1. T

    UK Hotel extension cable calculations

    So I've calculated my hotel lighting and 1 circuit has an (ib) of 0.33a and I put a 6a breaker on it (in) then got my (iz) 5.8a which is suppose to be equal to (in) or greater right but it's not so what should I do to change this. By the way my (ca) is 1.03 my (cg, ci, cf,) are all 1. Please...
  2. T

    UK how to work out what breaker to use and why (level 3 hotel extension assignment)

    I have 10 7.5A lights in a room on a breaker 10x7.5a=75a so 75a ÷ 230v is something crazy like 0.3A so what am I going to use a 1A breaker 😂 another example I have 700w AC unit 700w ÷ 230v= something like 3.2A yet again ovs not gonna use a 4amp breaker for a AC unit??? What am I doing wrong...
  3. DaveW4

    Trainee Putting a DB in a hotel extension

    I am currently attempting an assignment which involves installing an EV charging unit in the car park of a hotel extension, the extension will have its own DB. Although not part of the assignment, I was interested in whether the new DB has its own feed or will come from the main DB in the hotel...
  4. S

    level 3 2365 hotel

    hi there this question is in regards to wiring the hotel on the 2365 design project. my question is can i just complete the installation with 4mm all round. the circuits consist of numerous radial circuits and a number of SFCU points for head towel rail and A/C unit. thanks
  5. K

    Hi I’m currently doing level 3 electrical installion I’m really struggling on the design of the hotel has anyone done this?

    Hi I’m currently doing level 3 electrical installion I’m really struggling on the design of the hotel has anyone done this?
  6. J

    Domestic install 10 electric shower (8.5kw) in one hotel

    Hi i would like to know if is possible to install 10 electric shower (8.5kw) in one hotel if is possible what changes do I have to make to the general electrical distribution board Thank you
  7. L

    2365 design assignment, pool area and cafe, hotel

    Hi this is the electric car charger, is this suitable? Can anyone point out anything I've missed. Also what is the best way to draw the circuits onto each drawing. Any suggestions are great fully appreciated
  8. C

    Poor install EICR 12 year old hotel

    Carrying out an eicr. Thoughts on these DBs installed in each room. Around 20 have been installed in this manner with no gland on the supply SWA and the top surface of the DB completely removed. Note the plasterboard hole is small in this image compared to some. What do you think other than...
  9. S

    3 new all-electric apartments in hotel - advice please

    Good Morning Guys We are building 3 x 1-bed flats in an old bar within our hotel. Studwork has gone up and we are ready to first-fix electric cables etc. Of course, our 2 prefered electricians have both vanished on a 2-week holiday so we are a little stuck. Their advice was "you can run the...
  10. G

    TT coding advice for a hotel

    3ph TT supply into hotel. 300ma time delay rcd protecting a square d qox board. No 30ma RCD protection to any circuits including electric showers. Their is signs of supp bonding in some bathrooms. Thoughts on codes for circuits. Normally pme I would of said c3 for sockets not 30ma RCD...
  11. SparkyChick

    What is a 'dwelling'?

    Hi all, Sounds a simple enough question, but try as I might, I can't find a definition of what constitutes a 'dwelling' in the context of Part P. The obvious answer is, it's somewhere someone lives. Using that definition however, a hotel could be classed as a dwelling because sometimes people...
  12. Dan

    Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok Review

    Hotels are perfect locations for Hitman games. Squeezing a large number of living spaces, entertainment areas, and utilitarian facilities like kitchens and basements and such into a single building results in an environment brimming with gameplay potential. Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok is no...
  13. G

    Commercial Eicr

    Just slogging my way thru a report on 100 bed hotel we tested last week already upto 40 observations on 10 test schedules with about 20hrs of paperwork left which is nice. Western power went to site this morning to confirm that no earthing provision has been in place since it was installed plus...
  14. F

    Will I be covered for insurance ?

    Hi all I've had a handyman fit some lights for me in a hotel. He's given me a minor works for them but I've just had an electrician tell me that I won't be covered if I showed them to my insurance company if something happened as he isn't registered but the certs are legit is this right or are...
  15. S

    Shaver socket above bath in hotel - dangerous?

    Hi, Sorry to bother you all. Last year I visited a 4 star hotel (part of a chain) and found a shaver socket in Zone 1. It was to the left of the sink but directly above the bath. I could definitely see a risk for a small child standing in the bath. I emailed the hotel to warn them and they said...
  16. 7029 dave

    You never switch off

    This is what I was faced with, soon as I hit the hotel 2.5 tons worth off chandler.!!
  17. F

    dasy chaining boards ?

    a big hotel group has asked us that they want 2 way dbs in each bedroom feeding one socket and 5 lights all led fittings, but they want the supplies to boards daisy chained from 10mm t&e or swa feeding 4 rooms per circuit. the only way ive ever done this is sub per board, but cant find anything...
  18. M

    Installation certificates

    Hi I am a 45 year old electrician with 17th and 2392 and was registered with NIC domestic for 5 years I an now employed by a hotel chain for past 2 years and till now they have never done any testing only employ a firm to do periodics they are looking now to do some installation certs for the...
  19. G

    EICR on large hotel

    When we have recently undertaken a EICR on a large hotel,we have found that the 13amp sockets within the bedrooms are not protected by an rcd,and obviously can be used for any use by ordinary persons.Should we advise to protect them by rcd's to comply with current regs,although the rest of the...
  20. D

    R1+R2 mixed installation

    Carrying out a few consumer unit replacements at a hotel, installation to the room is via trunking conduit with no cpc however at the rooms previous refurbishments have been carried out these being wired in Twin and earth with the cpc being connected to the existing system. Now I am not sure...
  21. i=p/u

    rcd 's

    evening alcoholics. get lost tea lovers. bye. going to add few extra sockets tomorrow morning in a hotel. they have had some renovations and where the till stood was 2x 4way extension leads all ka -jumbled together. and yes wired straight from mcb into extension lead no.1 i i said to the guy...
  22. E

    Magnetic keyfob switches....

    Been trying to locate a manufacturer and/or supplier of magnetic key fob switches, but can't seem to find anything i'm looking for. The scenario is this, ..I have a rental 2 bed villa on a complex in Cyprus, that i rent out to holiday makers during the season. The couple looking after it and...
  23. C

    Domestic Halers LED downlight natural white / warm white

    Thinking of putting these i the kitchen at home, thought this may be a good place to ask about what people who have fitted / used them think of them. I'm thinking of getting the Natural White, but what do people think?
  24. S

    PV on ex-agricultural building

    Hi, I have been invited to prepare a quote for a building which used to be an agricultural building. It has a 3 phase supply so a can easily take a 10kW system. The owner of this building owns the hotel literally across the road from it. At this point I don't know if the building has a...
  25. G

    Testing incomplete

    We have been carrying out the testing of hotel rooms for a new build project. We were given the order for the whole project. In the last week we have found out that a number of rooms which we knew were not tested have been let out to the general public. We have stated to the client we will have...
  26. A

    Bookin a holiday - Greece!

    Ok lads I'm looking to book a holiday to Greece shortly, in particular a small town called Lindos. Does anyone have any experiences of Greece or any reccomendations? Cheers
  27. C

    Periodic Testing Percentage

    Hi guys just looking for a bit of advice. Just started a periodic test of a hotel, so far I have found the installation to be in quite good condition. What percentage of the installation do I have to test? I have read in guidance note 3 that you can do sample testing which is just a percentage...
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