1. D

    UK Substation LV Feeder Pillar Fuse Rating

    On a commercial 200A TP&N supply, what rating would the substation feeder pillar fuses be? Would they typically also be 200A or a higher rating? Source URL: Electrical Forum - https://www.electriciansforums.net/forums/electrical-forum.15/
  2. S

    LV Distribution Feeder Queries

    Hey there everyone, I'm currently an EE student doing my 4th year project. As part of my project, I am carrying out a literature review into the design rules DNOs apply to their LV distribution networks. I am trying to built up a reasonable understanding into how these networks are laid out...
  3. Rocboni

    Load regulated feeder control

    Heres one for you automation gurus. I'm looking to control the speed of a rotary feeder or conveyor that feeds a hammer mill on a farm. In order to achieve maximum efficiency the feeder needs to be regulated via the load of the hammer mill. The 55Kw motor on the hammer will be started using a...
  4. L

    Control panel feeder cable sizing

    Hi, We have a control panel that has a vsd, plc and motor anti condensation heater. For a preliminary cable calculation for the control panel feeder cable and its associated protection, would we just total up the individual loads to arrive at an approximation and use this to size the feeder...
  5. M

    RCD on feeder to other DB

    Hi Guys, I am new here and would like you have your expert advice. So I have a dwelling with 4 floors - basement, ground, first floor and roof and I was going to make 2 DBs, one in the ground floor and in the first floor. Ground floor DB will cover basement and ground floor. First Floor DB...
  6. mrloy99

    Feeder pillar query

    Hi.I've got a couple of queries regarding feeder pillars on a car park I an working at. There are 3 pillars.All are metal.No 1 is supplied by 70mm 4 core xlpe swa.3 phase and neutral.cpc/bond is the swa. No 2 is 25mm 4 core. And No 3 is 70mm 4 core. No 2 & 3 pillars also have water supply in a...
  7. S

    Power supply to 380V pumps from 460V panel

    Dear all, We have 460V MCC panel for existing pumps in our plant. We need to give supply to new 380V rated pumps in the same panel. There is space available in the panels(Out of 9, one panel almost free). So please suggest is it possible to make the arrangement for MCC feeders in the same...
  8. L

    Control panel feeder cable sizing

    We have a control panel that has a few fan motors (3phase) and two heaters ( 3 phase) and single phase loads to valve actuators. My question is regarding the sizing of the feeder cable to this control panel. Do we work out all the currents individually and then add them and treat this as a "lump...
  9. F

    Feeder and Branch separation point

    Hi, could some one please explain to me the point at which the feeder stops and becomes a branch on the attached drawing. This is really bugging me and if I had hair it would all be ripped out by now and I am struggling to under stand. Anyone's help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance
  10. i=p/u

    In a panel

    In an electrical panel with feeder isolators what is there bs numbers. Ideunk
  11. O

    Street lighting testing!!! Help !!

    Hi all , i am am about to be starting with a new firm who insist on all electrical test s to be done on each column with a new lantern. Could anyone help me with the procedure of these test and exactly how to perform them as I know they would differ from a domestic testing . Any help...
  12. J

    exporting the earth 50kw solar pv system

    hi new to this but seems like a good site to swap info and practices, ok my problem or question is 50 kw solar pv on a farm (or anywhere) but it is ground mounted usually in a field some 50mtrs away. so the main incoming earth to the farm is tn-cs after any advice on how to earth the system, we...
  13. linuxthefish

    Substation Fuse

    What would the rating be for a substation fuse and has anyone ever seen one go while on a job? Had a mate asking me this earlier, and now i feel interested. As i understand it goes: substation fuse > DNO fuse > CU?
  14. C

    100amp 3 Phase isolater blew up in my face today...

    So here's what happened....... Was in a main intake room for a school comprising several outbuildings, and in the process of upgrading the entire switch room. The installation was ancient, and had rows of switch fuses all unlabelled. Had to identify them for the upgrade so turned one off...
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