1. W

    solar edge inverter and feed in tariff meter dont match

    Recently had fitted Solar Edge and notice their monitor gives a reading but the meter used to obtain my feed in tariff gives a lower figure and this is the one I am paid on not the solar edge inverter.So why the difference? this could cost a lot of money over the years.
  2. S

    Complicated dual tariff arrangement with four main switches.

    Hi Folks I'm used to (and understand reasonably well) simple dual tariff arrangements with two main switches (either two separate consumer units or a duplex). But I occasionally come across, and am now quoting for changing consumer units for a more complex arrangement that I don't full...
  3. Michael J

    Dual Tariff Supply where do you take the Ze

    Where do take the Ze on a dual tariff supply? At the 4 pole isolator (or do you change it to a circuit breaker)at the service head or in the consumer unit?If at the consumer unit which supply, the supply from isolator to consumer unit is a 16mm t&e. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. W

    Getting rid of economy 7 tariff and Smart Meter

    Buying a house that has a mechanical meter with rotating dials that then branches into two modernish digital meters (not Smart), one for economy 7 and the other for the rest of the electrics. I only want a single tariff so if I have a Smart Meter fitted for free I assume they will take all three...
  5. C

    Dual Tariff or dual RCD

    Hello everyone I currently need to change a dual tariff (economy 7 & on peak) consumer unit situated inside a flat. One half of the existing split fuse board serves the storage heaters with the second separate half being the On peak supply. Am i correct in thinking a standard dual RCD board...
  6. LWS_Electrical

    Off peak tariff battery storage charging

    Customer has battery storage charged from solar panels and off peak supply. Should I be getting a 230v shock from the off peak cable when it's disconnected from the off peak DB? I would of thought there would be a diode to prevent 230v from the battery or solar panels from interacting with the...
  7. S

    HMO conversion

    Hi Guys, After a bit of help in regards to sub main runs for some flats which are on dual tariff for storage heaters. Ive been asked to take this job over by the client and first fix has been done already. I admit I have limited experience when it comes to dual tariff supplies installed from...
  8. Midwest

    Economy 7 Installation

    I'm doing some work at a property that has off peak storage heaters & immersion heater. The old lady has just moved in, and are trying to understand how Economy 7 functions. None of my work involves the off peak supply. My understanding was that the only circuits to benefit from the off peak...
  9. Worcester

    Great News for Small Renewable Heat

    The government published their response to the RHI consultation today, and generally its good news for small systems ASHP - capped at 20,000 kWh gross tariff to rise to 10.02p/kWh GSHP - capped at 30,000 kWh gross tariff to rise to 19.55p/kWh Biomass - capped at 25,000 kWh gross tariff to rise...
  10. S

    Domestic changing storage heaters to panel convector heaters

    Hi, Hope you all had a good day. The meter is economy 7 and comes on at 730 to midnight but the customer wants panel convector so he can put them on and off when he wishes. Would he have to get his meter changed so he can use the panel convector heaters in the day? sorry if its a stupid...
  11. S

    Adding more panels to a system and crossing the tariff boundaries

    Hi, Thanks for reading this and for your help in this matter. i have a customer that has 4kW on their property and would now like more installed. the case used to be that they would keep the higher tariff for the 4kW and receive a/the reduced tariff for the remainder. there was talk this was...
  12. Resu

    Total Heating Total Control

    Hi all, a question aimed more at my fellow Scottish members, I've recently moved into a flat that is on the above tariff. I am billed two amounts - heating and domestic, obviously with storage heaters and off peak water on lower rate, and power/lights on normal rate. My question is what rate is...
  13. M

    All feed-in tariff levels for solar PV will remain the same for 2014

    All feed-in tariff levels for solar PV will remain the same from 1 October 2014 to 31 December 2014. Ofgem confirmed that deployment in all feed-in tariff trigger bands fell short of enacting an automatic degression, meaning that all FiT rates will remain the same until 1 January 2015...
  14. F

    Off Grid pv /wind system

    Hi There, Can anybody give me a bit of advice , i'm looking at putting a small pv system on a stable block with a small wind generator, not sure if this system will need mcs registration , and also if there is any tariff , or is it a case of fitting system and using what you produce ! Thanks D
  15. G

    Feed-In Tariff RPI increase for installations before 31 december 2013

    There's an important quirk in the Feed In Tariff scheme rules that I'm not sure everyone is aware of, but is potentially pretty important... link Basically all installations that registered on or before December 31st 2013 receiving an inflation linked increase in the Feed-In Tariff rate they...
  16. S

    Domestic FIT Rate

    Hi I have a strange customer who has accepted a 4Kw domestic quote, he has a modern house but is refusing to have an EPC carried out. It got me thinking does he then qualify for the Middle range of FIT payments or the Lower Range. Any help greatly appreciated.
  17. M

    My Panels Not performing as well as neighbour

    Hi I have a system fitted 18 months ago SMA 4000 inverter and 16 Sharp 250 panels. My neighbor has Sanyo panels - they are smaller but he gets more KW's than i do and we have identical roofs and face the same way My question is can I change the existing panels for Sanyo - I was told this would...
  18. A

    is PV worth it - 9 panels facing west

    I'm starting to think a PV system just isn't worth investing in for my roof, considering only 9 panels and the roof faces just 18 degrees south of due west. Another factor seems to be how much of the electricity generated could be used, rather than sold. I'm thinking of it all ways round, but I...
  19. jason121

    Removing Panels

    Just had a phone call from an retired couple, been sold free solar, neighbours don't like the look of the design and have been giving her grief for around a year (so old tariff 43p). Company who installed gone burst, company who bought out bankrupt company gone burst and now been sold a third...
  20. P

    Question about USA Solar

    Hi Guys Does anyone any idea if there's a FIT 'equivalent' in the USA? If so, how does it work? Ta Newb
  21. D

    PVI 3600 Outdoor 16A limited with 4.5 kWp panels

    This touches on the debate about exactly which figure the Feed In Tariff calculations are based upon (sorry!): If we install a "Power One Aurora PVI 3.6 Outdoors 16A limited" inverter with 18 No. 250W (4.5kWp) Yingli Solar panels the Aurora configuration tool tells us the inverter is optimally...
  22. S

    adding more pv panels

    I have a customer who wants to add to his 10kWp system we installed 3 months ago. If I add say 20kWp to give a total of 30kWp how will his feed in tariff be calculated? Anybody got any ideas? thanks, Simon
  23. D

    Selling a house with Solar PV

    I have a client who wants to install a kit on his house, yes i know its late in the day i can still manage it though But he is asking me if he sells his property within 8 years who gets the feed in tariff after he sells, does the new owner get it at the of rate 43.3p plus RTI after 8 years or...
  24. S

    Solar Century to Sue Government

    Solar firms seek injunction against DECC over feed-in tariff cuts - 10 Nov 2011 - News from BusinessGreen
  25. C

    Does a Free Solar Portfolio receive all the individual tariff rates?

    If a 'free install' company installs, then operates and manages a portfolio of PV installations claiming the Feed-in Tariff, would each installation qualify for it's particular tariff, or would they be aggregated together and thus receive a lower overall tariff?
  26. E

    Potential slash of Feed-In Tariff (FITs) - What does this mean for MCS installers?

    Hello all - The rumour-mill is rife with regards whether the government will choose to slash FITs in 2012, with some official bodies saying it could be reduced to as little as 19p. What does this mean for MCS installers? Are you concerned? What is the likely impact that this will have on...
  27. V

    3 phase pv system FIT?

    Hi everyone, I have just been asked to put a quote together for a 10kw system, it will be split over 3 phases so each phase will be under 4kw, Does the client still get the 43p tariff or the lowert tariff? Thanks in advance. Lee
  28. B

    alternative heating to night storage heating

    I have been asked what alternative I can come up with for heating a house that is currently heated by night storage heating. The owner would like to avoid underfloor heating or installing pipes. The house has no gas either and is on off/on peak tarriff, which they would like to chane to a normal...
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