I have taken a new feed to the adaptable box that said armoured is terminated into and have tested the armoured itself and all is ok. My question is, as...
  31. P

    Cable Selection for an External Sub Building

    Hi all, I'm currently doing a load of landscape gardening and while I've got all the earth up I want to run an armoured SWA cable to an external building. Someone already put something in as a spur from main room ring mail in the house - not ideal and the wall switch for it gets hot under load...
  32. S

    Connection of 2 convector heaters using armoured cable on a radial circuit

    Evening Gents, Im looking for some advice, I have to connect two convector heaters on a radial circuit - I will be connecting each outlet via fused spur flex outlet, I was going to use a 3x3 adaptable box to terminate the one armoured then connect in singles to fused spur...
  33. amlu

    rcd in a garage

    hello, got a garage job coming and a question to ask do i need a rcd in garage cu? garage feed (including earth) is coming from a separate breaker in house consumer unit, protected by rcd over there.
  34. B

    RCD protection to Hi Tuff

    Hi Guys Been to see a job for a mate of mine who is in a bit of a money pit.we have completed all house new dual RCD mains with non RCD way ready for the shed supply. he has had a peice of Hi Tuff donated. to be cliped externaly 300mm down into a duct buried and marking taped. now I would...
  35. C

    2.5mm3 core armoured cable any one know how much it is per meter got a little job on

    ony needing 10 meters so dont want to buy a 50m drum
  36. K

    3 phase pottery kiln

    Help please. We have had a three phase pottery kiln (16.08Kw and 22.8 Amps)that has just been connected but would like to double check that the three phase armoured cable is sufficient to handle the load. The 32 meter long cable runs through a roof void resting on mineral wool insulation. The...
  37. J

    Submain voltdrop

    Hello, im after a bit of advice reguarding the cable to supply a db in a farm shed, the design current is 32a and the run is 61 meters. the vd with 25mm is 3.42 which is going to be ok but i would of liked a little less due lights need to be on 4mm but only by 1v, anyway i rang for a price for...
  38. P

    Power to outbuilding and a pond pump!

    Hi all, running power to an outbuilding and then a pond pump but I have a few questions. Here is my plan; The dwelling installation is TT Ensure dwelling FB has 30Ma RCD Protection and a spare slot Run cable to garage 2 way FB Obviously rate the cable, etc.. Questions Does the cable NEED...
  39. E

    Mains Riser to a top flat ?

    Hi Guys Just looking for some advice on how to run a mains riser? Its a Victorian Terraced House and the top of the house is the 3rd floor as it is to be renivated into a flat. The Meter and fuse boards for the other floors are in the ground floor kitchen. I plan to run a mains riser...
  40. A

    2356 Underpinning Knowledge???

    Anyone know about this multi choice and short written answer exam? I have been asked to take it but rather than bone up on stuff I won't need I was wondering if anyone had past papers or model questions? Not fussed about answers but wouldn't turn my nose up either!
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