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  1. M

    Replacing ceiling lamp holder - which wire goes where?

    Hi all I've got a knackered ceiling lamp holder I want to change. It's the type with no flex - the lamp holder is directly on the ceiling mount. But the new one I want to put in will be rose-flex-lamp holder. There are no markings on the old one I'm replacing. So what's the easiest way to...
  2. M

    Wylex Type A or above rcd/rcbo... where to find them?

    I'm a bit stumped, feels like I'm hunting bigfoot. Anyone know a supplier for these?
  3. N

    Domestic where to switch a 12v LED circuit?

    Hi all. new to this and hoping someone can pity on me! I've bought a LED light tape kit which comes with a 3pin 12v transformer. I plan to put the LEDs to back-light a mirror on the wife's bedside table (she looks better in dim light!!!! :) The transformer will plug straight into a normal 3...
  4. C

    Cabling where practicality goes a miss

    Would any of your guys actually run t&e,between the clips of the guttering,around the front of a house, porch like extension. Seems the only way to do it,the cable would be hidden ...but...what’s your take on this. It’s gonna be a shite job anyway.
  5. Diver233

    TT earth cable small and god knows where the rod is

    Just started to test a TT system, so found the earth and thought that cannot be it for the size of the house. (See pic). So tested the Ze and got 94 so less than a 100 but I thought I’d check the connections to the earth rod. Cannot find it anywhere. I can see a new main electric feed has been...
  6. M

    Re-wiring a house where Glis Glis (rodents) are an issue

    Hey guys, So there's a house that needs a re-wire after it burnt down. The most probable cause is glis glis chewing the cables. I've previously had to rewire a house with the same rodent issue and did it in FP as the metal sheathing would hopefully stop the rodents chewing through the cable...
  7. haptism

    Where are you getting your metal buckle clips

    Wheres the best value for £ metal buckle clips to be found in 2019, ive seen the SAREN ones but they are well pricey, and you need to buy the nails for them separately. The Shneider metal clips from screwfix £12 per 100 wtf. Where are the compliant housebashers getting clips for T&E nowdays ??
  8. D

    Where to start - retraining.

    Hi guys, Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I'm considering retraining at the age of 36. I'm pretty practical after renovating a few houses and having done a bit of my own domestic electrical work. My question is where do I start. Obviously at the age of 36 I'm not looking at starting from...
  9. N

    Starting on my own & where to start?

    hi I’m after some advise... I’m a qualified electrician & have 15 years experience. I’m currently employed & work nights as a sparks & would like to start my own thing during the day. Is there anything I should & shouldn’t do? I’m a bit confused on where to start & what to do. I want to be...
  10. Archy Styrigg

    Batteries: Where do you get yours?

    This looks like a good deal, unless anyone knows better :) Duracell Industrial Alkaline AA 1.5v Battery - Pack of 50 - http://tinyurl.com/y8hkaswe
  11. markythesparky

    Where are CCTV notices required?

    Could someone tell me what the law is on whether notices are necessary on properties having CCTV?Domestic, Industrial and Commercial please. Thanks.
  12. Bob Geldoff1234

    Where do these cowboys come from?

    I was called out to a fault today where the newly fitted consumer units RCD was tripping when the cooker was switched on.The cooker had been checked by an appliance engineer and deemed to be fully working with no faults. So I turned up to be presented with a nice new shiny MK metal clad dual RCD...
  13. E

    ive been sorely missed on this forum

    its obvious you missed me
  14. buzzlightyear

    now i have seen it all

    traveling home by train from me jolly's sat down on the seat ,looking trough the window ,now their was a toilet in the compartment near to where I was sitting .a nice new train .where the bog had nice sliding doors where you open the door by pushing the buttons and walk in .close the door...
  15. Crumps

    Where to go and what to do now?

    Hi all New to the forum and after some advice. I have read other threads but I do not feel I really have an answer. And I am sure I will get some stick as well! I am wanting to change my career and recently did a course which encompasses the below. And I am currently working as a PAT...
  16. alexander jackson

    Where would you use this tool ?

    In the wholesaler the other day I saw with the volt sticks one for picking up magnetic fields, where would this be used ??
  17. A

    IET study books. Help where to source decently priced.

    hi guys just about to start an electrical course and I need various IET books. 18th ed regs, on site guide ect. could anyone advise where to look for decent price? regards
  18. the pict

    from where do we gather information for SPD,s

    Amendment 1 of the 17th Edition requires electricians to conduct a risk assessment of properties to see if they require surge protection. Who holds such information ? the DNO, oh yes the people that you cant get on the phone because you need to go through customer services and select option 105...
  19. James bishop

    Passed Lvl 3 2365, Wat next? where to look for nvq?

    Hi, I recently passed my Lvl 3 Electrical installation 2365. I'm guessing the next route to go for is getting an Nvq and my 18th edition. ( will do 18th edition later on in the year) Does anyone know anywhere I could find an Nvq I searched around but it seems like they dont provide an employer...
  20. wildwest

    where should this wire go?

    Howdy all, got a question for yeh. got this big green and yellah wire hanging out of my consoomer unit, shouldn't it be connected to somit? them other two big grey ones are.
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