1. H

    Where can I purchase these?

    Where can I purchase these types of ferrules online, my usual supplier has gone bust?
  2. T

    Which wire where please

    Hello sorry photos now attached! Which wire goes where please ? Thanks Tom
  3. G

    where have EV comply gone?

    Have they gone bust, cant seem to contact them or there website?
  4. J

    Recessed light cover - where to buy?

    I have a recessed light over a shower with a 4” glass cover. I broke the glass cover by dropping it :(. Are you able to buy a replacement cover or do you need to buy the entire metal housing and glass that comes with it? I don’t see this at Home Depot or Lowe’s without buying the whole thing...
  5. soapdoggy

    Were these breakers tampered with?

    Over the holiday period my partner returned home to her apartment with no power. None of the internal breakers in the consumer unit had tripped and so she was unsure what to do. She called an electrician who took the cover off the consumer unit and then showed her these singed breakers across...
  6. M

    Where is the correct place to terminate a seperate earth ran with a SWA ??

    Hi all. I have noticed there are two schools of thought here when running a separate earth with a SWA to a large DB, where is the correct place to terminate the earth ? . We can go straight in to the internal copper earth bar as we have spare unnumbered holes for it , or we can lug it and go on...
  7. W

    What rcd can I put where?

    Does any one have a link or know where I can find the diagram I’ve seen that lays out what rcd devices you can and cannot have up/downstream of each other? e.g. you can’t install a type A downstream of a type AC etc it was a good little diagram but I can’t seem to find it again, I think it was...
  8. C

    Where is it acceptable to run mini trunking?

    Is it acceptable to run mini trunking as shown in the pic? To my mind it would be safer (and slightly less ugly) to have a drop from each socket and then run it along the top of the skirting. I would be concerned about the trunking coming loose and being more likely to suffer mechanical...
  9. James

    Where to get Eaton 63A D type TP

    I need one of these today, anyone know who has stock? EMDH363 https://www.electrical2go.co.uk/63a-10-15ka-type-d-3p-mcb-emdh363.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1Ku26ez6-gIVTbDtCh1tfQh1EAQYAyABEgJXTPD_BwE
  10. T

    Where do these wires come from and go?

    We bought a house and this conduit is outside my back door of my garage. It has 3 6g wires that have been cut and left in the conduit going into the ground. Any idea where the wires originate and go?
  11. A

    Where to get Schematic

    My solar panels and battey system were installed and MCS certified back in 2016. unfortunately the installers went bust not long after the install and I never got some of the paperwork. This didnt matter as at the time i didnt qualify for the FIT anyway and as long as it was registered with LABC...
  12. S

    T4 5w fluorescent tubes

    Anyone know where I can get T4 5w fluorescent tubes? If I can't find them I'm reluctantly going to have to rip out our kitchen under-cabinet fittings.
  13. D

    I have a job where the Ze is at 8.38 OHMS

    I have a job where the Ze is at 8.38 OHMS it was at 50.48 OHMS i have installed a new Earth rod but cant bring it down anymore has anyone got any advice on what I should do the mains is at least 300 meters away from the house my Zs is coming in at 8.72 OHMS for the sockets
  14. Freezone

    Where can I find these connectors?

    These are connectors used in my helmet intercom, do you know where I can find them? Thank you
  15. HappyHippyDad

    where is the regulation for must be 'suitable for location'?

    Scenario... 2 x switched fused spurs located in a shower room. They are 610mm from side of shower, so outside zones. However, they could still get water on them from the shower so I don't feel they are suitable for the location. I can't find a reg for this though. is there one? I realise...
  16. M

    where can I buy this kind of fuse

    This fuse link belongs to a Mercedes Benz. I have soldered the filament of the 40 amps fuse and I do not know if it works. The dealer does not have it and want to sell me the whole module. Are there ways I can go around it?
  17. T

    Where can I find a wiring diagram for 3 way switches to control multiple outlets between them.

    I am wiring 2 outlets in the ceiling to control 2 plug-in florescent shop lights in my garage. The 3 ways are at each side of the garage at the 2 entry doors. The way I have it wired right now, both lights come on at either switch but turn off if either is unplugged. I would like both outlets...
  18. showme

    Need to know where to find this type of breaker

    I'm setting up a pv system with a Trace Xantrex SW5548 inverter power wall. I'm going over the peripheral units (DC disconnect, AC disconnect and bypass switches and a T240 step up transformer for 220v usage. I bought a pre-owned system 10 years ago that I've had in storage and also found (2)...
  19. J

    Fitting two ovens where there was one

    I'm looking to fit two ovens at home, one conventional and a smaller combi oven/microwave. They are both rated at 16A. The current supply is a 10mm cable from the consumer unit on a 32A mcb. What's the best way to connect the two ovens to this supply? Do I need to incorporate a 16A mcb into...
  20. O

    Where to buy bright daylight LED ceiling light like those in Spain

    I live in the UK but really admire some of the interior lighting in Spanish houses etc. In particular nice bright LED panels often found on kitchen ceilings. Not marvellous aesthetically, but they give a really useful, bright light. I can't seem to find anything resembling that online here...
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