1. darkwood

    Thoughts on the new PS5 promotional video that dropped a few weeks ago!

    Personally my thoughts :- Looks amazing. Instant game switching no delay is a godsend after yrs of PS4ing Some of the games look amazing and support for 4k is going to blow visual quality through the roof. In reflection I may look at a new 4K TV but need to keep an eye on my pennies and...
  2. FatAlan

    Thoughts on this?

    Work of a bathroom fitter on CheckATrade Wiring for downlights installed in en-suite.
  3. S

    New Zealand Fuses replaced with higher amperage. Thoughts?

    Background: House was built early 1980s, fuse board is mostly the old school ceramic fuses. The wiring is said to be of modern design with 'tough plastic sheathing' according to a pre-purchase inspection. The previous owner has replaced a 5 amp fuse for the lights with an 8 amp circuit...
  4. J

    Tool bags & the Wera 2 Go - thoughts?

    Been looking for a tool bag for a while and taken a liking to the Wera 2 go one. My garage is a bigger for moisture so the extra protection (and someone suggested banging a few silica sachets in) is a big plus. What's you thoughts? Or if you know of any decent ones that are worth considering?
  5. L

    Swapping an old ceiling fixture. Replace the box? Add a ground? Thoughts?

    I just took down an old chandelier. I'm looking to swap it out with a different old fixture, but I am interested in making it as safe as possible. I attached a picture of the fixture box as it is now and would really appreciate opinions on what needs to be done. At the very least, I feel like...
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    thoughts on this COVID-19 lark

    SO what is everybody's thoughts on this virus? In Bath people have stripped the shelves of bog roll, pasta, flour and yeast(very middle class!). no paracetamol to be found anywhere. Soap and hand cleaning gels are completely out of stock. Its all good and well being hygienic yourself but what...
  7. KennyKen


  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody bought one of those cable tongues? if so thoughts...

    I havent purchased one myself yet but has anybody bought one of those cable pulling tongues yet.. A couple of the premium tool brands have them out such as super rod, ck etc... some glow in the dark. What were your thoughts? I am unsure how useful it really is? how flexible is it? I use the...
  9. F

    thoughts on these electrical compliance companys

    a well known electrical compliance company recently carried out an eicr on a pharmaceutical company which is a fair size and completed it in 3 days leaving bar codes on each distribution board facility's manager was well happy with the paper work he received, but my question is how are they...
  10. J

    Thoughts on overloaded radial?

    Hi all Pretty new to working for self. Got call out yesterday for a ring circuit that kept tripping rcd. I identified the faulty cable which had low 0.05 IR reading L to N. I followed this to where next point should be but on opening circuit found only one cable...not good. On closer inspection...
  11. T

    UK Thoughts please ??

    Was sent out to a 2 bed flat by my employer to change 90% of wiring accesories and carry out trunking work etc tidy up existing installation also change C/U and carry out a full test. Upon arrival the wiring was a mess old tin plated cable with all circuits needed to be extending into new board...
  12. D

    2399 Solar PV Course for Electricians for Domestic Installations

    What everybody’s thoughts on the 2399 solar pv course? Has anyone done the course? Is there a big market for self employees electricians going into installing solar panels in domestic premises?
  13. James

    Forum Ratings your thoughts please

    if there was to be any sort of indication on your profile or posts as to how good your recent advice had been, how would you like it to be decided.
  14. polo1

    Thoughts on this combo....

    Or can you suggest a better alternative...
  15. Pete999

    Pete's Videos To good for the riverdance show what's your thoughts

    Worked this time Westy cheers, at least I think it did??
  16. P

    18th edition exam - my thoughts

    I Just did my 18th edition exam and I will share my thoughts with those that haven't yet taken it, and although I ordered the 18th bs7671 book last summer, it sat in a cupboard still wrapped in the cardboard it was delivered in until about 5-6 days before my exam. I watched the sparkyninji...
  17. Jamie'

    Label Machine thoughts

    just wondering what are people’s recommendation on labelling machines? I’ve been looking at the following from screwfix: Aside from that one they jump to £80 and then to £170
  18. Gavin John Hyde

    Thoughts on this earthing at cut out.....

    On a job this evening just taking a look around and meeting customer as wants downstairs rewired. Only collecting keys before i go back and do a few tests and quote fully. Appears at sometime to have been TNS but changed to PME? Instead of earth and Neutral joining in the cut out. They are...
  19. D

    Airbnb testing thoughts

    What's your view? Is there any literature? Stories? Airbnb leittings are for furnished rooms, flats and houses (and shepherds huts etc) that are supplied with electrics and are kitted out with appliances. 4th edition PAT in service guidelines cover hotels (for guests as "members of the public"...
  20. T

    Progress with DNO regards provision of earthing terminal, thoughts?

    Western Power Distribution - Information for electrical installers - I have been contacted today regards policy and methods regarding provision and maintenance of earthing in...
  21. D

    ... advice on this situation please

    Evening, Im working for a builder on a kitchen extension.. Now the usual procedure with this building contractor is do the essential checks (bonding, Ze ect) make sure its up to scratch and fit a separate board to feed my new circuits... nice and simple However im just finishing the first fix...
  22. A

    How qualified am I, your thoughts please.

    Evening all, I hope your all full of Christmas cheer! I have a long standing query. I've spent a lot of time within the Security industry and I'm considering jacking it in and going back to a spark. My question is how qualified do you guys think I am to just go ahead and apply for a few...
  23. Leroy Merlin

    SY Cable? Thoughts?

    Morning all I've recently been introduced to SY cable through work. I've had a look for more information on the web as I wanted to check ratings, uses etc. but I'm getting a lot of mixed information... many people say they use it but many others are saying that it doesn't comply with BS7671...
  24. W

    summer house supply thoughts

    been asked to price a socket to a Summer house , throwing it out their for any views which may help me decide my course of action , Ideally i would like to get back to the Consumer unit , but its virtually impossible without major structural upset , and can not go external from it either due to...
  25. gazdkw82

    Thoughts on electric/hybrid/LPG vehicles

    I currently have a 2007 Volvo v70 estate that I like but is thirsty. Im using around £150 of diesel a month. I'm looking to change to something with saving money on running costs being the main driving force. Iv looked at electric vehicles but I'm really concerned about how limiting it can be...
  26. multimick

    bonding thoughts with a sure stop remote tap fitted

    hi all terrace house lead water incomer with old stop cock which i assume is redundant as plumber has fitted a surestop stop tap the one which works by air pressure switch,,i put the main bond on incomer before sure stop (only about 2 foot of pipe) he swopped it to after the sure stop...
  27. H

    Your thoughts on this Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate

    Can you please give me your thoughts on this Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate I have received? Page 2 is blank. Thanks in advance
  28. Gavin John Hyde

    Thoughts on compatible power tool batteries?

    Just been looking at some cordless SDS drills, need one for a job with no power on site.opted for the DCH253 SDS+, only £128 for the drill on its own. so get to the batteries. The Dewalt branded 18v 4.0Ah battery is around £48.00, the 5.0Ah Dewalt battery is £68.00 Looking online(amazon) you can...
  29. gazdkw82

    Elex-Coventry feedback thoughts

    Not seen a thread. What's everyone's thoughts on the show?
  30. Pete999

    Not agreeing with it, just after some thoughts from fellow sparks

    Been watching an American documentary on the IBEW Electician's Union, realise it's an American idea, but do you think this sort of thing would work in the UK? just asking for opinions please. Do you think it would upset the Schemes much? would it take far to long to organise and Police, if...
  31. Gazthesparky

    Peoples thoughts Rcd protection

    I can not make up my mind what to do for the best. I've now encountered this a few times so just want peoples thoughts on this situation I have a customer who wants single socket fronts swapping for double conversion sockets they don't want the mess to the decoration. I went out to quote for...
  32. AJshep

    Whats your thoughts on this

    Whats everyones thoughts on this picture ? It was taken in a new build property. The contractors are still building over the road and the electricians are still working on the building site. Obviously everyone can see no identification on the switch wires but most of the switches do. What bugs...
  33. Daniel Oake

    Your thoughts on XS sponsor 18th edition course

    I'm looking to pay for the 18th edition course next weekend that XS offers through the forum, this will be my first edition as iv'e just finished level 3 (2365). Hopefully this will help me be a bit more employable over my other colleagues. Has anyone sat this course with XS yet and if so what...
  34. Gavin John Hyde

    Thoughts on new builds........

    Been to quote for some work today and the house is a new build. Built by Linden Homes. At first glance looks good but when you stop and look a little closer you see several of the walls inside are not straight that there are big curves and deviations in them. when you look down on the...
  35. Andy78

    BG smart meter installation... thoughts please

    Went to look at a CU swap today and the customer expressed concerns over the connection of their garage distribution circuit. BG connected it back up recently after installing a smart meter. Now, it was originally connected in this fashion, but I was wanting some thoughts about the...
  36. K

    Thinking of sending this to local sparks to get some hands on experience any thoughts

    Dear sir or madam I would like to offer my services on weekends on a voluntary basis to help with the wiring and installation of electrical equipment. I am currently working as a security engineer for an accredited company installing cctv, access control and fire alarms. The purpose of my...
  37. S

    Thoughts on wooden wall lights

    Hi I’ve got these nice wooden wall lights as a present, and I’ve installed them in the living room, where there are wall light points, but no wall lights previously installed. I think they look great, only problem is I’m not sure they are electrically and fire safe. They have 2 GU10 holders...
  38. leep82

    EICR price work, thoughts please....

    Very interested in peoples opinions on this thread title. Basically ive been sub contracting to a company who have recently won a contract to carry out EICR and any remedial works on a number of propertys local to me. Im being fed the usual lines of how much money i could make but i’ll be honest...
  39. O

    Thoughts about early 1960's wiring methods .... please

    All, Just got in from fault finding a house with a RCD tripping issue ....... it clear cut which circuit is the problem as its almost a dead short L-E The issue is more about understanding the installation methods used around 1960 ..... the end to end readings for the live and neutral are...
  40. Gavin John Hyde

    Fire Angel smoke/heat alarms ... thoughts?

    Pricing up a job and as always the price of heat and smokes seems to vary with the wind... would usually use aico but decided to see whats out there. have 2 self contained flats that need some alarms. these fire angel ones in screwfix seem reasonably priced and can be interconnected wirelessly...
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