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  1. Davisonp

    I would like an opinion on two things I am concerned about.

    Hi, I would like an opinion on two things I am concerned about. Background. ----------- I have done some work for a church that has bought a derelict farm. They demolished some of the derelict buildings and put up wood structures on the same footprint in 2012. The builders produced no...
  2. A

    Unable to locate water meter/stopcock

    Hello all, just want your opinion on something. I'm currently testing retail stores and I cannot locate the water meter/stopcock. There is a 10mn earth that goes into the ceiling from MET. I have went round with my R2 lead and am getting 0.03-0.04 in kitchen, toilet etc. Like I said no sign of...
  3. H

    Help please, What would you do?

    I have a customer who has 4 12v spotlight that are intermittent. The original installer decided to install the transformers where they couldn't be accessed from below so the only way to get to them is by lifting carpets and flooring above. Once the floor was lifted and the transformers were...
  4. L

    Volt sticks and what is you opinion

    What do you all thick about Volt sticks and there use in the in the electrical industry ?.
  5. GBDamo

    Asked to give second opinion.....

    Customer thinks first spark is over egging the pudding and it's not really that bad. Opened door took pictures and closed door, yes it is that bad. Not a bad days work, 5 hours travel, 15 minutes taking pictures, 15 minute write up.
  6. Moley

    Opinion on Netgear GS724Tv4?

    I'm looking for a change. I'm currently running a HP Procurve 2824. Nice unit but noisy and as it's in a bedroom it's a bit annoying. I've unplugged two of the three fans and it's not as noticeable as it was but I think it's time for a change. It's only a home network (probably worked that out...
  7. T

    Looking for opinion on whether this scenario is compliant

    Went to daughters house to replace a couple of broken sockets and did a Zs and RCD test after replacing. CU was replaced and notice on it said inspected 2015. Plastic dual RCD 30 ma/Main switch 60947-3 isolator. System is TT. (100ma RCD?) Zs at socket was 11.75 ohms L-PE 2.64 ohms L-N. No...
  8. M

    Second opinion please

    Hello everyone, I was wake by a friend to have a look at an Eicr that was done on his rental property . The Eicr says I quote : "Due to the c2 codes listed in section k , this report is unsatisfactory. The old consumer unit has type 4 (D) breakers where make it impossible to achieve test...
  9. H

    Commercial EICR - Your opinion?

    Hi All, Being doing a commercial EICR over night (7-7) for the past week, still got a good few nights to go. The installation is most likely 40-50 years old, was originally done well. About 5 years ago they had another contractor redo a lot of the electrics to accommodate the current owner...
  10. N

    Bathroom Extractor Fan opinion...

    Hi all, The flat I rent out has recently been having condensation issues throughout the property but especially in the bathroom. The ceiling has now gone black with mould. The council who manage the building have inspected the property and said I need to install an extractor fan in the...
  11. Ironbones

    Give me your opinion C&G Level 3 or HNC/HND Electrical Electronic Engineering - give me both barrels

    Hi All I have gone through past post on this, but I want some input so give me both barrels. I am a full qualified heating engineer (gas and oil certified), I worked as a commissioning engineer for large biomass boilers (up to 2MW) these systems are heavily automated, I did this until I was...
  12. H

    Hello from me, and opinion welcom

    Firstly, I've decided to put my head above the parapet and say hello to everyone here, also looking for some advice regarding a re-wire of a 2 bed bungalow I'm about to embark on. My client has instructed me to carry out a full re-wire of his 2 bed bungalow, now I know regulations say on a...
  13. D Skelton

    Freedom of speech - Should it be absolute or restricted

    Should we be allowed to say anything we want or should certain speech be restricted or regulated? Do we have a right to offend or do we have a right not to be offended? I've got my views which I'll chip in with later, but for now, as the title suggests, what are your thoughts and why?
  14. B


    Hi all I'm issuing a code 3 for shower without pull switch on eicr as I consider it to be isolated via Mcb in consumer unit, would anyone else agree
  15. R

    OLCI honest review and why they let me down

    In my opinion OLCI have not lived up to there word when selling me this course! I cant give an honest review on this forum as OLCI complain to the owners to have it removed! However if anyone would like details and my frank and honest opinion about why in my opinion they havnt lived up...
  16. J

    Battery Charger Advise

    Guys, Have a 18v 1.2 ah Black and Decker Cordless Drill. Have lost the charger :( I have just bought an 18v 1.0 ah charger from Maplins. Question is the difference between the 1.2 ah Drill and the 1.0 ah Charger. Is this safe? I presume it wouldn't be if it was the other way round but will...
  17. SibertSolar

    Type A and/or B RCDs

    Hi all, Not trying to push/promote sales etc, just a serious question really to try to gauge market demand. Without getting into the discussions of whether you do or don't need an RCD device to protect the PV installation (quite happy to discuss off-line if people wish to), what is the...
  18. S

    Minor works and earth??

    Hi i have just installed a new fan off the lighting circuit in a bathroom but upon testing i realised that there was no earth in the distribution board. I know you can't fail lights with no earth aslong as they are class 2 plastic fittings. So is this ok or will i have to run a seperate aerth to...
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