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  1. telectrix

    Horstmann Programmer.

    as title. got a customer with a failed Horstmann 7 hot water programmer,, as in just the hot water, not central heating. programme it for off peak on the bottom element and with a manual boost for daytime on the top element. can't seem to find anywhere, all i get is water/ch programmers.
  2. C

    Electric cyclinder programmer - advice needed

    Hi all, unvented electric 3kw cylinder to be fitted to property alongside electric water heater for radiators. The water heater has terminals for supply and control wiring, the cylinder does not. I was hoping to use original half of standard 2 channel programmer for the water cylinder timing...
  3. M

    Domestic Siemens RWB29 programmer wiring

    Hi, Can anybody give advice on the following, please? Have fitted all my radiators with thermostatic radiator valves, so wish to remove the room stat from the hallway. Would like to alter the central heating wiring to remove the section that is shown wired to the room stat. Can I just...
  4. G

    Megaflo Y plan problem

    Hi there, I have a Megaflow wired to spec here (bottom of p21), i.e. in a Y plan with additional 2-port valve. When CH is on and the stat switches to satisfied, heating sometimes stays on, sometimes switches off as commanded. I thought it might be the 3-port's head so replaced that; is it...
  5. P

    Y Plan fault - damaging programmer

    Hi, I have a Y Plan system that has worked fine for years but recently developed a strange fault where the hot water on/off is only controlled by the Cylinder thermostat. The HW relay on the programmer is permanently on and although the relay clicks, its output does not change status with the...
  6. C

    Heating programmer problem

    Recently had installed a timeguard 2 channel heating programmer. When I set program for CH starts pump but does not fire up, if I also set program for water then CH comes on. This causes a real pain when setting timer, as I have to set 3 times 7 times 2 settings =42! Also I would prefer a...
  7. S

    Neutral connection to heating programmer

    gas engineer can't fit new heating programmer as I need a neutral connection on the back plate. Advised to get an electrician. How much would this cost or would it be better getting a new heating system?
  8. T

    Is the Potterton Suprima model 60 compatable with the Honeywell ST9400C 7-day Electronic Programmer

    Hi all, Thanks for all the forthcoming help :) I was wondering : Is the Potterton Suprima model 60 compatable with the Honeywell ST9400C 7-day Electronic Programmer? Thanks
  9. Paul Dodds

    Central heating programmer cable 3 and earth

    Hi, Hope you're all doing well. I have a customer who needs a 5 core cable to the boiler from the wiring centre. At the moment the feed is coming from a 13a socket in the upstairs cupboard through the programmer into the wiring centre and then 3 and earth under bathroom floor and into the...
  10. sinistersnipe

    New home... domestic hot water linked to central heating?

    Hello, Moved into a new flat about 6 months ago, and now that the weather is getting warmer and we want to turn our heating off we've discovered a little hitch - it seems like domestic hot water and central heating aren't programmable separately. Specifically, if either the programmer or the...
  11. C

    3 zone valves (underfloor, 1st floor rads, 2nd floor rads

    Hi, so I have 3 zone valves in place for my heating; 1 - for underfloor heating 2 - 1st floor heating 3 - 2nd floor heating for some reason the plumber has put a zone valve at the pump of the manifold. The 2nd floor has a missing room stat cable so will have to opt for a receiver for a...
  12. C

    HIVE - UT1 programmer and ES1 Thermostat wiring issues

    I have a British Gas installed Worcester 28i boiler with a UT1 programmer and ES1 Thermostat and trying to replace the UT1 and ES1 with Hive. ES1 The wiring for the ES1 is 4 wires Brown, Blue, Black and Green/Yellow. the black and yellow/green wires have red sleeves near the end. (All 4 wires...
  13. G

    Moving air con programmer

    Hi all customer has asked me to move a air con programmer for him, its the usual one you see everywhere just never fitted one looks like its just two wires as i lifted the thing off the wall. do i need to disconnect anything or is it just a case of cutting off and moving . cheers Grand
  14. J

    Programmer and stay for valiant boiler

    Hi All, I want to install a programmer and stat to my valiant turbomax combi boiler can anyone recommend a reasonably priced one? Preferably wireless stat but I would consider a hard wired unit. Many thanks
  15. J

    Nest to replace Potterton Programmer and thermostat

    Hi, I have bought a Nest thermostat recently. The quoted price for installation is above 90 pounds in my region. Heard from lots of people that the nest installation might be not difficult, thus, would like to give it a try with your advice. My CH and HW system: Y-Plan (3-port), Potterton...
  16. N

    changing danfoss 103 timeswitch to drayton lp722 programmer

    currently attempting to change over the old danfoss to the programmer I,m having great difficulty finding a wiring diagram to do this.After trawling the net I came across a site which said that combi boilers do not need a 2 channel programmer as the hot water is on demand when a tap is opened. 2...
  17. Malcolm

    New combi boiler & wireless programmer.

    Hi I don't usually get involved with central heating wiring systems, but I had a new boiler fitted last week and I thought it would be a good idea to get to know how they work. Could someone just check that i have got this right please. The boiler is an Alpha Intech 34C combi, the wireless...
  18. E

    Drayton LP822 Once button results in permanent hot water

    Guys Encountered a problem using the above function, when the once button is selected for a boost on the CH the Immersion heater will not then switch off. I have to switch the programmer of for it to reset... any ideas?? The boiler is an Ideal ICOS and the Tank controls are Range
  19. S

    Tado declined support for 3-relay heating system

    Good morning all, I trust you are well. I am looking for an electrician who can help install 2 x Tado Smart Thermostats and their extension kit in a residential property in Kent. The problem is, I bought the products directly from Tado and purchased their installation service but Tado turned...
  20. K

    Replacing a Honeywell ST699C with Danfoss FP715Si - Help !

    Hi Just moved into a new house and wanted to replace the old Honeywell programmer. The issue i have is that for some reason when the heating is on the hot water appears to be on as well... should it be ? If i press the Hot Water Button +1hr it comes on ok If i press the central heating button...
  21. B

    Rewire Problem

    Good Morning, I currently have a Honeywell ST699 heating and hot water programmer which I am looking to replace with the Drayton MiGenie. However I'm having a few issues with it not working and since the swap over cannot get any hot water or central heating (severely in the dog house at home...
  22. G

    Combi boiler with dual heating zones and 2x programmable stats.

    First post so let me start by saying hello to all! I'm a plumber not an electrician, nor do I consider myself a heating engineer and would appreciate any help... What I have is a Worchester combination boiler which is currently hooked up to a Honeywell programmable room stat. We have...
  23. D

    Installing Nest 3

    Can anyone advise on the right way to replace the danfoss tp9000 thermostat and ts2 sensor with the nest. I have attached pictures showing the current setup. Thanks in advance,
  24. sparks55

    Boiler help Potterton Osprey

    Potterton osprey fires up when programmer switched off and both stats isolated It's running through a Honeywell sundial wiring centre Can only turn off using mains switch
  25. D

    Nest 3rd Gen installation with y-plan system

    Hi Hoping to get some advice... I’m planning to install a Nest 3rd Gen into my house why has a y-plan system Boiler is glow worm flexicom 24hx Programmer is British Gas Model UP2 (Invensys) Room Thermostat is British Gas RS1 There is a wiring centre in the airing cupboard next to the...
  26. ye oldie sparks

    Domestic Easy C/H programmer change today

    So I thought, arrived at the house and found the plumber had moved the boiler to the loft(not a problem), the customer required the programmer to be moved from down stairs to upstairs outside the airing cupboard. I thought okay looked in the a/cupboard and found the connection box for all the...
  27. P

    danfoss 3020p replacement

    anyone replaced a danfoss 3020p programmer? ive been given a Honeywell st9400a to change to, only worried about the water only and water and heating settings, will the new programmer still work on heating only
  28. P

    Honeywell wireless stat DT92E

    hi guys, customer has no thermostat for his heating so he brought a Honeywell dt92e. I am trying to install it but can't link it up with the programmer (2 channel Drayton) I have wired the stat up with a perminant live and it fires the boiler. But I can't get it to work properly with a...
  29. R

    Drayton digistat RF3 installation

    Hi, Since getting back into the trade a few years back have installed controllers for boilers with room stats etc & the odd new S plan system - infrequently & admit I am not well versed in heating controls though can follow a circuit diagram! Customer has asked me to install a Drayton digistat...
  30. M

    S plan not firing boiler for hot water

    Hello all! I'm a plumber and have a customer where the s plan is working fine for both zones (ground floor, 1st floor + cylinder) but not firing the boiler when hot water demand from the cylinder is operated. 2 port valve opens and pump runs but boiler shows no demand for heat. Any ideas why...
  31. 123

    Heating: S Plan Plus With 3 Channel Programmer Wiring

    123 submitted a new resource: Heating: S Plan Plus with 3 Channel Programmer Wiring - Heating: S Plan Plus with 3 Channel Programmer Wiring Read more about this resource...
  32. 123

    Centaurplus Horstmann C21 & C27 Programmer Instructions

    123 submitted a new resource: Horstmann C21 & C27 Programmer - Horstmann C21 & C27 Programmer Read more about this resource...
  33. Malcolm

    Honeywell Sundial Wireless Controller

    Hi I hope someone can help with this. I cannot contact Honeywell to help by phone (lines constantly busy) I emailed them on Monday and still heard nothing. I replaced a Honeywell smartfit wired controller and programmer with a Sundial Y9420S RF pack3 wireless system. I have found that the...
  34. uksparks

    Heating controls

    Hi, can anyone advise... i would like to ideally use Honeywell. i want the stats and programmer to be wireless. it needs a frost stat it also needs two stats and a programmer and it needs three channels / zones any ideas on how to achieve this?
  35. i=p/u


    Evening. anyone tell me a little about adding underfloor heating to a gas heating system.. at at present have 1 Chanel time clock to power gas combi burner. what way the plumber do this ? All the builder is saying is there will be manifold in corner. Anyone tell me a little about it? Thx
  36. VoltzElectrical

    central heating systems help!

    I have no experience in the installation or fault finding of, central heating systems. I don't do, and have rarely done, domestic work. I volunteered recently to look at an elderly lady's situation whereby the system had been installed, then altered as the room stat was relocated from the...
  37. B

    Wiring Diagram for Drayton Programmer LP111 to Siemans wireless stat

    Allreet, Does anyone have the above or let me know how it needs wired? Its the usual social housing rubbish thats normally issued. Terminals on programmer at are the usual - N - L - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Terminals on the stat are the usualy L&N - L1, LX, L2 cHEERS
  38. M

    Zone heating

    Hi, I've never really had much to do with heating systems so just wondered what you require for a 2 zone system. Would a 2 channel programmer such as a danfoss and just two room thermostats work? Would each room stat have to be programable or would this just be ok to have one at the main...
  39. P

    Domestic Honeywell programmer

    Called out because the Honeywell digital timer(does ch & hot water) blew up!! They've recently had a new combo boiler fitted.. Which is temporarily connected to a supply but the timer etc has been left disconnected!! Plumber thought there may be a faulty/damaged cable, But no breakers/RCD...
  40. W

    24v at switched side of room stat (230v) possible backfeed ?

    hi all, having an issue at work where the heating wont turn off. wiring is all ok and been tested, the stat is switching fine although it is reading 24v at the switched live at the stat when its turned down which im thinking is a backfeed from the boiler of some kind. Have replaced a few stats...
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