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  1. W

    Installing 3 way smart switch for light that has three existing smart switches?

    I can't seem to find the right answer for a smart switch installation for a light that has THREE switches. There's conflicting information, and most of it is for two-switch installations and not three-switch installations. Do I need to install a three-way smart switch at each location, or can I...
  2. X

    3 way switch wiring issue

    I usually always take a picture before disconnecting electrical wiring and this time I did not. I am trying to wire a 3way switch that controls lights at the top and bottom of the stairs. In my box I have 2 3wire sets coming in. One set all 3 wires are live, and the other 3 I believe run...
  3. D

    Help with a Double 3 way switch and 2 regular 3-way switches

    Hi, Need some help with an odd setup. I have a large room with many lights that i separated into 2 sets. In Box 1 there is the 14/2 power in, 2 regular 3-way switches and 2 14/3 wires out to the box at the other side of the room. In Box 2 i only was able to put a single gang box so i got a...
  4. Z

    3 way switch problem

    Boy, it sure would’ve been nice to figure this out before drywall. I have a book that shows all the different ways to wire a three way switch and I wasn’t paying close enough attention and the way I wired it is not in the book. There is a traveler between the switches. Is this fixable without...
  5. B

    Existing 14/2 Romex in 3 way switch light circuit

    Just bought an old house (about 30-40 years old) with a separate shop building. I am in the process of replacing old fluorescent fixtures with new LED fixtures. The lighting is controlled by 2 switches, one at the back door and the other at the front. The wiring appears to run from one switch...
  6. R

    3 way dimmer install question.

    Hello, Question for the experts since I haven’t had this problem before. Working on my sons house installing a 3 way dimmer. Attached is a photo of the switch that was removed. Installed a Lutron 3 way dimmer and both switches don’t function like the should. Connected as per, black to black...
  7. H

    UK 3 way switching help with

    Hi all In a bit of situation and need some advice In middle landing i have a box with feed coming in then cable going to lamp both tween and earth then from same box 3 core and earth going to bottom landing another 3 core and earth going to other side of landing and from otherside of landing 3...
  8. M

    3 way switching- Hotel Style.

    Hi Eveyone. I'm curious about the 3 way switching arrangement similar to that seen in a hotel room. Switch at door with two additional switches either side of bed that can turn on/off main ceiling light. Simple. However now to make it a lit bit confusing.... Single gang Intermediate switch...
  9. Jro_usa

    Need help with 3 way

    My buddy cut out an old transformer and timer that had been supplying outdoor lighting that no longer worked. This was also wired to the main. Unfortunately I think his garage lights were also spliced into it and now no longer work. They have a switch in the garage and by the front door. He...
  10. B

    3 way light switching

    Good afternoon, I wonder if someone could please give me some advice on a problem I am having with my bedroom lights. I have replaced the switches for new ones. The wall light in the bedroom is controlled by a dimmer switch by the door and then by a switch either side of the bed. The dimmer...
  11. kreatiff63

    3 way switching - Solved :-)

    Using a 'power to the switch' method. At first I had a raft of issues, but by following these steps I was able to solve those issues and with some help from guys on this forum and professionals on YouTube I had to get a supply to a 4 gang lights switch. At the start I used the wrong supply, a...
  12. D

    3 way switch lagging

    Hello, I have two three way switches that I replaced. One is a simple on/off and the other dimmable. The dimmer works fine but the on/off 3 way has a lag when I switch from off to on. Not sure how to trouble shoot this? Below are the links to the switches im using. dimmer...
  13. J

    Two 3 way switches, 1 reg, too many "extra" wires and zero working kitchen lights. (Picture Inside)

    Hey guys. Embarrassed to say but I've been living here for almost 5 years now and I've never had my kitchen lights working properly. Can someone possibly help me with some advice to wire these in properly? The other day I switched out all my old plug in outlets and light switches for new...
  14. J

    Complicated old wiring issue- 3 way switch

    Hello, DIYer and first time poster here. Recently bought a house built in 1925, and am gradually working through adding and replacing the wiring, especially where the previous owners had done some seriously questionable work. I've run up against a real question mark though and I'm hoping someone...
  15. A

    3 Way Switch Troubleshooting

    I apologize if this has been covered before, but this 3 way switch has me chasing my tail. I have recessed lights in the hallway with two 3 way switches, one being recently replaced with a Lutron dimmer switch. The lights only work when the switch closest to the line (“switch 1”) is in the up...
  16. D

    1 ge smart switch dimmer & 1 toggle switch for 3 way switch

    I would like to add this ge 4 wire smart sync dimmer in my existing 3 way chandelier lights. Current I have 2 toggle switch. Requirement is to have 1 smart dimmer and keep another one toggle switch same and it’s ok if I cannot control light with toggle switch or it’s always on. I would like...
  17. D

    Installing smart wifi 3 way switch with another toggle switch

    I have bought ge wifi smart dimmer switch and it has support for 3 way light. But while checking the instructions video it’s saying I need to change all the switch in the circuit to make it work means the second switch also has to be changed to ge sync switch for 3 way install? I was wondering...
  18. M

    3 Way Switch Problem - Curious as to others experience

    Hello all, Ran into a curious issue last night with my basement light circuit - here are the details of the circuit (diagram also attached): 15a AFCI\GFCI combo breaker in panel 3 Switches (2x 3-Way Switches and 1x 4-Way Switch in the middle where the power comes in) Load - series of light...
  19. T

    Where can I find a wiring diagram for 3 way switches to control multiple outlets between them.

    I am wiring 2 outlets in the ceiling to control 2 plug-in florescent shop lights in my garage. The 3 ways are at each side of the garage at the 2 entry doors. The way I have it wired right now, both lights come on at either switch but turn off if either is unplugged. I would like both outlets...
  20. Ron405

    Ceiling fan 3 way switch

    I currently have 2 3-way switches controlling a light fixture in a room in my home. They are wired like the attached diagram. I recently purchased a ceiling fan for the room and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to use the required ceiling fan switch in place of one of the 3 way switches? Thanks!


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